New York City – Improper Curb Cut Parking Tickets


     tickets being given to cars parked at certain curb cuts at T intersectionsNew York City – Someone hasn’t clued-in New York City ticket writers or they are not reading the rule book. That is because Fox 5 found that in some cases they are giving tickets that are just plain wrong. The conflict is over tickets being given to cars parked at certain curb cuts at T intersections. In certain cases, it is perfectly legal — yet ticket writers are slapping the vehicles with fines of $165.


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    1. Why is this news? The traffic agents are employed to write as many citations and produce as much revenue as possible. We all know that a noteworthy percentage of them are simply false. The saichel is that the cost of dropping a day’s work and paying an attorney to fight it is more than the fine. And now if you you catch these NYPD Traffic cops in the act, you can’t even protest or argue, or you’ll get arrested for assaulting a police officer. This is the tyranny that Bloomberg brought on us. I expect to see comments like, “Just park legally and you’ll have no trouble.” This news item proves that logic is bupkes.

      Can we turn up the heat on our city council people to vote to end this? It discriminates against motorists, and the lies can never be exposed.

    2. This ticket is given on a constant basis, at the intersection of East 14 street and Chestnut ave, between ave L and M. They circle the block and ticket cars there all day, and people have told the ticket agents numerous times that it’s a legal spot. I’ve fought and won, but how many people don’t know better?

    3. This ticket is given out on an hourly basis at the intersection of east 14th street and Chestnut avenue, between Avenues L and M. People have told the ticket agent that it’s a legal spot, and they don’t care. I’ve fought it and won, but many people don’t know better, and just pay the $165.

      • please don’t devalue the memory of the kadoshim of the shoah by using the term “nazi” for a meter maid who might have given you a ticket for illegal parking.

        • So where do I sign up to become a meter maid? I’d love to ticket the double parked cars infront of Sahara on Coney Island Ave. Or maybe all the cars with expired registrations and PA plates, bellow Foster Ave on Ocean.

    4. Why do you constantly complain? I have been driving for many years but have never gotten a ticket from NYPD even though I park illegaly on the red, in crosswalks, blocking driveways, etc. What’s wrong with you people?

    5. I read with great interest the prior comments, which seem to mirror the frustration felt by the NYC driving public at large . There are certainly rouge parking ticket warriors abusing their authority and firing at will at vehicles parked legally in front of middle of the block curb cuts with no marked cross walks or traffic control devices regulating traffic.The Fox 5 News investigative report keeps this bad behavior in the public eye.

      The good news is judges are no longer enforcing these illegal parking tickets. They have been placed on notice by the DOT, and have been on their best behavior by dismissing these illegal parking tickets. One judge recently looked up the location of the curb cut on Google Maps street view, saw it was a legal parking space, and dismissed the parking ticket.

      When you’re right–FIGHT. Don’t let some rogue warriors get you down.

    6. someone who is a lawyer should take the city to court in a class action status. Using federal guidelines. Anyone and everyone that ever got a ticket should get their money back.

    7. to #18: That spot with signs is illegal parking because it”s in front of the NBC Studio entrance. But there is a curb cut two car lengths next to that space towards Avenue M which might be a legal spot due to the rules mentioned in the article.

      • Dear Fought and Lost
        Sorry…You can only fight a parking ticket once. If you disagree with the decision, you have 30 days from the date of the decision to appeal.

      • Tell you the truth, many judges are honest and will find you NOT GUILTY, if you present the proper proof, properly. Many people submit a rant, cite injustice and forget about presenting a sensible defense.

        On the other hand, there are some judges that don’t care and find everyone guilty. It is these badly behaved judges and rogue parking ticket warriors that create the problems. Knowledge is power. Do it right and many times you’ll win.

    8. Time to massive sue the city and CEO bloomberg for all the time wasted aggravation in the name of thousands of city people


    9. We should start a VIn blog to help people avoid tickets so I’ll go first.
      BEWARE by the intersection of Ave. M and East 11th (in Brookln, N.Y.) 2 traffic cops wait right on the corner and if you (look like) block the intersection they scan you a ticket on the spot.

      • Um, there is no East 11th St. near Avenue M. It goes: E. 10th, Coney Island Ave., E. 12th. You’ll only find an E. 11th St. before Cortelyou Road or after Avenue X.

      • That’s Ave M & E 12th Street – Glatt Mart’s corner. Also Ave K and other intersecitons along E 12, or others that tend to get backed up. Be careful! Trying to save a minute might co$t you a lot more!

        • There are also Brownies/ aka meter maids hiding out off the corner of east 10th and Avenue N nailing who ever is in the intersection on a red light

        • Thats right, by shulamis school. I have a different problem that really bothers me, same are, east 17th between M and N.. A big chunk of the blobk are driveways, but theyre not regular driveways, they park on their front lawn. They are 100% legal driveways. The problem is the city doesnt allow them to paint yellow or any color at the curb to show that this is a driveway. Very difficult to tell, my first time parking on that block I got knocked for a $125 ticket for blocking someones driveway, when I had no clue that this is a driveway.
          It really bothers me that they dont let them mark the driveways. You can barely tell since the whole block has a pretty low curb to begin with.

          I think any area thats not marked on the curb or a street sign (aside from the obvious bus stops and fire hydrants, etc) should be ok to park.

    10. Same issue at the T-Intersection of 57th Avenue & 96th Street in Corona, Queens in front of LeFrak City. No signal, no markings, two curb cuts at the T and constant tickets written at this location.

    11. Come live in Staten Island and your parking worroes will be a thing of the past. There’s a great community in Willowbrook, yeshivas and beautiful affordable homes. You’re still in NYC, without the stress….

    12. watch out for the so called curb cut on Ave P ( in front of James Madison H.S.) playing field, i just got the $ 165 ticket today,no markings,signs,etc. and this was by a kop from the 61st pct, not a mater maid. so, go figure,calling the pct will get you nowhere,as they dont even bother to pick up the phone( as in most precincts) the ANSWERING machine comes on,lol lol and if by some miracle,they do answer the phone they’ll put you on hold forever . lol. so complaining,to the precinct is a sad joke.


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