New York – Exclusive: Jewish Music Distributor Breaks Ground Using New Technology [video]


    Below is TAG being used by Aderet on all of their products and promotional materials, Scanning this tag by photographing it with a cell phone which has the Tag Reader application, and the phone will display whatever information is programmed into the tag by its creator.New York – Pick up a copy of Lipa Schmeltzer’s new album, Meimke D’Lipa, when it appears in stores next week and you may notice a small square tag consisting of brightly colored triangles on the back of the album. This colorful graphic, a High Capacity Color Barcode (HCCB), is actually a web link that can be read using the built in camera on most smartphones, including BlackBerry, iPhone and Droid, among others, using Microsoft’s free Tag Reader application. which can be downloaded from your mobile phone here

    Microsoft Tag Reader is easily downloaded to a cell phone and provides a method to link printed items to the internet, using nothing more than a smartphone. Scanning a tag by photographing it with a cell phone which has the Tag Reader application, and the phone will display whatever information is programmed into the tag by its creator, which could be text, a vCard, a web page, online photos or videos, or even a phone number to be dialed.

    Clearly this innovative technology from Microsoft has huge potential, and Sruly Meyer, in house graphics designer and marketing director for Mostly Music, saw the possibilities that Microsoft Tag offered the Jewish music business. In the case of Lipa’s new album, scanning the tag will take you directly to Mostly Music’s website, where you can preview or purchase the album and find links to Lipa’s videos. In fact, Mostly Music will begin placing tags on all their new albums and posters, providing the public with the ability to sample new albums while walking down the block, in a store or at home, reading the newspaper.

    Meyer told VIN News in an exclusive interview, “Normally, Jewish music lags twenty years behind the secular music market. With the introduction of tags on all of our products and promotional materials, we are blazing a trail not just for the Jewish music industry, but for the secular music industry as well.”

    Where the Jewish music business goes, others will follow. Expect to see other Jewish business following Mostly Music’s lead and utilizing this exciting technology.
    You can test this sample from your mobile phone

    Lipa Demonstrating the New Aderet Tag On his CD

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    1. Interesting they did not go with Scanbuy’s Scanlife, which is a much more universally adopted system (and also owned in large part by VIN readers).

    2. Hi I’m the original poster of 2.
      5) If they have access to non jewish music and smart phones – they have left the nest already – they will listen to anything they want anyway.
      6 – Thank u!
      7 – I did not know that fact but I still believe in not stuffing technology down my frum sheltered children’s minds.

    3. I thought it’s the OMER! Even if you are done, you should respect the rest of us who still observe not listening to music! And he has a concert?
      Just unnecessary and inconsiderate.

    4. #11 Yes the microsoft code is colorful, but that is what makes it harder to read in various lighting conditions. More importantyl it is a proprietary system in whcih it can only be read by smartphones with the moscrosoft reader. The scanlife application and codes can be read by over 200 phone models. It is not limited to smartphones. It also offerse a scan and send option which works with every single phone that can send e-mail.

    5. I am the original poster of 2 – 16 Of course the Internet is used by us daily. However why should a heimishe offline marketing piece encourage internet use?

      • Are you actually using an internet blog to decry the use of the internet? Let’s get this straight – you are using the internet to post your disappointment of a product that encourages use of the internet. That’s taking hypocrisy to a whole new level. I think your “frum sheltered children’s minds” have way bigger problems than the back of Lipa’s cd in that case…


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