Garden City, NY – Weekly Newspaper Depicts Obamas as Black Sitcom Actors


    Garden City, NY – A weekly newspaper publisher on New York’s Long Island is defending its decision to portray President Barack Obama and his wife as characters from the TV sitcom “Sanford and Son.”

    Some local political leaders and others contend it’s a racist depiction.

    A photo spread in the weekly Smithtown Messenger features “before and after” photos of six presidents and their wives, starting with Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter and ending with the Obamas.

    The “after” photo of the Obamas is a shot from the 1970s show, with Redd Foxx as Fred Sanford and LaWanda Page as Sanford’s sister-in-law, Aunt Esther.

    Publisher and part-owner Phillip Sciarello (sir-EHL’-oh) calls the photo political satire and says it isn’t racist. But he says the newspaper will run a retraction for anyone who was offended.

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    1. This is an horendous insult to the sanford and son tv show.
      incidentally, I am a daily watcher of the show (in reruns) on TV Land channel, and they had an episode like this in the 1970’s where they portrayed the family as Jewish, calling it “Steinfeld and Son”———-Great episode, and nobody said it was racist or anti-semitic.

    2. Oh heaven saved us, someone insinuated that the Obamas are black.
      I’m sure the cartoon would have went over well if they portrayed them as white. These liberals who claim to be so pro-everyone-and-everyrhings-rights have only one acceptable and non-racist way of depicting Obama, and that is in absolutely glowing terms.

    3. Somebody help me here..
      The O’bozo’s are black, right!!??…. Sanford and Son are black, right!!??
      So where is the problem??? Blacks depicted as Blacks!!!… Logic 101!!!!!

    4. The left picks & chooses what is racist & what is not racist. Had the Washington Compost or the NY Slimes had something like this, no one would have said boo.

    5. So why are they running a retraction? That’s just cowardice. I doubt they’d have run one if someone had raised a lame objection to their portrayal of the Bushes (either set) or the Reagans.

    6. Big deal that picture has been going around the net for a year.
      Besides it is wrong oBOWma is not Fred Sanford, he is the son, Fred Sanford is Jeremiah( the Bullfrog)Wright, looks just like him and he is was a father figure to oBOWma.

    7. Racist? Last time I read a paper, Yobama filled out his census application is black. Redd Foxx is black and Sanford, the character he plays, is a fool. How is Yobama any different?

    8. The show is about a buffoon. I know what you’ll say, you’ll say that the president is a buffoon, but either way, it’s disrespectful.

      When are we going to see pictures of a really funny prison comedy used to depict the Rubashkin situation? Now *that* would be funny. hahahaha

      Now where is *your* sense of humor? I mean, it’s not as if he’s not a convict, ha ha

      • How is the show about a ‘buffoon”? It is abnout a self centered junk man, schemer, who is looking out for himself………..sounds more like a reality show about an Obamniac.

        • Your reply to #11 shows one of two things. 1) Either you never saw the show or 2) You actually didn’t understand the show.

          Either way, you’re not Einstein.

          I like the idea of a prison show. Now *that’s* comedy about someone who is a schemer. Add the orange prison outfit and you’ve got ratings gold!

      • So what if it’s disrespectful? Since when may we not disrespect the president? You certainly disrespected Bush. Don’t try to deny it.

        • You don’t know me, thank G-d. I didn’t respect Bush all that much or find him particularly intelligent, but I did NOT like to see him or the presidency mocked and ridiculed. I think it’s really important for us to see the presidency as something to respect, not just for us, but for our children. I did not, and still do not, let my children say or read anything that is blatantly disrespectful of the president or of the office. I asked for them to as Hashem to help our president do the best he could for the country, and I still do today.

          We gain nothing by acting like any president is evil or idiotic. All we do is get upset instead of finding positive ways to improve the country or the world.

          I’ve seen your posts here. I know your approach to this. I guess to each his own, but I find your negativity and venom kind of sad. I imagine you don’t have the best time in your real life, so I excuse your attitude.

          • Milhouse just hates Obama. There is almost nothing negative that someone will say about our current President that Milhouse will not agree with.

            If we had a Jewish president and someone ran cartoons depicting him as Shylock, accusing him of a blood libel, or as a “world banker”, would Milhouse defend such actions? Of course not!


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