Jerusalem – Report: Eda Charedis to Curse Netanyahu and D-G Gabbai at Rally [photos]


    Israeli riot police remove an ultra-Orthodox Jew from a fence as they make arrests on 16 May 2010 at Barzilai Medical Center in the southern town of Ashkelon, Israel. EPA/Jerusalem – Leading figures of the extreme “eda haredit” haredi community are planning to lay a curse on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and the director-general of his office, Eyal Gabbai on Sunday night, Channel 10 news reported.

    The “eda haredit” leaders have called a protest rally in Jerusalem over the start of evacuation of graves from the site for the Ashkelon hospital’s reinforced emergency department.

    According to the report, at the rally they will ask the assembled crowd, in an unusual move, to join them in cursing the Prime Minister and the man who negotiated with the “atra kadisha” haredi organization on behalf of the government on the issue of locating Barzilai hospital’s emergency department.

    Photo below from protests earlier today

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