Israel – Multiple Dead In Bus Crash In North


    Bus that was involved in crash Photo: – At least three people were killed when an Egged bus number 501 collided with a truck at Gilon Junction on the Akko-Carmiel road Thursday.

    Dozens of people were injured, many of them in serious condition. Large police and Magen David Adom forces, and Ichud Hatzalah assisted by a helicopter, treated the injured and evacuated them to hospitals in the area.

    Rescue teams reported that three others were killed and have yet to be removed from the bus.

    Emergency services reported that some 30 people were injured, five of them in serious condition, five of them in moderate condition, and the remainder sustained light wounds. Dozens of ambulances and a helicopter took part in the rescue effort.

    The Galilee District Police said the accident took place when one of the vehicles deviated from its lane, and as a result, the sides of the two vehicles collided.

    Heavy traffic in the area hindered the rescue teams from reaching the injured. Roads in the area were subsequently closed off to traffic.

    Firefighters from stations around the western Galilee were alerted to the crash site, and rescued the injured from the bus. The wounded were evacuated to hospitals in Haifa and Nahariya, and a mass casualty incident was declared.

    The Egged bus company issued a statement following the incident: “At this point, it is unclear what caused the accident. It is a very serious accident.”

    The accident took place around 5:20 pm, on the road between Akko and Carmiel, not far from Ahihud junction.

    Earlier Thursday, two Palestinians were killed and three were lightly injured in a road accident at the Shavei-Shomron junction. Magen David Adom teams treated the injured and they were evacuated by the Palestinian Red Crescent. The accident occurred on the road connecting Tulkarem and Na

    **UPDATE** 12:57 PM

    One of the deceased has been identified as a breslov chasid from Jerusalem. Over 30 injured and multiple are dead, more than 65 United Hatzalah volunteers are on the scene.

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    1. Have you ever seen how these fast and dangerous these bus drivers drive the bus. I have a sports car and these ppl take driving to another level. It’s bound to happen. BDE

    2. Baruch Dayan HaEmes!

      The Lubavitcher said: When Jews discuss giving over the Land of Israel to the gentiles, Jews are, G-d-forbid, killed.

      This is by violence or accidents.

      And the Rebbe added: If you don’t believe me, read the newspaper accounts of the days following such discussions.

      • Much as I don’t believe in giving away the land, this tragedy is not a a political issue and insults the dead to make it into one.


        • With all due respect, many so called “accidents” here are the result of deliberate action on the part of “non-Jewish” drivers. I have to wonder who was driving that truck. That road is modern and pretty straight and flat and generally the Egged intercity drivers are very good. The incident occurred at a junction. I’ll bet the truck pulled out in front of the bus with no time to stop. I happen to think it dishonors the dead to pretend it isn’t a political situation if indeed it was an act of terrorism.

    3. Rabbosai, the RBSO is talking to us. Everyone has their own spin, my spin is tragedies don’t just happen. Imagine if hundreds of us would go today to say Yom Kippur Kotton on Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan, can you imagine what it would do in Shomayim. Let’s all go and say slichos and do the nusach havidduy- its from the ikrei h’Teshuvah. Who’s coming?

    4. I have to apologize if my previous comment gets published. I assumed the truck driver was to blame. I also assumed the Egged driver was Jewish. That was dumb. I definitely know they aren’t all. This was probably not an “accident” as the driver has had license issues in the past but more importantly he is one of our “cousins.” It was he who swerved into the truck, crushing the entire right side of the bus. There’s more than one way to murder a busload of Jews it seems. Of course Ha’aretz is minimizing any deliberateness of this incident but you can read between the lines if you go there.

    5. In response to galilee jew, we actaully know a family (Saslow – they started Rechasim) where their car containing the father, 9 year old son, another man and his son were forced off a cliff and killed HYD by an Arab truck driver. This was about 30 years ago. As long as they kill random Jews, it doesn’t have to be too fancy.

    6. Just for the record:

      The truck was parked on the side, tending to a fender-bender it was involved in.

      The bus driver side-swiped the truck. The bus driver – and Arab – had been driving busses for a mere 6 months and Egged had spotted him tailgaiting various times already.

      Passengers claimed he was driving rather recklessly before the accident.

      Total death count is 5, Rachmono Litzlon

      (Based on latest local news)


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