Williamsburg, NY – Orthodox Man Arrested Accused Of Molesting Boy In Mikvah


    Williamsburg, NY – An orthodox Jewish man was charged Tuesday with molesting a 12-year-old boy in a ritual bath [Mikvah] in Williamsburg.

    Prosecutors allege he molested the 12-year-old once a month between January and June 2009, according to court papers.

    The man arrested dropped a bombshell to cops claiming that he was abused years ago by another Orthodox man who was sent last month to prison for preying on youngsters.

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    1. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t it? A molester was a victim too. How tragic. But it has to stop & arresting people is the only thing that will work. Good work to the parents who are determined to get another sick person out of our kids’ way. I hope you’re getting your child help.

      Parents: don’t you get it? Send your kids to the Mikvah with an older relative or friend. Even though this boy was 12 it’s hard to escape on your own. Better safe than sorry.

      • This may not be enough; older relatives and friends may molest too. Better to only let them go to the mikveh when there will definitely be others there.

      • If it was going on for six months, the boy probably was not trying to get away. Not that it makes it better or in any way even slightly more acceptable, though. The different things that can be going through such a kid’s mind during those six months are very complicated, to say the least, and it’s one of the reasons why “Why didn’t you ever tell anyone?” is such a ridiculous question.

        Again, it in no way excuses what the person allegedly did, but I would guess that it’s not like the kid was screaming stop for six months.

        Additionally, and one of the previous commenters mentioned this, it is very likely that the guy being arrested made up the story of being molested himself in order to try to get some mercy. While it is certainly possible that he is telling the truth, it is just as likely that he was convieniently latching on to a story that has been in the news. (The stats do bear out that those who were molested are more likely than others to do the same, but it is far from a guarantee one way or the other.)

        • You don’t understand the psychology of abused victims so you think that because the boy didn’t speak up for 6 months, he must have somehow “went along with it because he didn’t scream out” Parents and the public need to be educated about child abuse victim psychology. “The Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome” and “Stockholm Syndrome” is evidenced in case studies of victims.

          There are children that are sexually abused by their relatives, fathers, older brothers, teachers, neighbors, strangers for years before these children come out and speak out. These type of stories happen all the time where kids don’t speak up for a long time even only after they become adults. It has to do with fear, extreme shame, humiliation, guilt and helplessness. There is also a development of guilt association in their minds. They start to believe that they have done something wrong in their lives to “deserve” this horrible thing that is being done to them.

          • Everything you write is 100% accurate, except for the first sentence. As both a victim of abuse, and a psychology doctorate student, I understand (unfortunately, I might add) all too well how the abused victims feel. There is no way for us to know what was going through his mind – and, as I pointed out in my last post, it doesn’t make much of a difference. That being said, it makes these situations a lot harder to track, because the victim may either be too scared to say something, or even possibly “enjoy” what is happening (without understanding). I don’t think that this is the proper forum to discuss this back and forth; I would love, however, to hear your opinion on the subject (it sounds like you really know what you are talking about). If you are interested, my address is gregaaron92@gmail.com.

          • i am one who held it a secret for over 45 years its 50 year that i was also molested in the mikva in a communist country by non other then the shoihet of the town we went to mikva because those days in the 50 s there was no indoor plumbing and we had to warm water on the stove no one who didnt go through such and experience can fathom what it is like i was 10 years old and the shohet was 60 its beyond words there is no one who would believe such thing is possible and the fear of the adults a child is extreemly vulnarable everything that #100 wrote is absolutly true

        • ” (The stats do bear out that those who were molested are more likely than others to do the same, but it is far from a guarantee one way or the other.) ”

          While your comment was quite reasonable, I must lodge a loud protest against the line copied above. The statistics do not support that. It is one popular misconception, and it leads to many incorrect conclusions. Rather, it is that many perpetrators of molestation had been victims themselves. That’s all. The outcome from the way you worded it would be that every victim must also be ostracized because he is likely to become a molester himself one day. That is not only untrue, but this would be used to re-victimize the victim. Chas Veshalom. Your line about being far from a guarantee is an attempt to mitigate the statement, but it needs to be rewritten, not mitigated.

    2. Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg u r a saveor for klal yisrual and for all the rabonim who has a problem with him just stop molesting other children. Reb nuchem thank u so much and klal yisrual wishes u good luck in your work

      • Just to let u know don’t say a word about nuchem Rosenberg he did not have any think to do with this case someone told him something so he jump on it there is a big thanks for the child father and to let u all know it did not happen in mikve and to let u all know this guy is crazy he is not 100 %

        • If going to mikvah brings such tahara into a man’s life how can there be chasidesheh pedophiles? Was the mikvah they used every morning posul?

          • Your question is basically how come there are sinners, and the answer is beroosi yeitzer hora. Sorry to shock you, but there are chasideshe sinners too.

        • Mr. 24 you bet it has to do with Reb Nuchem Rosenberg who would have the courage to go to the police with the pressure of the rabbnim it never happened before Reb Nuchem came on board so Kudon Reb Nuchim you are a hero and you will go down in history and hero fighter for klal Israel this was out of hand there is no place in the USA that anybody can get away for such a crime as in our community and stop the noncense that he is not 100 percent then why is he on the street he should been in a mentally institution he is not crazy he is a chasir that needs to be off the street

      • “Rabbi” Nuchem Rosenberg had nothing to do with this. This is a problem in almost all large communities across the US. This Nuchem Rosenberg is nothing more then an attention grabber hypocrite. Everybody that knows him. will attest to this.

        He seeks out an issue, that we regrettably suffer from, jumps on the bandwagon, etc.
        He should take care of his family first, nebech. What a tragedy. A chushava wife and sweet children, all suffer from this maniac.

    3. what are the details? at what time did this happen? its hard to imagine that this happened on a friday afternoon in Williamsburg, where I presume the mikvas are full of people.
      did he take him there during the week, in the afternoon, when most mikvas are empty? if yes than shame on the shul that let’s people enter the mikva during the afternoon

    4. Other than to be a korban for predatory pedophiles trolling mikves for their next victim, for what reason does a parent send a 12 year old to a mikve?

      • To train our teiere yiddishe kinderlach to lead a life of Tahara. It would be a really sad day for Klal Yisroel if a tiny minority of perverted or mentally disturbed individuals would lead us to educate a whole generation of children who grow up thinking Mikva is ‘something of the past’ ESPECIALLY considering how the world around us is permeated in such Tuma!

        • If the parent were at all interested in training his child, he would take the boy to mikveh himself. This is however, clearly not the case. It’s more like mummy getting rid of sonney so he won’t disrupt the household with all the kids home at once.

      • I’m with Shaul. Definitly placing one’s kid in harms way. But, is this mis-placed Chinuch or what? If you want to get down to it, the objectives for a man going to the Mikvah would not apply to most 12 year old boys.

        • You will NEVER get a teenager to go to the mikveh if they had not started going at a very young age. So Dr E and Shaul from Monsey, if you believe as we do that mikveh is important you can’t wait until 14/15.

          • What about ladies? They only start going when they are married! Your logic is flawed. Better solution is to have an hour for children only. They have no business being with the other men. Honestly, what good does it do for a 9 year old boy to toivel? He isn’t even chinuch! There are enough mikves in BP, Willi, and Flatbush to have a separate hour on Friday for boys only. Make it a law! Unless the boy becomes keri (G-d forbid), he doesn’t go during the week. I for one am really tired of having to wait on Erev Shabbos when tati takes five crying young boys into the mikveh when they clearly don’t want to go. Even worse is when the boys stay in and play for 15 minutes, or spend a half an hour shampooing their hair with a line of married men waiting. Enough!

            • It wasn’t for me and it wasn’t for my children and hopefully it won’t be for their children. Bizarre is in the eye of the beholder, some here think it is bizarre for a 17 year old to go to the mikva and someone has even called a mikva a bathhouse of ill repute. So we have quite a few bizarre people commenting.

            • That doesn’t mean any thing, plenty people who started at 3 and had lots of problems and by 3 years old is to early to say who will have and who not

        • I respectfully disagree. Cancelling a minhag of our fathers that is centuries (at least) old is not a solution because the predator will just move to other grounds and the core problem will remain unsolved. They don’t seem to be too concerned about being caught in a mikve – a fairly public place – where anyone can walk in at any moment and apprehend them, I doubt they will think twice before preying on a kid R”L at school, playground etc..

          I don’t know how to fix the core problem – raising awareness in our heilige kehilois about the existence and reality of the danger is the best I can think of. Definitely a child should not be let alone without his father or adult siblings there – we are way too secure.. But generally speaking, having *fewer* people in a mikve is definitely not a solution. If anything we should have *more* people in a mikve to reduce the chances of the preditor being alone with the victim. Perhaps Acheinu bnei Yisroel from communities where it’s not an established minhag to go to mikve daily before shacharis could be moiser nefesh enough for Klal Yisroel and commit to go to mikva at least a couple of times a week – wouldn’t this benefit everyone?

          • I don’t think it’s a minhag of any sort for children to go to the mikva at all! There’s a minhag for baalei keri to go to the mikva, and there may even be a minhag for yungerleit to go before tefilla, but certainly not for children! If there even is a minhag for children to go, there are plenty of examples of minhagim that were cancelled for far smaller problems than this!

            • Child molestation is not a minhag in any chassidus or branch of yiddeshkeit. It is a sickness that needs to be stamped out and the perpetrators ostracized from klal yisroel. Any so called “minhag” that facilitates such molestation is an aberration and should be explicitly condemend by gadoylie yisroyel.

            • I am not going to debate on whether or not it’s a minhag- I know it is. Not for everyone but nevertheless. And if this would offer a solution even to a fraction of the problem I would be the first to support abolishing mikveh for anyone under 18 regardless of whether or not it’s a minhag – we’re talking about pikuach nefesh mamosh. The problem is: this will accomplish exactly gurnisht as the predators will simply find other ways to get to their victims. As far as I know, the catholics l’havdil don’t go to mikve and yet in those circles this plague is orders of magnitude greater (or so one would hope – H’ yishmereinu). The problem must be addressed at its core. I am not going to impersonate an expert an pretend like I know what the remedy is. I think at the very least we need to support the askonim who have taken the issue to the forefront of their agendas. Even if the results are not immediate, hopefully with enough exposure, awareness, education we can solve this. Hiding it and pretending like it’s not there is insane. Band-aid solutions will only distract us while not having any impact on limiting the criminal’s ability to inflict harm R”L.

            • Basically I agree with your synopsis, Mikvah by itself is not the cause for molestation. The vile molester will stalk his prey, if not in the Mikvah it would be in other surroundings, he could be in tight quarters like a train, bus, or the Rebbe tish. Are we going to hide in our houses like criminals, just to protect our children? NO, that is not the answer. The proper way is education we need to educate ourselves and our Rabbi as to the real damage these molesters cause. Finally we need to be able to have an open conversation with our children, with emphasis on that they should be able to comfy with their parents. Education is the key without it; you will probably make the wrong choice, if the time comes that you need to make an informed choice.

        • Another smart alic. According to your logic it wouldn’t apply to most 13 and even 14 year olds. We only have what our mesora says, everything else is shtussim.

        • The objective is not the point; A 12 year old (and even younger), for chinuch purposes, still fulfills mitzvos that he will have to do once he becomes mechuyav in Mitzvos at 13.

          I think they should institute a buddy system for all minors; you cannot go alone. It is sad, though, that it has come to this, as the gemara says that Klal Yisrael is not nechshad lo al mishkav zachar…and while this is not actual mishkav, it’s obviously still terrible and preverse.

      • Stupid question. Why do you think the mikva was made for if not to get a tahara. Do you know that if the kohen godol was 13 years old he went to the mikva 5 times on yom kippur.

          • In the time of the beis hamikdosh of course. During the first temple there were 18 kohanim gedolim and during the second temple there were 210 kohanim gedolim many of them 13 year olds. Did you know that we had a 9 year old king?

            • Perhaps some degree of nepotism…his father was matisyahu (not the reggae singer) and some chazal say he was the author of “al hanisim”

          • Even more important, cite one example of ANY kohen gadol going to mikvah and being molested. Why do you talmeidi chachamim make such naresh comments with no basis in fact.

            • There is NOTHING that says that yochanan (who was the youngest kohen gadol and served for nearly 80 years) was ever molested in a mikvah. Stop making up such nareshkeit.

            • The Rambam (as agreed to by the Rok’each and the Levush) all say that Yochanan the kahen gadol, was the son of Matissyahu (from chanukah and al hanisim fame) but none of them make any reference to his going to mikvah or being abused at a very young age.

        • FYI – kavod harav Lamdan; Do you know as well that 1. the kohen gadol was (had to be)married 2. the standards in that era was to get married at 13 yrs old (see midrash pesichta d’eicah) 3. how can u ever compair the Kohen Godel (the purest req.) doing the holiest avodah at the holiest place on the holiest day?! Perhaps we should all go to the mikvah on yom kippur, according to your logic?!

          • Maybe he’s mistaking a 13 year old kohen goodel, but a kohen goodel does indeed go to the mikva 5 times on yom kiper. As far as rechitza, he doesn’t intend it for enjoyment.

        • Stupid answer. In case you haven’t heard the beis hamikdash was destroyed. You’re as tamei today lgabei avoda the second you come out of the mikva as you were when you went in. Mikve today is a minhag period, the only chiyuv on a man today is by geirus. Whether you are a choson, av haben, kohein before regel, or daily mikve by a chossid, this is minhag only – for a 12 year old pure narishkeit – and if the mikve cannot guarantee 1000% the safety of anyone that goes in, tevila in such a mikve is minhag shtus.

    5. Most importantly is for the kinder to receive all the treatment and therapy necessary to insure him a healthy future. Such horror, such disgust. I encourage all to view other news sources so you know who to keep your children away from. Sad.

      • What is it with morons like you (i.e. our gedolim who obviously don’t care), that seem to think that none of this happens? you will only accept if its your kid, right?

      • *I* believe it. It’s why child abuse is such a machla today; one molestor affects a dozen kids, half of them go on to molest others, and the problem explodes. *That’s* why the Rabbonim are not in tune with this problem – a generation or two ago, it *wasn’t* a problem. It grew like AIDS did. Sad, sad, sad.

    6. The only solution is to castrate these molesters like they do in China or put them on permanent hormone therapy so they won’t have the urge to attack children like they do in European courts. There is no other solution. Temporary prison sentencing is not enough because as soon as they come out, they continue to do the same.

    7. PLEASE do not take this the wrong way. I have a very serious question and am looking for a real answer.

      How does the system work in todays day? Do we believe every child just because they say something or is there a true investigation done when an accusation is made and only after that is an arrest made if need be? I wonder if society today is so concerned to the point that we take a childs word as truth, act upon it and then work out the details or do we do our due diligence first.

      Again I ask the panel here to provide a serious answer. I am not implying anything I am just asking a question.

      Thank you

      • A serious answer is YES when you go to the police they conduct a real and serious investigation. The police don’t play games and the D.A. takes issues of allegations very seriously. Of course there is never evidence on camera or pictures for obvious reasons, but the child is interviewed by professionals who look for consistency in the stories and the manner that they describe them. Then they interview the suspect and look for many signs and his behavior. It’s not as simple as just having any child say “he attacked me” and the police quickly arresting anyone without a thorough investigation.

        • They actually just interview the kid two or three times in front of cops, not mental health professionals, and that’s it. The Prosecutor tries to dig up as much dirt as possible on the defendant, preps the witness before the trial and during (if he gets a break time), and the defendant doesn’t get to prove his or her self before then – just like the Lati case, the DA will say or do anything to get their numbers up so they really don’t do much to make sure it’s all true or not.

      • it appears that the alleged perpetrator has admitted guilt, so your whole question is not relevant to this particular case. In a relevant situation, a simple test would be to tell the child to go again and simply watch carefully what happens, preferably with a camera to hand.

      • Let me try to answer your question, no, the DA will not proceed only when they have sufficient evidence that they believe will secure a conviction. If the allegations are not fresh were you could gather physical evidence, the police will not arrest anybody only with approval of the DA. It always takes time to put together a case sometimes up a year or two. But be assured that if they arrest you, they have more than enough evidence to secure the conviction.

        • Silly. How come there are so many acquitals and/or plea bargains.
          The DA and the police care only about convictions. Guilt or innocence does not bother them.
          Thank G-D the judges generally are not so corrupt as to send an innocent man to jail. Yes there are exceptions but that is what they are – exceptions.

    8. Why are 12 year olds going to the Mikvah? the chassidim need to establish a new rule that only older boys need to go and anyone thats younger needs to be with his father.

      • Oy, how I totally agree with you. Every week when I enter the mikva late on Friday afternoon (I only arrive home from work an hour before the zman), I have the urge to cry out the same thing. What on earth are 5 and 6 and 7 year olds doing in the mikva. Some are there with older brothers, but many are there with their father’s. There is absolutely no reason on earth why a young kid should go to the mikva. I did not let my son go to the mikva until 2 months before his bar mitzvah. Will they become “tohar” from the mikva? The minute you step out of the mikva the impurity returns (these days that there is almost no true tahara). Only bad things come about from young children going to the mikva. Why on earth don’t the kehillas get together and put up a sign asking parents not to send kids under 12 to the mikva. I can hear an argument for 12 year olds because of “chinuch,” which I personally think can wait until almost 13, but young kids? What will the cost be if mikvas were to not allow children under 12? Nothing!! Only good will come about something like that!!! I am not a kllal asken and dont know how to go about this but if you are, arrange this!! Holam Habba is waitn

        • Your argument is a good one, but it has nothing to do with the subject at hand. The subject at hand is about letting children go to the Mikva and if it is putting them in danger or not, and your argument is that it inconveniences you because you get home one hour before Shabbos. If you get home that late, that’s not our problem, but if children are endangered that is. The question is, should young children go to the Mikva or not? Some here say yes and some say no, what are the pros and cons and what are the arguments for or against?

        • For those who say there is no reason for a 6, 7 or 8 year old to go to mikva,, I say, is there a reason for any male to go to a mikva bizman haza when ‘tavilas ezra’ no longer applies?. Women is another matter after they are married, but man?. Of course not. It’s all ah chasidisha minhig. That being the case, then what’s the difference how old you are?.

          Did the great litvisha and ashlinazim gadoilim go to a mikva throughout the year besides erev yom Kippur?. The chasam sofer?, the noida biyahida?. The vilna gaon?.
          The chofitz chaim?. The briker rav?. and so on. They didn’t. Only the Chasidim and their rabbess did.

          Bottom line is, age does not matter if it’s a minhig. If it becomes a problem of aroiyes, then even a minhig should be done away with.

          • You are incorrect, the chassidim did not create this minhig. The Sefardim in Israel go to mikva evey day and their little children go too every friday, the litvakes of Yerushalayim and Bnei Brak who are an un-interrupted continuation from the old Lita all the way to the Vilna gaon, they all go to the mikva including their kids. Minhag Yisroel Torah hu, and ah minhig brecht ah halochah is the saying. Familiar yourself first about the depth of this minhig before suggesting to do away with it. Aroiyes is in your head, not in your local mikva.

    9. It is not enough to send your little boys with an older brother! Fathers should take their own sons, and tell them if anyone touches them let them know immediately! Even if they think it is just an accident, Tatty needs to know! That is the way to catch them and to protect your children.

      And the fathers should shout out “YOU, you touched my son!!!” Everyone should look at him and know who he is. There is no such thing as an accident. No adult male should go into mikveh when there is a child in it. There should be RULES.

    10. I’m not commenting on this story since I believe innocent till proven guilty and loshon hora and everything that goes with it. But #9 you are so naive. I would even say to an extreme. these people are professionals at what their doing they’ll find their way even when the father is their

    11. Nuchem rosenberg is no help in such situations people were arrested before and after noting changed by this pig the only difference is that gives the chance for those who love to gossip to listen to him

      • rosenberg is a sick and perverted man with a one track mind and a great sense of imagination and a vicious idiot as well! He gets his kicks from all this gossip and craziness! Please don’t mention his name here

    12. children should not be allowed in a mikvah at all. they only make trouble and there is no reason in the world why a kid has to go to the mikvah. they should only start going from the bar mitzvah and onward thats chinnuch not when you take a 4 year old in mikvah

    13. I am a Chassid who lives in Wiiliamsburg, and I have to say that there are hardly 12 year odl’s going alone to the mikveh…. BUT … for those who send their kids alone they need to be charged as well….. AND…. regardless there is no reason in the world for a 12 year old to go to the Mikveh AT ALL

    14. any area that has more than one person walkig around undressed is open prey to molesters.
      matter of fact molesters molest people when they are dressed too.
      it would be nice to know that someone can be hired to oversee teh areas where these problems are taking place. problem with that is, who is to say the watchperson isnt a molester as well

      • Every mikva has a mikva yid who makes sure that everything is in order. Usually mikva yiden are hand picked and have a clean name or they wouldn’t last one day.

      • My 14 year old nephew was molested 2 weeks ago in NS. We are working with the Rabbi to see what to do. We want to start therapy immediately, but the Rabbi wants more proof.

        • If you haven’t reported it also the police, you could be found to be as guilty as the perpetrator….rely upon your rav for advice on counseling but PLEASE report to the police immediately if this is a true story..

        • You need proof … in order to start therapy? I can see needing proof to go to the police, or take the offender to a Din Torah, but proof for therapy? Even if the kid is lying (I doubt it, but still) the kid definitely needs help. I think you need to see another Rov.

        • The first thing you guys have to do is CALL POLICE. That is the one and only way to stop the abuser from doing it to your nephew and God knows how many other kids.

          You do not need proof to see a therapist. Please have him see a therapist TODAY, not tomorrow. Your Rebbe has nothing to do with this. His answer is the typical answer you will get from any Rebbe and this is the reason why all molesters have been getting away with this for decades.

          By sitting by and doing nothing you are an accomplice to this crime.

    15. Here we go again. Another public incident that brings out the worst in people. Pro- and anti- NR. It involved a mikva – stop boys from going, or send them with their father only, or be mevatel mikva altogether. Report to authorities or never allow reporting since it is mesira. Is it lashon horoh, or is it a mitzvah because it has to’eles. Here comes Markey – pro or anti. Kol Tzedek – pro or anti. Dov Hikind – pro or anti. and the advocates to blast the Agudah, the gedolim, and others for not having resolved these problems 50 years ago.

      I wish we could screen the comments and allow only those that have something constructive to offer. The problem is real. We have thus far failed to accomplish much at the community level. We should debate whether the publicizing of these stories helps or hurts the cause. We need a lot of help to succeed at finding a resolution. The name calling or deifying any of the askanim will help no one.

      • This guy is right! We should stop talking Lashon Hora and keep quiet without ‘eating our own’ because Yidden aren’t the only one reading this. If a guy has a problem, we should hope he gets help – not go to jail for the rest of his life. And the Mikva I went to as a little kid had an old guy washing the towels cleaning up soap boxes and watching what was going on; maybe we should get people in all of our Mikvas to make sure nothing goes on there.

    16. I was molested when I was 11, people in my kehilah went out found the guy brought him back to shul the rov beat him up and cut of his paios, in front of every one, you see that you know that you must never do that to children. thats how we should deal with this

      • It is assur for yidden to shower on shabbos…showering implicates several avodahs that are among the 39 assured including the hot water and sponging oneself dry…

        • First, learn the definition of the word implicate.

          Second, if drying off after a shower is assur on shabbos so is drying off after the mikvah on shabbos.

          Third, obviously the writer meant they should take a shower l’kavod shabbos before shabbos instead of going to the mikvah.

    17. The mikva I go to, there are not allowed any children under bar mitzva, and I don’t know of any bucher having a problem going to mikva because he didn’t go when he was a child.
      Parents!!! Let your boys (under bar mitzva) take showers at home, there is no yidishkiet or chisdishkiet involved for a 12 year old to go to mikva “no tahara is requested for them.
      And I personally think that cameras in mikvas that can be watched only if 3 people put in a password (i know a mikva that has it) should be installed in all mikvas

    18. Under what possible interpretation of halacha would an older man and a 12 year old boy not yet even bar mitzvah be sitting in a mikvah together for 6 months last year. When I first read this I thought is was some sick joke but obviously not and some demented parent thought it was necessary for this little boy to be sitting in mikvah. For why????

    19. I wonder sometims at the few people that are so holy that they need to go to the mikvah a few times a day (yes, a few time a day) and just sit there…’hanging out’…
      I dont know about you. but for me its in an out…

    20. Simple solution – make the mikva either private (like the women do) or make sure only 1 person in the mikva itself at a time & no one walk around without a towel on.

      For someone who only later in life started going to the mikva on a regular basis (20), I found it difficult to comprehend all these guys I knew from shul walking around in just their birthday suits. I can imagine that if someone grew up with it, going to the mikve from a young age, it would be easy for them to go to the mikva alone and naively just trust any other men they see their.

      • That’s something that someone who started going to the mikva at age 20 will never understand. Once upon a time before the days of indoor showers, people went to the edge of the river to bathe, men went with men and women with women, age didn’t matter. Latter when public showers were introduced into big cities, again men went there with men and women with women and again age didn’t matter. Then when showers were introduced into every home, the public bathhouses for women closed and the ones for men turned into gay bathhouses. The holy Mikva has remained for us today the same as it was in the days of Rashi and the Rambam, it is still a holy place where people go for a Tahara. Mah Hamikva Metaher Es Hatmeiyim Af Hakodosh Boruch Hu Metaher Es Yisroel. When people are there they don’t think of Tumah, with a towel or without one, exactly as in the days of old when even the non Jew went to bathe with other men only for the purpose to get clean.

        • I mostly agree with your view, but I am not sure that your depiction of the historical water-body’s, baths, is reflective of reality, the lake or the water hole was cold and people would rush in and out, the baths that was the genesis for the famous Roman’s bathhouse, were gay and straight sex was a tradition. However traditionally Mikvah’s were not heated they were cold but the bathhouses or communal showers which were heated, are known as the place of “ill repute”.
          As I said I do agree with your underlying argument that people should not reframe, from going on with life as you see fit just because someone might prey on your kids.

      • All the above derogatory comments have no clue what a Mikva is and it is absurd that they are even commenting. Unfortunately because of some sickos taking advantage and meeting their friends after hours in the Mikva, and because of a phony story of a Joe De’angelo being raped in a mikva, something that did not happen, Mikva’s have gotten a bad rap. It’s time to make it clear that a Mikva is a Mikva and a pedophile is a pedophile and the twain don’t meet. Those that prey after children prey after them everywhere; we aren’t stupid, we watch our children and Mikva like hawks.

        I go to the Mikva every day and know everything that there is to know about a Mikva and can tell you that the Mikva I and my children go to are safe and watched by very responsible Mikva Yiden. If things happen it could have just as happened in school, at home or by a friend. No where is it safe from pedophiles, and the focus here is totally misplaced. Sure things CAN happen in a Mikva and that’s why they have parents to look out for them. There is no Klall everyone knows what he has to do.

      • The last sentence should read:

        There is no Klal, everyone knows what they have to do. There is not one age that fits all, and not every Mikva is the same. Common sense should prevail.

    21. Rebbe nachman would immerse in the mikva since he was 6. of course your sons should go to the mikvah. we just need to teach our children that their are maleesters out there and NO ONE can touch you anywhere…Especiallyyyy under your belt and if someone tries too even if its your school Rebbe or teacher or freind or freinds parants and so on….you run away and tell me about it RIGHT away even if they tell you not to tell me or threaten you. i promise nothing will happen to you if you tell me it will be good ok and constatly ask your kids if theres anything they want to tell you in general. i cant imagine a 12 yr old not understanding this is wrong, i need to tell my parent. a parent needs to explain whats out there in detail…even though its hard to bc your child so pure and that its ok to tell them. some parents just hit there kids when they say anything “sexual” so they might be scared to tell there parents. or they dont know what sexual is. this is the galus HaShem PROTECT US!

    22. Hey Yiddish Brothers , He is my first kozin, i think i know him a lot better then all of you commenting here , this man is not well, he is a pain in the neck , He is a sick person , nebech got married and has a child , ofcurse we need these people of our streets , Why are you all happy that he is going to jail , imagine you having a chiild that is sick and because of his sickness he is going to jail and i dont belive he will come out alive ,

      Stop being happy with others tzures , he has a brain issue , he is brain damaged he needs mental help not jail , He was born like this , he was born mentaly ill , hashem created him with mental rpoblems , myself and pepole that know him dont think he should be punished for this , he need to go to a mental home ,

      my prblem is why you all are so happy about him going to jail , you could wake up one day c”v mentely disabled as he is , its hashem that created him with this problem , it could happen to anyone .

      ofcourse the rabbunim dont to anything , they like gefilthe fish and collored bekitshes , thats all they are here for , why is there no orginization for people with this problem , like hamaspik


      • I too know this guy and I am crying. He is not a well person. This is a guy that is mentally unstable. Yes, maybe he should be locked away from society. I’m not a professional , I don’t know the answer. Please don’t besmirch chasidim because of this case. And perhaps chasidim do have this issue , but let’s not base the issue on an unwell person. Thank You.

      • I really feel your pain, but in no way do I sympathize with this alleged molester. The fact that he was a victim too is painful, but it cannot deter us from doing what is right. The fact is that all the studies points to the same statistical data, that a victim has a higher propensity to be molester, later on in life, then the kid who was never molested. What should we do? Look away, and let another child be a victim/predator. The cycle must be broken and putting him away is the only solution to this problem.

    23. Mamash Nisht Tzu Gloiben! How sick and evil a person can be. We must street proof our children of Kabdayhu Vichashdayhu no matter how they may appear on the outside.

    24. All mikvehs MUST have monitors during Friday hours like Satmer in KJ,and Willamsburgh…A perent who allows his child on his own is Mischyev Benafshoy….The same way u wouldnt allow a small child cross the street on hiw own the same way u must NOT allow them in the mikveh alone…Its a crazy world we live in and the molesters know where they can find a easy target…The smaller the mikveh the easier is the target….

    25. Let’s get it clear, yes there is problems that needs to be taken care, the that did things is NOT Nuchem Rosenberg, he likes to jump on things a say it was he, He jumps that he is the one that found the problem of Finkel meat, he He is the one that found all problems,
      He is a supers slanderer, On Nirbater Rov who happens to have a beuitiful Kashrus, he slanders CRC, Gruber, He found the Coco problem (which clearly didn’t exists)
      NUCHEM is a Menuval that has super super joy of those stuff, when ever some yid has a tzora (not related even to those garbidge) he just is not capeable to hide his joy, שם רשעים ירקב

        • did you hear what a dirty mouth he has? He gets off on all this garbage! I will not be surprised if one day there is a scandal involving him much bigger than all the other ones!

    26. Nonsense! If not for Rabbi Nochem Rosenberg no one would talk about this subject, victims would not know how to tell their parents that they have been victimized, parents would not have the courage to press charges, and it wouldn’t have been reported here on VIN, all politics aside, and I don’t know Rabbi Rosenberg personally, but he is definitely the one who caused everyone to talk about this openly and make progress in this area, please give credit where credit is due. I don’t know if he does it the right way but he is the one who did something. Thank you Rabbi Rosenberg.


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