New York – Flight Deck Audio: Plane With NYC Bomb Suspect Told Go Back To The Gate Immediately


    New York – As reported today that the Emirates flight to Dubai carrying suspected Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad “had begun to taxi for takeoff” at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, a YouTube user posts what appears to be the conversation between the air traffic controller and puzzled pilot, as the plane is diverted back to the gate at the last minute.

    The audio was taken from website that monitors such chatter,, and is authentic, according to the site’s founder, Dave Pascoe.

    “I have a message for you to go back to the gate immediately so make the left turn when able,” says the controller. “I don’t know exactly why but you can call your company for the reason.”

    “We’re trying to figure out what’s going on here right now,” says someone from the airline. “I’d like to request you to keep the flight plan open right now.”

    Hear below.

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    1. Its a shame that someone can listen in to chatter between the pilot and the control tower. Where is the stepped up security we were promised?

      • How exactly do you propose to stop people from listening? Equip every plane and ATC tower in the world with encrypted radios, but keep them from leaking to the baddies? And what would you gain from this? How much harm could come from having the baddies hear the chatter? Just assume they’re listening and get on with it.

        • I am terribly shocked to read that a poster can comment that listening in to other peoples chatter is no big deal… I feel it an obligation to be meOrer that in this generation the sensitivity to k’vod ShaMayim is virtually non-existent. It’s unbelievable! Don’t you know that listening in to other peoples conversations is a form of “gneivas daas” and it is a horrible thing to do. A goy has the Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach which includes “Gneiveh” so eves-dropping is a terrible aveireh and the Schineh has moirehdigga tzar from this, and you have the insensitivity to remark that there is no harm done here! How far have we fallen in this Galus and have become so calloused, that we fail to recognize that our actions affect the Riboinei Shel Olam!! How can we possibly condone these actions when out Tatteh in Himmel is CRYING and weeping from pain? Do we realize the Tzar Hashchineh from even the smallest Aveireh??
          I am not a great Tzaddik myself, and should not be giving anyone Mussar – but as a Chaver and Yedid of every member of Klal Yisroel – and fellow posters on this Website… Please let’s be just a little more sensitive to the retzoinos of Hashem and let us not make light of even the mildest form of Gneiveh… In this zchus, we will certainly merit gevaldiggeh zchusim for ourselves.. We surely can use it! Thank you, and please be moichel me if I was abissel too sharf… This is nothing personal…..

      • I believe this is delayed a bit or so it seems from the transmissions vs what is real. I dont know about this one but I do listen to this every so often.

        These transmissions are done on OPEN radio (non encrypted) and anyone with a scanner or whatever programmed to these frequencies could hear the transmissions.

    2. Sounds like a normal, low key exchange to get the flight back to the gate. The FBI was hoping that this guy might make some last minute phone calls to whomever he might have been working with here in the U.S. so they waited till the last possible minute before pulling the plug and taking him into custody.

    3. The bomber was not on board the plane. He was grabbed before he could get on the plane, but the plane was ordered to turn back in order to question some other “persons of interest.”


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