New York, NY – New York City Council Members Pushing For Boycott of Arizona As Punishment For Immigration Law


    FILE - This April 29, 2010 file photo shows Josephine Nevarez, of Phoenix, holding a sign in protest.  Arizona is facing a backlash over its new law cracking down on illegal immigrants. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, File)New York, NY – Don’t fly U.S. Airways, don’t watch the Arizona Diamondbacks – and don’t go to the Grand Canyon.

    That’s the message from City Council members who introduced a resolution Wednesday urging New Yorkers to boycott Arizona and its businesses as punishment for its new law targeting illegal immigrants.

    “We have concerns about how the boycott can hurt the working-class people, but we believe that … it is necessary,” said Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez of Washington Heights, who compared it to 1980s anti-apartheid boycotts against South Africa.

    Controller John Liu is studying how New York could sever its contracts and investments with Arizona-based companies. He and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio support it. Council Speaker Christine Quinn said she is open to it.

    A similar boycott passed the Los Angeles City Council yesterday – and is backed by that city’s mayor.

    Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver called on Major League Baseball to move next year’s All-Star game out of Phoenix.

    Meanwhile, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer stirred new outrage by signing a bill banning ethnic studies in schools.

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    1. i think we should boycott New york and los angeles. what arizona did was the right thing to do because the government just wasnt addssing the problems they were having. i say kudos for arizona and shame on u new york and los angeles

      • You are funny imagine this,you are rushing to the airport to catch a flight, but on the rental return you need to fill your tank with gas first, so while in the gas station you are thirsty and you are rushing inside for a coke,inside there is a big line you are in big rush because you want to make your flight finally you get to the counter and you turn around there is a police under you waiting in the line to pay for his goods, and you have the chutzpah not to let him go before you, as soon you turn your engine on he comes knocking on your window show me your I’d!!! And then you miss the flight and there is no other flight back before shabbos!!! Ah! Now you run to greenfeld he should support the boycott! Make sure on the return bound its not us air! Remember what the Nazi did your grandparents.

        • i can tell you a line of “what ifs” for every law. 2nd) did u read or hear the law and its rules? apparently not!! the law clearly states that the can only stop you for some other reason and at the same time check to see if you are legal or not. so NO they can not just knock on your window and ask you for ID!!! go read the law befor you start with all what ifs. have a nice e legal alien day.

        • You type one big long run-on sentence that is very difficult to read and pretty much impossible to comprehend, and you realize that for all the heresy that all frum people only have the foresight to act based on something that’s bothering them, they are actually very capable of getting annoyed when something like that happens to them, without feeling the need to switch positions and call a congressman.

        • It has been scientifically proven that drinking soft-drinks such as coke actually makes you thirstier, it doesn’t quench your thirst at all.

    2. So, in order to get back in everybody’s good graces, Arizona needs to stand idly by and wink as people illegally traipse across its border with Mexico, lower its wages, import drug violence, and demand services at the expense of its taxpayers? Why should we insist that Arizona ignore its problems? Can’t we just spend our time ignoring our own problems?

      • Violent crime rates have continued to decline all along the US side of the Mexican border, and illegal immigrants contribute far more in taxes than they receive in services. Illegal immigrants aren’t a problem but a benefit. We should drasticly increase immigration quotas from Mexico (and also the Philippines, India, and China).

        • Illegal immigrants constitute 1/3 of our prison population.

          If you want to commit a crime, hire an illegal. They are totally off the books. The police ignore most crimes that they commit.

          They clog our hospitals and schools. Financial analyses find that they cost much more than they provide.

          They often illegally vote and distort our democracy.

          They bring in 3rd world diseases that are difficult to cure.

          Legal immigrants are good and the law should change to allow more in but illegal immigrants need to be stopped especially when they disrupt the society as they do in Arizona and other places.

          • Why is a legal immigrant, or tourist any less likely to bring a “3rd world disease” — whatever that means — to this country, and what about the millions of pounds of food and commerce that cross the Mexican-American border every year?

            • Legal immigrants have to pass health tests before they can immigrate. And tourists can be turned back at the airport or border crossing if they appear ill. But illegal border crossers just come over with whatever they happen to be carrying.

            • Jacoby is slippery with the numbers. This is about illegal immigrants, and yet he keeps mixing legal and illegal together. He also writes of the whole California instead of the southern part; probably because he knows damn well what the true numbers are for illegal immigrants in southern California. 20% of prisoners in LA County are illegal, and could be deported if the sheriff’s department would only screen all prisoners for immigration status; but they don’t. That’s 34000 criminals a year who could be deported, but instead remain in the area to commit more crimes when they are released. And that’s just one county.

        • Your statements are absolutely not true. Comment 24 states the facts. verify before you shoot off your mouth. Better to be quiet and suspected of idiocy than to talk and remove all doubt.

        • We can’t increase immigration quotas, period! Not in this economic climate.

          Illegal immigrants are just that, ILLEGAL! If people want to immigrate to this country, they need to stand on line behind everyone else who is going through the process legally.

          As for voting out the City Council Members who voted in favor of this travesty, it’ll never happen. I believe that for the most part, they serve in districts whose makeup is heavily Hispanic and Oriental.

          Arizona is doing the right thing in order to protect the legitimate US citizens and legal residents living there. Mexican crime lords are taking over, and violent crime is up significantly. Resources like hospitals, schools and social entitlements are through the roof and cannot be sustained.

          The system is hypocritical. An employer can be arrested for hiring an illegal alien, but the government is obligated to provide free medical care, education and social services.

          I wish New York would follow Arizona’s lead. But the liberal left wing will never let it happen.

        • You’re wrong, as usual. Violent crime along the border is disproportionately committed by illegal immigrants. And hospitals and schools are overwhelmed by illegal immigrants who use their services.

          But you’re right that we should drastically increase LEGAL immigration. The reason there’s so much illegal immigration is that if you’re an unskilled Mexican or Guatemalan it’s practically impossible to get a visa, so there’s no point in even trying.
          While we need to secure the border, one can hardly blame those who are crossing it illegally. What else should they do?

          We should also not be bothering those illegal immigrants who have successfully integrated into society and are working and not committing violent crimes. Yes, they broke the law to come here, but so what? Whom have they harmed, and whom are they harming. Keeping them out is just midat sedom. Save the enforcement for those who ARE committing crimes and are taking advantage of us without contributing anything.

    3. NYC should be focusing on enforcing the LAW instead of boycotting Arizona.

      what kind of non sense is this, anyone whose name that will appear in support of this bill will be out for a challenge in the next election.

    4. And Utah should boycott New York because of their domestic partner policies.
      And Washington should boycott Nevada because of their sin laws.
      And Idaho should boycott Illinois for their abortion policies. And the entire US should boycott LA and New York for trying to tear apart our union. These liberals have now idea what political discourse means. They constantly try censoring and name calling. Its either my way or I you are a bigot, racist homophobe etc. and I boycott you.!!!!

      These liberals need to learn political tolerance is as important as racial tolerance.

    5. NYC has served notice once again that’s it controlled by anti-American, anti-Torah, homo-pandering leftist scoundrels who exhibit utter contempt for the constitutional rights of decent American citizens.

      Instead of boycotting law abiding, decent Americans who only want to protect their state from an invasion of criminals, lets boycott at the next election the homo-fascist leftist scoundrels controlling the NY Council.

      And lets put in cherem the Ortho-faker leftist fraud Shelly Silver.

      • There are criminals all over over the world!!! How dare you refer to Mexicans as criminals. Stop categorizing (hating) based on the zero knowledge you obviously have…. I am a proud Mexican-American, who GUARANTEED, has a lot more education than you obviously have…. Go take a cultural sensitivity class!!!! You have the exact frame of thinking that Hitler had about Jews!!! PEACE!

    6. these b’haimis don’t have enough of there owen problems? take care of the Bronx, Harlem and all the criminals legal and e legal than we should help Arizona with the same, and when the USA is fine and clean that we can start with the boycotts.

    7. when will nyc come to its senses by the way had these illegals been jews they would have been deported a long time ago even by the politically correct liberals

    8. I agree with posters #1 ,#2 and #3.
      Also,if we start boycotting states we should boycott California for
      immorality and loose lifestyles.
      Let’s see if there will being a rash of boycotts and counter-boycotts.

    9. Maybe NY should follow the AZ law, and then you would realize a very large savings on your budgets.
      It’s only the ILLEGALS, and thereis no racial profiling. Remember last year, Bloomie gave ONE WAY tickets to illegals to return home. That was okay., but the AZ law isn’t?

    10. The liberals have a simple strategy to take over America. It’s called divide and conquer. Let’s support having our cities and states boycott each other. We will need to remove the word United from the name of our country, and we will succeed in taking ourselves back to colonial times. Brilliant.

    11. Ethnic studies were banned as they were worded as the United States being a conquerer, and the Mexicans have to reconquer the southeast United States.

      • Ethnic studies in general segregate kids out and indoctrinate them to believe that they are superior to everyone else. That sort of thing should not be happening in public schools, at taxpayer expense. Nothing prevents parents from teaching their kids whatever they want in their own time, or sending them to after-school programs or even private schools that teach whatever they like.

    12. Are new york legislators for real when they are calling for a boycott of arizona?

      What ?!?!!

      Arizona is enforcing the law ! give me a break.

      If anything, there should be a boycott of new york. New York City has the chutzpah to enforce arcane petty parking rules to generate revenue and steal money from hard working middle class New Yorkers.

      If new york is against enforcing laws, let them start by firing the corrupt traffic enforcement agents.

    13. Disagreeing with one states laws is one thing, that’s why we are divided in states, county’s, districts, etc, etc, so every locality can do as it wishes, and yes we can disagree, as the saying goes ‘we agree to disagree’

      But boycuting is absurd and childish unless they want to change our name to: Divided States of America

    14. Sheldon Silver should worry more about the madness going on in Albany and not about concern himself with Arizona. I for one agree with what the goverment in Arizona is doing…what part of illegal don’t people understand? Enough is enough …you are either here legally or you are not.


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