Monticello, NY – Catskill Casino Moves Forward


    Monticello, NY – Rotate Black Inc., a premier development and management company of global resort and casino properties, announced that the Seneca Nation of Indians are planning to sit down with local, state, and federal officials to reopen discussions about establishing a casino in Sullivan County.

    The Seneca Nation responded to letters written by County Legislature Chairman Jonathan Rouis and Thompson Town Supervisor Anthony Cellini. Rouis said the county remains committed to supporting those tribes with which they have agreements to move the process forward.

    Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther and Senator John Bonacic, along with all of the major labor unions throughout the Hudson Valley region, have reached out in support of the Seneca Nation and its development and gaming partner Rotate Black, Inc.

    John Paulsen, Chairman and CEO of Rotate Black, Inc. said, “The efforts coming from elected officials and union leaders should bring approval to the Catskill Mountains project.”

    Rotate Black, Inc. estimates that the Seneca Catskill Mountains Hotel and Casino will create over 5,000 jobs throughout the Hudson Valley, and generate approximately $160 million in fees to state and local governments.

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    1. This casino is desparately needed. It would create wonderful jobs for the many unemployed frum bochurim and girls with little or no job skills or secular education. They could arrange their schedules so as not to have to work on shabbos or yom tov. Also, the casinos would provide some entertainment for motzi shabbos when there is nothing else to do after havadallah. The casinos provide a good fun and family friendly environment for heimeshe yidden who either want to have some fun or need a good steady job with health insurance.

      • What a Chilul Hashem that would be for frum boys and girls to get jobs that deal with people the are caosidered according to halacha as non human and in a place full of avairus as Las Vasges is called Sin City.
        For all the chilul hashem claimed by the comments of this blog this one will be the real one according to the rambam.

        • Vegas is called sin city for all of the prietzes…the zonahs walk around there like we have Mishulachim knocking on our doors. Its not the gambeling that gave the city its name. There are also jobs where your not waitering drinks or dealing cards…there are accounting, hotel, maintenace, IT and management jobs that are more behind the seens. I have to say that a huge portion of the tax revenue that our state gets from the many casinos in Indiana has lowered our taxes by nearly 50%. But look for those of you that always look at the cup half empty would rather pay higher taxes and not have jobs then gain off the fine Indians that are building theses casinos.

          • If you really believe downtown Monticello or S. Fallsburgh will attract even the lowest class of “zonahs” even with a casino, you really haven’t ever been there. More likely to find some bochurim wandering around motzi shabbos looking for a zonah than to actually find one and if you do, she probably got off the wrong exit on the Thruway.

            As you correctly note, there are a number of legitimate support jobs for casinos that jews could take advantage of without having to compromise their beliefs or halacha.

      • You can’t be serious!  I am terribly shocked to read that a poster can comment that gambling and going into a treif casino is no big deal… I feel it an obligation to be meOrer that in this generation the sensitivity to k’vod ShaMayim is virtually non-existent. It’s unbelievable! Don’t you know that gambling is a form of “gneiveh” and it is a horrible thing to do. Asmachteh Loi KanYeh and even a goy has the Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach which includes “Gneiveh” so gambling (or even working at a casino – being machshil others) is a terrible aveireh and the Schineh has moirehdigga tzar from this, and you have the insensitivity to remark that there is no harm done here! How far have we fallen in this Galus and have become so calloused, that we fail to recognize that our actions affect the Riboinei Shel Olam!! How can we possibly condone these actions when out Tatteh in Himmel is CRYING and weeping from pain? Do we realize the Tzar Hashchineh from even the smallest Aveireh??
        I am not a great Tzaddik myself, and should not be giving anyone Mussar – but as a Chaver and Yedid of every member of Klal Yisroel – and fellow posters on this Website… Please let’s be just a little more sensitive to the retzoinos of Hashem and let us not make light of even the mildest form of Gneiveh… In this zchus, we will certainly merit gevaldiggeh zchusim for ourselves.. We surely can use it! Thank you, and please be moichel me if I was abissel too sharf… This is nothing personal.

        • Oy, the koiach fun leitzanus! What’s up with you? Can’t you tell when someone is talking tongue-in-cheek. Chap a good laugh from this leitzanusa d’avoida zara, and move on back to your serious joke-free life.

        • Than why does the ladies auxillary and mens’ clubs of so many shuls sponsor bingo and “casino nights’ to raise money. Is there a difference if you gamble in a shul or beis medrash rather than in a real “casino”.

        • So, gambling is a form of genayva – asmachto lo kanya…like the chinese auctions of the yeshivas, the lottery from the tzedakkas, or the “door prize” at the diner. Oh those are okay because you a mochel to the tzedakah…But in a casino too, you know the house always wins and you are going to probably lose your money, and just having a good time.

          (And please don’t tell me you would buy the yeshiva lottery ticket even if you knew it is a losing ticket and you won’t win the trip to eretz yisroel!)

          I better get rid of my chanukah dreidel – an instrument of genayvah (please don’t tell me it’s okay to do a genayva of a few cents and the issur is only on a large amounts of cash, because a dollar for some people is choshuv like a hundred for another!)

          Let’s not “make up” new issurim!!

      • Chas vesholom! These jobs are not for unzere leit. Far better to live off tzedokoh forever than to take such a job. On the other hand, if goyim take these jobs then perhaps they will create openings in the jobs they had before, or that they would have taken instead. Some of those jobs might be appropriate for the right yid.

          • They could take jobs that the goyim opn up like jobs in the summer camps, support services for bunglow colonies, jobs in poultry and food processing plants etc. As Mihouse notes, any job would be better than a job in the casino itself where a yid should not work except under extenuating circumstances or great financial need.

        • “if goyim take these jobs then perhaps they will create openings in the jobs they had before” – yes! Think of all the “Help Wanted” signs on the bars after the bartenders and waitresses switch jobs to the casino.

          I can just imagine: Kollel by day, mixing drinks at night! L’chaim!

      • “There is nothing else to do after havdallah”
        U sound like an empty suit, who dosnt know how a yiddish sefer looks, the minute shaboss is over yor are racing down to the closest casino or club!
        U need serios help!!!

      • Thanks for a good laugh, the only problem is, that unfortunately there is some truth to what you wrote.
        May the almighty protect us from any harm.

      • Nice post for Purim. You can’t be serious about Jewish boys and girls working in a casino. You can’t be serious about frum Torah and yiddishkeit people going to the well known totally ervoh entertainment.

    2. What do these goyim want from our life?. We lived in willy for a while- quietly ,So they bring us naked artist to make our lives miserable. Now in the catskils, we come to our little shacks to get away from the immoral city streets,so they bring us gambling so our kids should see the scum of mankind. Moshiach kim shoin !

      • I think that “willy boy” should remember that Sullivan County is still part of New York State. It is NOT an exclusively Jewish area and it is certainly not an outpost of EY.

        That being the case, if “willy boy” is uncomfortable with the proposed casino, and if he is a property owner in Sullivan County, he can register his protest with the relevant authorities.

        If the casino project goes ahead, and if he is still unhappy, “willy boy” and his family should consider moving to a proper Jewish environment – such as EY.

    3. Have no fear. All this means is that another investor will bury a few million dollars before realizing the futility of this concept. The small-time politicians of Sullivan county have been lining their pockets for years with selling this pipe dream to any investor willing to grease the wheels.

      • I tend to agree with this posting….talk in the Catskills is always cheap (mostly Sullivan County) and very little gets done. The Concord project appears to be deader than dead…why would anyone else want to sink their money into a another never going to happen hotel/casino project? It appears that unless it is a Walmart, Staples, Home Depot or some auto parts retail chain or drug store chain nothing else gets in to that area that would be of any tax or employment help to the county.

    4. I LOVE to GAMBLE!!! I’ve been gambling for about 6 month’s straight. I have about $130,000.00 in my bank account!! Actually, my yerusha was $4.5 million but I didn’t lose it all……..yet.

    5. I’m from the alter falsberg olam (Fallsberg yeshiva) and back in the days we used to be the most gishmacke guys in the yeshiva velt and we used to do the most crazy things in the yeshiva Velt but a casino??? No one ever thought of that being a few miles from yeshiva (I’m sure the real gishmacksters went to AC). If this picks up we are no longer gonna have the status of alter Fallsberg because the younger olam will take over and that’s not good news. Have a wonderful day!

    6. Perhaps the jobs folks are referring to are not jobs with the casino itself, but in the area. The construction workers and mgmt staff are going to need places to eat and sleep, so local motels, restaurants, hdw & building supplies, clothing stores could all be “kosher” job opportunities for yidden. Even after the place opens, they have to buy their fresh produce from someone; why not from a yid-owned/operated business?

    7. I have been going to the mts since 1950. I am a homeowner as well. The casino is DESPERATELY NEEDED! The other issue is how can people be travelling on a highway (RTE 17 near Middletown) That for two years has had only ONE lane going back home. What is the insanity behind this. How can people want to travel for additional hours on this pathetic road. They accomplished nothing. Route 17, leading and leaving the area is in terrible disrepair and all they worry about is exit 120 to 116. Where is the GOVERNMENT? Why is the money only going there and no additional lanes have been added. We are doomed with this highway with no relief in sight!

    8. I agree with you 100%. I was disagreeing with the Guy I replied to calling vegas sin city and saying that is what will happen to the Borsht Belt if a Casino opens up. I don’t belive that will happen. in fact I think it will good harworking people that want to have a nice night out with their spouse and take in a little entertainment perhaps jackie mason or Jerry Seinfeld. Maybe MBD or the Miami Boys choir could play there. Oh wait there under 21 but I think you see my point. It will only benefit the economy and offer a night of entertainment for the more Risque Frum Yidden. Also it could serve as a good hang out for Mishulachim….I would stress they would be better off getting the people before they go in rather then when they are on their way out.


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