New York – NYC Police Have Video of Car Bomb Suspect Near SUV


    New York Police Department officer Wayne Rhatigan of the mounted police force smiles during a press conference in New York, Wednesday, May 5, 2010.  Rhatigan and his partner Pam Duffy were honored by the city for acting quickly when they were notified of a suspicious vehicle in Times Square on Saturday, May 1, 2010, which turned out to be a crude car bomb. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)New York – New York City police say they have surveillance video of the Times Square car bomb suspect walking down an alley moments after witnesses saw a smoking SUV parked there.

    A law enforcement official says the 30-year-old Faisal Shahzad (FY’-sul shah-ZAHD’) walks away wearing a white baseball cap moments after the Nissan Pathfinder is ditched in a no-standing zone across from a Broadway theater.

    The official spoke Wednesday to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the investigation was ongoing.

    The SUV was rigged with a homemade gasoline-and-propane bomb that didn’t go off on Saturday night. It still cleared the streets of thousands of tourists and shut down Times Square for several hours.

    Shahzad was arrested Monday night at Kennedy Airport and faces terrorism and weapons charges.

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    1. Why is the street merchant being left out of all the honoring, isn’t he the one that flagged the cop down to show him that there is a problem??? or maybe its the usual, bloomy doesn’t think about the ordinary citizen.

      • Stop being Mechane Shem Chaveircha. If you’ve read recent news stories, you’d know that he wasn’t left out at all. Since kol haposel, b’mumo posel, I’m assuming you don’t care about “ordinary” people either.

        • abomination does not mean attack.

          It’s very normal to observe something, have an opinion (which in this case is shared by a vast majority of people, my opinion based on what I have read in the blogs etc) and say something like this. And for crying out loud, he’s a yid and as such you should think what you write prior to writing rather than attacking another yid! (based on your opinion of his posting)

    2. 3 days later and NOW they find the CCTV video of him…
      How would have this helped if it did explode???
      Whats the point of the cameras is no on watches them until after the fact???

      • What type of question. With these videos they were able to track him down or at least it helped a little and now they just released it. Next Tim think before you post your comments

      • That misinformation was given out by the authorities on purpose because they didn’t want to tip of the Pakistani that they were on his trail so fast. When there was a media leak that the police were looking for a Pakistani and not a white guy, he bought the ticket and was on the run right away.

        • NOT TRUE! the entire liberal media was hinting it was a tea party activist who had an axe to grind (CNN…. ) that would have been a dream come true for them and would have made their day! But they and you just dont get it and they dont realize that there is a war on terror and its not a man made disaster – I love how holder says 5 days too late that it was an act of terror. YOU THINK!! this whole obama government is totally incompetent. This and the oil spill came at a good time before the elections so that everyone can see that we need immediate change.

    3. the cop is a hero he new there was a bomb and still made sure every one was away.
      and safe but the street vendor only did somthing because he herd a big pop wich could of been the bomb going off ….. bh ” hashem loves us and he watched over us that is why we are bh safe today let us all thank hasham for sparing us the pain and suffering we are so lucky that the bomb misse fired every one say thanks to hashem


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