New York – Bomb Experts: We Came Within a ‘millisecond’ of ‘mass casualties’ In Times Sq.


    This 4x4 was left in Times Square containing petrol cans, fireworks and timersNew York – The car bomb planted in Times Square came within a “millisecond” of causing “mass casualties” with a 30-foot high fireball, an explosives expert said.

    Kevin Barry, a retired NYPD bomb squad supervisor and the head of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators, painted a gruesome picture of what might have been if the bomb had gone off Saturday night.

    “Several hundred” could have been killed or maimed by a fireball exploding from the Nissan Pathfinder found loaded down with firecrackers, fertilizer, gasoline, propane and alarm clocks.

    The propane-fueled flames wouldn’t have brought down any buildings and would have lasted only a few seconds, but with flames shooting as high as 30 feet, the toll on people nearby would have been devastating, Barry said.

    The fireball would have caused horrific lung damage and fried the hair and faces of anyone within a 50-yard radius.

    “It could burn the throat and then cause death. It’s a difficult thing to deal with,” Barry said.

    “We came within a millisecond,” added Barry, who put in 35 years with the NYPD, the last 20 years on the bomb squad. “Because had that detonator functioned correctly, we would have had a huge explosion.”

    Luckily, Barry said, the crude car bomb’s homemade detonator malfunctioned.

    “It may not have been sophisticated,” Barry said of the bomb. “[But] it worked. It didn’t function as he designed it to. The main charge did not go off. That was a critical mistake for him.

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    1. Interesting to note, while the NYPD were watching over our meduros (bonfires) on Lag Ba’Omer, they were privileged to stop a fireball from harming the people of their city. Of course we don’t really know why, what, when, things happen, we can only watch, wonder and give thanks.

    2. I think this is G-D way of knocking idly on the Gov doors,YOU HAVE BIGGER FISH TO FRY LEAVE SHOLOM RUBASHKIN ALONE,
      And keep my people safe by ridding my world from the real TERRORISTS

      • Please don’t presume that you or anyone else knows why G-d does things. It really is not correct for human beings to imagine that they understand the way the world is run. We can certainly try to draw conclusions, as a matter of fact when a person experiences suffering, he is obligated to try to figure out why this tragedy befell him and how he can improve himself. Nevertheless, it is wrong to pretend that we have the true answers. Even with all the exciting Hashgacha Pratis stories that have become so popular of late, we don’t really know why the guy missed the plane.

        • Bas TalmidChochom:

          You wrote to commenter no. 3: “Please don’t presume that you or anyone else knows why G-d does things.” But commenter no. 3 didn’t “presume” any such thing. He/she didn’t say “this IS G-d’s way of knocking…,” but rather: “I THINK this is G-d’s way of knocking…etc.” In other words, he/she did exactly what you point out is okay to do, i.e. “draw a conclusion.” So your criticism is really unfounded.

          However, commenter no. 7’s criticism was on the mark. Neither the governor of New York nor Iowa has any role in the Rubashkin case, as the commenter implies. (I think no. 3 is getting confused with the governor of Florida’s role in the Martin Grossman execution). Our beef is with the U.S. prosecutor and the judge.

      • Any yid who would link this near-tragedy to hashem’s anger over the sentencing of a convicted felon like SMR is as crazy as the rav who linked the volcano in Iceland to hashem’s “anger over the obama policy on EY”. Enough already with this insanity of taking every tragedy or near-tragedy and using it to exploit individual political agendas. Thats not how it works and I very much doubt the Ebeshter send u guys twitters on a real time basis sharing his rationale for whatever happens in the world.

        • Anonymous wrote: “Enough already with this insanity of taking every tragedy or near-tragedy and using it to exploit individual political agendas. That’s not how it works…”

          Except when that IS how it works!

          There has been much written suggesting that we are now in the era of Chevlei Moshiach (birth pangs of Messiah) and both Navi’im and Chazal have told us that, during this time, the world will experience many man-made and natural disasters. I am amazed at how many blog commenters seem to be in denial of this.

          But how do we ignore an incredibly prescient Droshos HaRan (Drosh 6): “Sometimes events occur in faraway places and on faraway islands in order to stir Israel to do teshuva, with dread and fear, lest the same punishment come upon them. This is what the prophet said (Tzefanya 3:6-7): ‘I have destroyed nations, I have laid waste their towers, and I have turned their streets into desolate ruins, and left their cities devastated and uninhabited. I said simply: Fear Me and learn a lesson’…There is no doubt that these landmark events are truly warnings from Hashem.”

          If this reality is good enough for the Ran, why can’t you accept it without criticizing others who do?

      • This blog is read by goyim around the world. I’ve seen people referencing links to VIN on foreign forums where people are curious about what people write here. So please keep your religiously motivated, ethnocentric, delusional analysis to yourself because you embarrass other Jews. Don’t think or speak for God. If God wants to send some indirect messages about your holy Rubashkin, he could do a miracle at his trial.

    3. But they will keep trying. We really must stop peopple from traveling to and from Pakistan, Dubai Yenem etc. Plus the millions here in the USA. It is like yene machla. I dont want to sound like a paranoid freak but this is getting out of hand and it it occurring more and more frequently. These behemas are emboldened by Obams weaknessses. We hv known for a long time that the arabs take advantage of weakness and only respect strenght. And we are weak and gettig weaker. Alienating ourselves from our friends bending over backwards (and frontwards in the case of Obama) to show our enemies we love them and embrace them – we hav apways been a moslem nation said Obama. Mea cupla worldwide is the new USA motto. Obama agrees that a person cant make too much money. it isnt fair. It isnt right. stop when u hv enough. Capitalism is bad. Wanting to succeed is bad – it is taking advantage of the down trodden. We white ppl are an ever increasing minority in the country. And when we are reall really a minority they will trample on us. And thre will be no affirmative action. And there will be no going back.

      • Sorry, you do sound like a paranoid freak. Pakistan has almost 170 million people; its voters have always rejected Islamic extremism; it has been a US ally for many decades; its government has been arresting Taliban figures and other terrorists including eight suspects just today in this attack.

      • “We should not allow any Muslims in our country.”

        “Our” country? What country are you referring to? I hope Eretz Yisrael…because Eretz Yisrael is the ONLY country that is OURS. Any other belief is purely the result of a golus-mentality. For apparently, you need to be reminded that American Jews are living in golus and, as such, are only guests there. The day that America becomes “your” country is the day that you will forfeit participating in the final geula, when the ba’alei emunah of diaspora Jewry will finally come home.

        • Um, no. The 14th amendment defines US citizenship, and it’s not based on nationality. Jews who fall within that definition are citizens equal with all others. EY may be our home, but the USA belongs to us too, those of us who are its citizens. Think of it as our summer home, our pied-a-terre, our home away from home.

    4. At the same time the devil was creating a fire of evil, Yidden across New York and the globe were celebrating with the holy fire of Rabbee Shimon, stimulating much merit in heaven.. Zy’u!

    5. The Gemara states “Kdai Rabbi Shimon Lismoch Alav”. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai can be relied upon to intercede on our behalf on this day.


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