New York – Secret Military Intelligence Jet Over The Skies Of NY Traced Times Sq. Bomb Suspect


    New York – In the end, it was secret Army intelligence planes that got a hold of Times Square terror suspect Faisal Shahzad, and did him in.

    According to CBS News, The U.S. Army Armed with Shahzad’s cell phone number, circled the skies over the New York area, intercepting a call to Emirates Airlines reservations, before scrambling to catch him at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

    Charges against Faisal Shahzad, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Pakistan, were contained in a criminal complaint filed Tuesday in federal court in Manhattan.

    The complaint says he confessed to buying an SUV, rigging it with a homemade bomb and driving it Saturday night into Times Square, where he tried to detonate it. It also says he admitted to receiving bomb-making training in Waziristan, Pakistan, but there is no mention of al-Qaida.

    Officials said Tuesday that Shahzad, 30, is providing “useful” information in his interrogation. When they detained him, they found a gun in his car and other incriminating evidence.

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    1. Again, this shows that President Obama and his administration are on top of the situation and are doing all they can to protect us while avoiding unnecessary hysteria and ethnic profiling.

      • You are missing some screws and the big picture if you think Obama is this great guy who just wants the best for America. Do you think he flies the jets? Do you really think that he is the one responsible for catching this terrorist?
        Wake up before we become the United States of North Mexico!

      • Baloney ! Authorities had his name a FEW HOURS before he boarded that plane to dubai. Why / how did he get onto that plane? It doesn’t help anyone not to profile. That’s right Muslims are in general peace loving folks. My foot!

      • Sarcasm or just another Obama Appologist ? I can’t tell however let the record show that durring the Bush administration not one attempted act of terroroism got off the ground. How many have we have we had under Obama/? I for one have stopped counting.
        The chickens are comeing home to roost!!!!

      • This has nothing to do with the Obama administration this was an NYPD, FBI investigation thanks to them there was no panic and hysteria. He has done nothing to help so I don’t know what you are talking about.

      • Right, except that he wasn’t placed on the no-fly list until AFTER the smoking van was found, and he was granted full US citizenship AFTER returning from his training at a terrorist camp in Pakistan.

        Makes me feel all warm and fuzzzy.

    2. yet another brilliant move by the u.s
      tell everyone about any possible intelligence we have so they will learn how to get around it.
      geez, why must we keep putting our feet in our mouths?
      oh wait, i know.
      coz this week we are focusing on the terrorist,last week we focused on goldman sachs. long as we dont focus on the inept leadership we ahve here.

    3. Something doesn’t make sense here. If so, why did they let him board a plane that was 2 minutes away from leaving US soil. They would have never turned back once over international waters.

        • They couldn’t have shot it down, but they could have ordered the airline to turn it back or lose its US landing rights. Norman Rosenbaum (Yankel HYD’s brother) once pulled a similar stunt when he was at the Australian Tax Office, and made a plane half-way to Malaysia turn back and land.

      • The plane would have to turn back because it had a terrorist passenger it was on the news today

        Even if it didn’t turn back Interpol would have arrested him when he arrived in Dubai

    4. They should get as much information from him as possible, and then torture him to death the same way that all the muslim terrorists Y”S do to their captives.

    5. Can you imagine if bush would use the military for this? Where are all the people who screamed against the patriot act and about surveillance of the army on US shores?

    6. Well this proofs ONLY ONE thing that we need back bush! we have here as commander in chief someone that does not have the least experience in doing what he is supposed to. proof to this you find in: the christmas bombing,the fort hood shooting ,the time square bomb and there goes our commander in chief explaining that its not a terrorist act! Fellow americans try to remind yourself one.. not even one terrorist attack we had under bush since 9/11 when we declared war against terror! and this only proofs the made before point! Please please for your own sake take back america this november and in 2012

    7. I think I heard the jet fly over JFK last night and it woke me up. I took my binoculars and saw secret antennas and stat-elites on the jet. The gumbet is taking control over our lives; we can’t hide or seek privacy anymore. This jet most likely has Israel Xray radars that can see into your bedroom too.

    8. Something seems not right here. They almost let him slip, and now a military plane….This is just BS from Uncle Sam to make everybody scared………This guy is stupid, he should have bought a ticket that night, then he would laugh last….

    9. If you guys believe this narishkeit it is pretty sad. If they knew his cell phone number they did have have deploy a “spy plane” to pick up and trace his calling pattern. BTW, deploying “spy planes” by the US in US airspace is illegal.

    10. We are lucky we are dealing with amateurs. He should have been on a flight that night not 48 hours later.

      The fun will start when the pros get into the game. G-d help us.

    11. It never was a secret. And it could have been Air Force or Navy or something else, not just Army.

      All you have to do is Google the following super-duper top secret eyes only code names that nobody knows and that I’m revealing to you for the first time:

      1. Compass Call (Air Force)
      2. EP-3E ARIES (Navy)
      3. Guardrail Common Sensor System (Army)

      Our enemies have known about them ever since they were described in a professional magazine known affectionately as Aviation Leak and Space Technology.

      They can’t do anything about them.

    12. There are 2 ways how to explain why the U.S. let him board and then pull him back 1) they should be able to track (through phone calls etc he contacted after ) whith whom he has contact , this enables them to bust everyone involved in this terror act. 2) its the way they are the most secured that he won’t escape since he is trapped in a plane. ( Its also a way how to fool him & shock him so he should already think he’s free and then all of a sudden he caught)

    13. Sure. Read the VIN post from 8:44 & u’ll see that the surveilance lost him all togrther. WE R DOOMED! hiney lo yunim vlo yishon shomeir yisroeil.

    14. It’s obvious that this terrorist was not a zuken vrogil both in putting the bomb together and leaving clues. The problem is that the terrorists only have to be lucky once, no matter how many times they fail it’s considered a success. We need to use every weapon in our arsenal including profiling to continue to be lucky. With hussein Obama, who is ruining the country in every way we will not get too far.

    15. we are too busy protecting everyones rights. how about protecting my rights. i would like to walk in the street and not worry that a bomb will go off.
      profile all of us, i have nothing to hide. (other than a few extra pounds)

    16. The two main heroes were the street vendor that first saw the suspicious vehicle and said something and the customs officer that went on the plane and got him.

      Everything else was handed to these gushing, overflowing with pride Attorney General’s and Police Commissioners.


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