New York, NY – RFK Bridge Reopens after X-Ray Finds No Explosives in Abandoned Truck


    New York, NY – A suspicious truck abandoned Wednesday several yards from a toll booth near the Manhattan side of the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge turned out to be empty and not a threat, the New York Police Department said.

    The bridge reopened for traffic after being closed briefly Wednesday night.

    Police spokesman Paul Browne said a bridge authority officer believed he smelled gasoline coming from the truck and he saw a man flee the vehicle.

    The NYPD bomb squad and other emergency responders rushed to the scene in a city still jittery from the attempted car bomb attack in Times Square on Saturday.

    Police X-rayed the truck and cut a hole in the side and discovered it was empty. They inspected the engine and the undercarriage. “Nothing was found,” Browne said.

    The vehicle, described as a U-Haul or Ryder truck, was then moved near the toll plaza. Police were looking to speak to the person who abandoned it. “We don’t know why he fled,” Browne said.

    Browne said the truck had been driven from the Bronx, toward Manhattan and the man fled in the direction of Queens.

    Traffic on the bridge resumed around midnight.

    The Robert F. Kennedy Bridge formerly was called the Triborough Bridge. It’s a complex of spans connecting Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx.

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    1. Give it up to Mr. “I’ll bet 25 cents it’s a white man” Bloomy, Mr. “we are not Jack Bauer” Kelly, Mrs. “the system worked like it should” Big Sis Napalatano, and Mr.. Muslim him self Hussain Obama

      • B”H
        someone should tell bridge people or cops if they r leaving vehicle in middle of bridge…. can’t just walk away and figure u will come bacck tomorrow to jump start it….

      • So in this day and age, it’s better to let it be and risk facing the potential consequences? I’m sure most Americans wouldn’t mind a minor inconvenience in lieu of the repercussions they would face if the authorities would not take the necessary precautions.

    2. you should see what time square looks like, a beehive of officers. every ten feet you walk there is another closter of cops, the security is unreal.

    3. this truck can very well have been planted by terrorists as a message that when/if they wanted they could strike us anywhere. That may have been the message from the times square incident as well. Faizal Shahzad is an educated man with 2 american university degrees, comes from a prominent family & married into a prominent family. creating a bomb from an engineering perspective is an easy task. The times square bomb wansnt particularly sophisticated. The question that begs to be asked is WHY NOT? this may have been intentional. it looks like they’re sending the americans a message. Behind closed doors, the americans may be negotiating with terrorists over prisoner release or what not, and the terrorists are flexing their muscles


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