New York – U.S. Sen. Calls For Swift Public Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Pitched To Ashkenazi Women


    New York – A bill that would require insurance companies to pay for a minimum two-day hospital stay for breast cancer surgery patients is being pushed by U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who has also called for the swift implementation of a new national education campaign to draw attention to women at high-risk of the deadly disease.

    Ms. Gillibrand (D-New York) said a public awareness campaign — passed as part of the health care reform package earlier this year — would be pitched to African American and Ashkenazi Jewish women, as well as younger women who are less likely to perform monthly self exams.

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    1. Do we really want the federal government dictating minimum hospital stays for every illness and every type of surgery? That is why insurance costs are skyrocketing and will only go higher under the new health care reform bill. Gillibrand is pandering to public sympathy for women with breast cancer but there are a gazillion other tragic medical situations which also have their own constituencies. We should not be enacting legisltion for every disease and medical procedure.

    2. This is idiotic. First, mandating hospital stays longer than needed drives up healthcare costs. Don’t pander for votes at our expense. Second, there’s very little medical significance to “younger women who are less likely to perform monthly breast exams.” Monthly breast exams have not proven useful, and younger women are less likely to get cancer. Keep your politics out of our healthcare.

      • The hospital stay isn’t being mandated. She’s asking that insurance companies cover a minimum of 2 days post-surgery. There’s been a movement lately within the medical community to get patients out & home as soon as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes the patients do worse at home. Breast surgery is traumatic on many levels. Allowing the patients to stay longer and ensuring that it’s covered by insurance is a very good thing.

    3. Here we go.

      First Schummer ‘slamms’ OBAMA on a jewish radio show with an entirely jewish (orthodox) audience. And now Sen. Gilebrand reaching out to the askenazi community…

      November is coming and the fear is palpable. This is nothing but a way for the representatives of the democratic party to reach out to the jewish community so that they soften their view of Obama after his fallout with Israeli Leadership.

      • oh please. gillibrand has it in the bag. she is going to a full term. the gop still has no one to sacrifice to run against her. u honestrly think this cancer bill has anything to do with pandering to jews? it happens to be that we have the gene but everyone can still get the disease.

        • No one is arguing whether the issue is important to Jews or not. It most definitely is. But let’s not get carried away & jump all the loops for this appointed Senator.

          Don’t forget she still voted to give your tax money to ACORN even after the scandal broke out.

          She l voted for the Obamacare bill.

          And we still have not heard one public word of complaint about Obama’s mid east policy & his total disrespectful treatment of Israel. Shame on her & us for not taking her to task on it!

        • Right, and the rest of us should willingly pay higher insurance premiums for this or any other mandated hospital stay which might not be medically necessary.

    4. I think it’s time for the frum community to recognize that breast cancer is an area of concern. Its time that people start speaking up about screenings and not keeping this medical topic hush-hush. rachmana litzlun, no one wants this machla striking their family.

    5. Baruch Hashem! Gillibrand is right on the mark in every aspect of this plan. Kol Hakavod senator. she truly cares about the people. quick dr visits and procedures which send people out right away is a curse of modern medicine. we have lost to many imahos yisroel to let the status quo remain.

    6. How soon people forget…

      Last year Supporters of the health-care bill touted its plan to focus on preventative care and rigorous screening. However in the summer of 2009 a governmental body stated that they ‘found’ no benefit in mammograms performed by women younger than 50 years of age! and that procedures which ensued i.e. biopsies, lumpectomies, etc. were unnecessary.
      Needless to say, this brought forth a nationwide outcry. Not only was this ‘finding’ challenged by the American Cancer society, and the American Medical Association, on scientific and statistical grounds, but its claim is untrue. Most women who have had a potentially cancerous mass/growth removed from their body would not call it unnecessary!.
      It just illustrates, the intent and will of Government-run health-care POLICY. As soon as government controls an aspect health-care they will immediately begin to limit and ration services and find ‘studies’ to ‘prove’ that certain tests or procedures are not effective or necessary….contrary to accepted scientific studies.

      Senators Gillebrand and Schummer are Pandering for the Jewish vote. Don’t fall for it.!!!

    7. I don’t often agree with Senator Gillibrand’s politics, but in this case she is going after a subject that is so important to ALLwomen. Without giving a long story I can say that I have seen what devastation Breast Cancer can do …and if anything can be done to prevent or catch this misserable disease thru better awareness then I’m all for it!!

    8. Sorry but alot of us are not getting information from our doctors that we should.
      As a person going through my own personal story there is alot that i found out on my own by doing research, which should have been supplied by my doctor.
      All women should have CA125 done as part of their annual screening when doing bloodwork. If there has been illness such as cancer in the family, especially in females then they should also request the BRCA 1 and 2 for genetic screening.
      Another new test is the HE4. If your gyno doesn’t feel it’s important find yourself another doctor. Organizations as Echo, MRA and Refuah will help with referrals at no cost. N.Y.U. has a group of lovely female gyno who deal with all the above.
      Talking about the issue won’t make the problem go away.
      Face it and deal with it.


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