New York, NY – Mayor Bloomberg: Bias Against Muslims Will Not Be Tolerated


    Times Square bombing suspect Faisal Shahzad.New York, NY – Mayor Michael Bloomberg says New York City “will not tolerate any bias” following the arrest of a U.S. citizen from Pakistan in the Times Square car bombing attempt.

    Bloomberg addressing last night’s arrest of a suspect in the attempted Times Square attack, said that also applies to potential backlash against Muslim New Yorkers.

    The mayor said there are “a few bad apples” among any groups. He also cited New York’s long history of accepting cultures from the around the world.

    Joining the mayor was hero street vendor Lance Orton, who alerted authorities to the smoke-filled SUV.

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      • No one can deny the truth of what you are hinting at – but be careful nonetheless, or be prepared to accept the comment :

        “Wait… fraud was committed by a religious Jew?? Surprised? Anyone suprised? What? Nobody? Oh, ok”

        • Sorry but there is quite a large difference between fraud and murder of innocent people. I guess you have forgotten that the Koran requires the murder of infidels…..

          The Torah though prohibits fraud, those who prepetrate fraud, should be punished.. Those who have a religion that applaudes murder should be banished and biased.

          • there are a majority of muslims that dont believe the Koran mandates that they go around killing infidels.

            just like there a majority of jews who dont believe we should go around killing amalek.

            i believe what #10 was trying to say is that extrapolating from an act committed by many members of a religious or ethnic group that is wrong and immoral, regardless of the gravity of the act, to the rest of that religious or ethnic group is a bad idea, and that we have some skin in the game.

            • I agree that a majority of muslims don’t believe they need to go around killing infidels but I also believe that a majority of muslims believe america started a crusade against the muslim would and america is the enemy

          • Hey Brainy – The point had nothing to do with the relative severity of fraud and murder – the point is drawing conclusions about an entire group because of the relative number of group members who commit dasterdly acts. And I think we need to admit to the unfortunate obvious – we (frume Yidden) are over-represented in the ranks of financial criminals.

            As for holy writ and the death penalty, a dicey issue even for us. Do you learn Daf Yomi? Torah prescribes the death penalty (yeah, I know – hasra, and the like) for all sorts of offenses that would offend “modern sensibilities” – And how about the Al Haminim brocho in Shemona Esrei – if we had a Torah government we would be executing all sorts of theological outlaws.

        • hey…apples with apples..please.. not all people that commit fraud are religious jews but all terrorist acts HAVE been comitted by muslims…..apples with apples

          • Ummm… not ALL frauds are committed by Jews in the US, but most of the biggest ones WERE committed by Jews.

            And, I don’t know where you get your info from, but not ALL terrorist acts in the US have been committed by Muslims. The Oklahoma City bomber, the guy who flew his plane into the IRS building, The Unibomber, The Olympic bomber, The Weather Underground, the guy who mailed Anthrax, etc. were all NON-Muslim. Your revisionist history is scary to say the least.

          • i agree #10 simply lacks some sense and is a waste of time going into detail debate for lets assume its true that the majority of fraud are commite via religious jews (sic) hmm..can you in any way compare; 1) the evilness of the act of homocide terrorism. developed via a society of brainwashing teachings of simple hate”!? 2)is there any connection of whatsoever with fraudulently actions w reiligion ..i.e. are they comitting fraud based on religion or in the name of religion?! If you do not comprehend the differentiation b/w Islamists and the above..then u sure a helpless kafir/infidel!!

        • uh, hello! do you notice a difference between fraud and blowing up as many people as you can?! Sorry, though your statement would be somewhat offensive it’s what many non-Jews already have been portraying as well as all Jews being rich but that’s not terrorism so not worried at all. Agreed, why not say we won’t tolerate terrorism that say we won’t tolerate bias, there may be exceptions to the rule but the majority of terrorists and suicide bombers are what ethnicity?! come on!

    1. oh? so he can accuse the tea partiers without any proof, just because he doesn’t like their political views. But God forbid we should have a negative view, about the people that actually did it

    2. When people are welcomed into your country, given every freedoom and liberty, given citizenship, and then go ahead and try to blow up those very people who were kind to them all in the name of Muslim faith, WHAT SHOULD THE REACTION BE?!

    3. Dear Mr. Mayor, instead of your; “We will not tolerate and bias” speech, you should be saying; “We will not tolerate muslim terrorists in New York”.

      Get a life.

      • So what you’re saying is that the United States should support hatred based on religion or race? That’s interesting because I can think of several countries that did the same exact thing….namely Germany!
        You have alot of growing up to do, young one.
        We do NOT tolerate bias, everyone is created to be equal in regard to their rights as men. Once bias becomes acceptable, you will be the first one that’s beaten or worse.

      • I’m with you #6. Bloomberg is a coward and a disgrace, just like all our gov’t leaders. This is not the first time he rushed to make such a stupid statement after a terrorist attack. You’d think that Americans are doing nothing but backlashing ( halevai they would !), the way he carries on. When was there ever a backlash after these countless attacks????????? He’s just a cowardly panderer, like the rest.

    4. How ever did Michael Bloomberg know this guy was a Tea Partier upset with Obamacare? Why, with insight like that, he could be Mayor of New York City! Certainly seems representative of how the Left, er, “thinks” though.

    5. THE MAYOR IS RIGHT. Do these fools represent the entire muslim society? No! Almost aLL OF THEM BUT NOT ALL OF THEM!

      Neturei karta rtepresent all jews? No! Fill in the rest!

      • Its very different Neitrai Karta is on small group of people who identify with the group everyone understands that but with terrorist tons of guys from all over the place millions of people who are off shoots of al quta the only thing they have in common is there all Muslim.

      • How many bombs did NK put? Show me at least scratch caused by any member of NK.
        Are they now most popular scape goat for everybody? So.. certainly they are Jewish than.

      • Out of the world’s 15 million Jews or whatever the correct number is, no more than 1000 approve of NK, and probably fewer than that.

        Out of the world’s billion or so Moslems, how many approve of Islamist terrorism? Far more than a million, or even ten million.

        • While you are probably right on some level, there is no way to prove that point. Muslims overwhelmingly do not commit acts of terrorism. if they did, there wouldn’t be a Jew left on the planet.

    6. Wouldn’t it be nice of the Moslem Pakistani community turned in the “few bad apples” to the authorities? By doing so and preventing such attempted violence, they would go a long way towards preventing bias.

    7. Countless societal misfits are not Muslim: Timothy McVeigh was not a Muslim, nor are members of the KKK, skinheads, Aryan Nation, nor Yigal Amir, the individual who assassinated Yitzchok Rabin.

        • That’s probably an accurate number, but keep in mind that over 1200 of them were Moslems killing Moslems because they belonged to different sects. Kind of like Misnadgim bombing Chassidim or Methodists bombing Baptists. This is further proof that Islam is a religion of Peace.

    8. yes, we should be biased against hindus and buddists etc etcnot muslims..before anyone ,usually leftists, have some comments.yes we will have bias against muslims.why dont we see an organizes powerful response, demonstrations etc. thats what we do in our circles when one does such things or other acts. .why have not we seen huge organized demostartions againt the islamists by muslims, just a few feeble muslims. so that shows, behind closed doors they agree with the principle that the imman is coming and they have to rule!!!!!

    9. brilliant.
      please be biased only against wall street firms and people who work for goldman sachs.
      coz they are the ones we really have to worry about.
      i dont know aboutyou but if someone of a specific group did something to harm me or threaten me i would be wary of their group. and i would not find it strange if they felt the same if i did them wrong.

      • Really? You know the whole world shares your sentiment. Every time one Jew does something illegal, or bad, non Jews also are weary. I guess we can call you a semetic idiot.

    10. It is up to individuals who they choose to be wary of. I have no problem with that.

      The mayor was just saying that crazy people who take this wariness to another level and start committing violence against innocent muslims will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

      This is such a non-issue.

    11. When a group makes up such a tiny percent of Americans but almost 100% of terrorists in America, then its starting to be our fault for being so politically correct….

    12. Bloomerg’s comment, while a plausible footnote, should never be the headline reaction. You are a bleeding heart liberal who is much more concerned with the rights of terrorists than our security. You ought never be re-elected to any office.

    13. I think we should applaud the fact that New Yorkers and the world are pulling together and realizing that the kind and decent people in this world can have a significant impact on ruining hateful peoples attempt to terrorize us. We should spend a little more time celebrating the hero street vendor, and others like the brave Dutch gentleman who shut down that pants bomber. There are a lot more of us who are kind and brave and we now know to act first and ask questions later. I haven’t heard of too many instances where someone’s instincts have proven wrong, and I think that if something looks suspicious, no one would object to further investigation, even if it proves to be nothing. Terrorists thrive on fear and divisiveness, and attention. The best way to retaliate is to use our heads, and let them know that such attempts backfire because they pull kind human beings together, and keep us on our toes. Let’s face it, tolerance is achieved by intelligent human beings, which means we are way smarter than them…

    14. The mayor just wants to cover his skin. This is the same stuff everyone said since 9/11. So I guess we wait for another real tragedy to happen. Then we of course condemn those that did it. We send out some more bumper stickers that say “we’ll never forget”. Of course we’ll get all upset at them for what they did. Get back to “America” which is all about “wall street and baseball”. And we’re back to our same old selves in no time. Hashem just wants us to just start the tshuva process and he’ll take care of the rest. I sure hope we can be mechazek eachother the right way. I think “bein adam lechavero” would be a good place to start. I hope we learn our lesson before it’s too late.

    15. Why is everyone making such a stink. George Bush repeatedly said the exact same things about Muslims after 9/11 and throughout his presidency as Bloomberg has now said, and yet all of you cheered Bush.

    16. If we are all so unhappy with the leaders of this state/country why is there such a paucity of contenders for the job. I know there is no way I could handle what is tossed at them every day. Yes, at this point in the country, we have certain groups that are attacking us…..but we were fighting with the South at one point. Let’s lose the wasted efforts demeaning cultures, and fight the real enemy, which is people who use religion (of any form) to harm people. Obviously, anyone on this post cares, so what about taking the high road, and not allowing any faction to take away our ability to celebrate our differences. I think anyone on this post cares about what happens to us…… why are we wasting energy demeaning each other. There is no template for evil, it is a case by case incident, and if you look at history, many of us have been portrayed in different eras in horrible stereotypes. Are we not above that. Granted, there are factions at this point that are more vicious than others, but look thru history. It has always been the case. Don’t let them divide US…no matter what you adhere to, look at what we have accomplished in this country. And we still keep giving…

    17. Wow, it’s great to see Jews arguing against the same freedom of religion and atmosphere of tolerance and pluralism that has allowed them to thrive in the U.S. like nowhere else. You could cut the hypocrisy with a knife. I understand why people are making these knee-jerk arguments but seriously, let’s get some integrity and *not* use this as yet another excuse to hate people who are different from us. Do we really think the terrorists don’t want us to hate Muslims??


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