Toronto, Canada – Police: “Shiksa” A Slur, Jewish Groups Say Not So


    Toronto, Canada – The Canadian Jewish Congress says the Toronto Police Service is pushing anti-hate law “to its most absurd level” by listing “non-Jewish Shiksa” as a victim category in its latest hate crime study.

    The statistical report reveals that officers investigated hate crimes in Toronto last year against such unusual victim groups as teachers, feminists, infidels, police, Nazis and pedophiles.

    But it is the redundantly named category of “non-Jewish Shiksa” — a slur for a non-Jewish woman, from a Hebrew root meaning “a detested thing” — that has especially baffled the CJC, a prominent advocate for stronger hate crime laws.

    “You just can’t apply it to literally everything,” said CEO Bernie Farber.

    The report, not yet released on the TPS website, shows an increase in “hate/bias occurrences” over the year before, from 153 to 174, with 23 charges laid.

    Jewish, black, and LGBT were the top victim categories, but Tamils also registered, with six occurrences. By far the most common crime was mischief, usually graffiti, followed by assault and threatening.

    The 2009 shiksa incident, classified as “mischief,” happened in 53 Division, a central uptown area colloquially known among police as “Sleepy Hollow” because it includes the city’s most pleasant residential communities, including some of the Jewish neighborhoods around Bathurst and Lawrence.

    It is not known whether a charge was laid, or a prosecution successful.

    A letter of complaint to Alok Mukherjee, chairman of the Toronto Police Services Board, says the CJC is “frankly mystified,” not just because “shiksa” is “sometimes used as a pejorative” and is therefore “inappropriate” for an official police category, but because hate crime sentencing provisions were meant to reflect not just simple membership in a group, but an “unchangeable” or “inescapable” aspect of the victim.

    The Criminal Code allows for sentences to be increased if there is “evidence that the offense was motivated by bias, prejudice or hate based on race, national or ethnic origin, language, color, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, or any other similar factor.”

    It is those last five words that give rise to the category controversy.

    “While it is recognized that every individual has multiple aspects to their identity, more than one of which could be cause for an offender to target them, it is the practice of the [Toronto Police Service Hate Crime] Unit to classify a hate/ bias occurrence based on the best known information that exists relevant to the offender’s perception of the victim,” the report reads.

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    1. Whether they consider “shiktza” immoral, makes no differance.

      Any Ball Yiras Shomaiyim who knows that HKB”H is the Bashefer of every Human and Child, and He sustains their life every moment with so much care, will refrain from having his children use such a degrading word as ‘Shiksa’ or ‘Shegetz’.

      A good way to start would be, When we end our Droshos with the sentance “Let this summer be filled with health and happiness for ‘Klal Yisroel’,”, we should instead say “for all of Humanity”. That way we will show HKB”H and show our children that we truly care about all Briot of HKB”H in His Tzelem Elokim.

      Then we can hope that Hashem will never again instill the Non Yidden, with hatred towards us.

      • Your shita is the cause for intermarriage etc. You sound like a self hating jew.

        We ARE the Am HaNivchar which is EXACTLY why we need to have terms to remind us that we as servants of HKBH are indeed better than others. There is nothing wrong with that statement. We are told that by HKBH Himself – KI LI KOL YISROEL!

        • “we as servants of HKBH are indeed better than others”
          How true! You are better at money laundering and investmant fraud, you are MUCH better at hiding pedophelia and you are the BEST at complaining and demanding attention!!

          • So tell me, what are YOU hiding? Are you perfect? I think not.

            The people complaining about the term shiksa when referring to ayno yehudi women or a yehudi woman acting like a shiksa, are the same people who have no problem eating pas akum, bishul akum etc. These are the items which are assur to is because it will lead to mixing with the ayno yehudim. We are NOT ALLOWED to mix with ayno yehudim. That is Halocha D’ORAYSA & if you don’t like it, please take off your yarmulke, tzizis, sheytil, etc & go to your local kloist because you are no better than any other SHAYGITZ!

            • Since when are pas akum and bishul akum d’Oraisahs? By the way, your term “ayno yehudim” is a perfectly acceptable, non-pejorative term non-Jews. On the other hand, your vicious, unwarranted attack on #31 calls your own Jewishness into question.

        • I can personally guarantee that I know gentiles who are smarter than you, stronger than you, more generous than you, better educated than you, braver than you and kinder than you. So, help me out here– how is it that you’re “better?”

            • I have not had the pleasure; nevertheless, I would not call my post an assumption– it’s more of an inference. I’ve been around long enough to have had dealings with a few people who express the kind of thoughts posted by #15; they are, without exception, mediocrities looking to boost their self-image by proclaiming themselves “better” than others.

            • No, in other words, I’m not. Maybe you should grab a dictionary and look up the difference between “assume” and “infer” before you bother to reply.

            • Well actually one of the definitions of infer is to guess. maybe you should look it up. but thats irrelevant because i assume you meant the other definition which is to come to a conclusion based on facts or premises. if you think you can infer something about another person without knowing them at all based on some stupid post on a blog then i infer that you are a fool.

          • Even if you know the goyim with the attributes that you enumerated, and they are not just your imaginary friends, how is this relevant to what we are discussing here? May be you are just reluctant to accept that we are better? Maybe you think that if you keep up your rhetoric, they will accept you?

            • Obviously, it’s relevant. I asked (see above), how the author of post #15 happened to be “better” than others. The attributes I mentioned are ways in which someone might (or might not) be “better” than someone else; naturally, I’m open to others. As to my reluctance to “accept that we are better;” yes, I’m often reluctant to accept ideas without being given evidence to support those ideas. For the record, I also don’t accept that there’s a tooth fairy or that money grows on trees. So, if you want to pursue your argument further (and, by the way, you’ll lose), why not respond to the question I posed? How are we “better?” Are we smarter? Taller? Sexier? Do we play golf better? Seriously, in what does our superiority consist?

            • “So, if you want to pursue your argument further (and, by the way, you’ll lose), why not respond to the question I posed? How are we “better?” Are we … Taller? Sexier? Do we play golf better?”

              You are right, by the Nazi criteria you are proposing, we are not better. I lost an argument, you win.

            • Wow, Shmuel– I really have to brush up on my history! I had no idea that the nazis thought they were better because they were all tall, sexy golfers. It’s amazing what I learn from people like you! So, leaving aside my “nazi criteria,” what criteria do you propose?

            • Also, relatively few of us are blond, and even fewer have blue eyes. So, once again, I admit we are not better than them, and you win. What else do you want from me?

            • Torah is all the evidence a yid needs. Even if there is other supporting evidence, once one knows something from the Torah the other evidence is superfluous: as the gemoro says, אני מביא לך ראיה מן התורה, ואתה מביא לי ראיה מן השוטים?!

            • Milhouse, that statement is so obviously ludicrous (and wildly unproveable) that it borders on the meaningless and doesn’t merit a serious response.

      • I guess you must live in a rural area & have little exposure to the world at large.
        When someone acts in a way that is befiting the title we say if the shoe fits wear it.

      • #4, #5, and #15, you make me disgusted to be a Jew. We are only the Am hanivchar insofar as we have good midos. Using the term Shiksa to refer to another human is against everything the Torah teaches. The RBSH wants us to be anavim, not baalei gayvah. Somebody who thinks he is above somebody else, neveilah tova heimenu.

        • You are wrong. The maalah of a yisroel over the umos is inherent; a yisroel’s neshomo is holy and his guf is holy, no matter what he does. Read some Kuzari.

      • You are such a Tzaddik, Politically correct, animal loving, caring for all creatures and birds (some silly, old fashioned, farchnyokte, farshimelte, shleppers, (who drag their feet when they “Walk” think Birds are not creatures.) I thank you for raising my conscience or consciousness (take your pick) about all happenings in the world. I’ve been scratching my (not yet bald, b”h) head, searching for an answer to the question. Why the Holocaust happened. Why the Pogrom in Kishinev happened. Why all the other devastation happened to us Jews throughout all the Centuries, nah, Milennia. Eureka. I found the answer through you, thankfully. It’s ALL because my Rabbi did not wish all “Humanity” and the Animal Kingdom and Briot, Briut!!! Had my Rabbi ended his speeches (Drashot) the way you suggested, the nazis (ymsh”v would have led our grandparents into the gas chambers with a smile! One moment, they Did!!!

        • To: Bigwheel

          One moment,, you erroneously left the Reboinu Sh. Oilom out of the equation. He runs His world with the principle of Middoh Kneged Middoh.

          If we will never de-humanize any other people, than HKB”H will never again, instigate any nation, not Germany, not the Muslims who will be the future majority of Europe, not the growing muslim population in the USA, to de-humanize us and our children.

            • “We gave them”. Nobody gave anything to anybody, people did things to make Parnosoh or advance their careers, which 100% fine.

              The fact is however that Germany in the late 1800’s was exceptionally good to Yidden. But at the same time, we used words and terminology, which at best was disrespectful. Our attitude then was in no way better then what is mentioned in the above article. Even those that Assimilated, and no longer kept Shabos, still went around with an attitude of being aloft, because he has a Yiddishe Kop, or Yiddishe Haartz, etc.

              Lets change our ways and do Tshuvah before it’s CH”V too late.

            • Teshuvah for what? Believing in a yiddishe kop and a yiddishe hartz? Where do you get the idea that that is a sin? On the contrary, it is the exact truth. Chazal tell us that Yidden are רחמנים בישנים גומלי חסדים and others are not. The posuk itself tells us that when the Giv’onim showed that they didn’t have these traits that proved that they were לא מבני ישראל המה. Do you think the posuk is wrong, ch”v?!

          • What you’re saying is that the, 1)Crusadors, 2) Inquisition, 3)Pogroms, 4)Holocaust, all came from HKB”H to our nation, as a Middoh Kneged Middoh, for us being rude to other nationalities?

            Who knows? We should also worry about our current situation with all these dark clouds on the horizon. So many friendly nations are now turning against us.

          • My dear “Anonymous” or is it “Unanimous” friend. Don’t you realize?… that the entire post was “Tongue in cheek”. I was taking poster #1’s reasoning to an absurd level. (If you don’t know what those “Mysterious” English words mean, I can give you a “Haymishe” explanation in Yiddish or Hungarian.) According to his (or, her) reasoning, all that stood between us Yidden and the Holocaust and the other pogroms and unofficial killings and anti-Semitism in general is wishing well for ALL of humanity. To cite examples of why P-1’s outlook doesn’t hold water would take up this entire website. Of course we know that everything is from HKB”H. We don’t understand why. We don’t have to. Let’s just take one tiny example. From the massacre in Chevron, in 1929. Do you know that the arabs murdered all the Jews who were hiding in the banker’s house. The same banker that saved one of them from being thrown out of his house and farm by the British (Goyishe) owners of the bank.

      • Reasons for the Holocaust baffles all of us:
        According to:

        Satmar Rov:: Zionism
        Litvishe:: Not being machshev Ben Torah
        Chasidishe:: The Reform movement
        Mizrachi :: Not making Aliyah to E.Y.

        So the final outcome, Hashem left us in a total Enigma?. Can’t be.

        So your reasoning of Middoh Keneged Middoh is probably the most sensible.

      • Are you insane, or just a grobber am ho’oretz? What a chutzpah you have to generations of our ancestors, including rabbonim and talmidei chachomim, who had no problem with using these expressions, because they are the truth. Maybe you’ll change the siddur too, as the Reform have done. עושה שלום במרומיו הוא יעשה שלום עלינו ועל… what are the next words? Someone help me here, what are the next words, I see to have forgotten. It is a fundamental belief of yidden that there is a vast gulf בין ישראל לעמים, that we are NOT the same, that בנים אתם לה׳ אלקיכם and they are not, and if you have a problem with that then work on yourself but don’t be an עמלק and cool off other people’s emunah.

        • To Milhouse:

          Fine, but then, we can never ever complain, in our typical emotional way, about the Germans, “How could one Human do this to another human or to a human child”.

          Once you claim that there is a “vast gulf” between the value of one Human and another Human or another child, you have opened floodgates to disaster.
          Once there is that “vast gulf”, then even a blood libel, R”L, is not so far fetched.

          There are many dark clouds on the horizon, be careful.

    2. I happen to be involved with the above case, and it’s being pusht by a teen who nebech went off the derech, against an erliche naighbor, who told him to drop his non Jewish girl friend couse she is a shikseh. It was the police who practily has forcet this helples neshomoh into presing hate crime charges, the case is in front of the courts curently. The problom with the candien police force is that they are canadien and buy every lukshen some shoteh feeds them.

    3. Dear Chayim but I think you just misst the concept of the last few days and the upcoming few days, ever heard of yom hmeyuchus. Yes every person is created betzlem elokim, but we have what’s calld a nefesh while they only have a neshemah, I know it’s harsh but from one Jew to another judiesem is racist and the Torah excpects us to be proud of it, of course with sechel and not houghty, but yes we are yidden and there is a difference

    4. To # 1 you are well intentioned.
      Yet you are wrong. Very wrong.
      As an am hanivchar we are a light unto the nations.
      Yet the creator who chose us to be this beacon to the world,has also given us guidelines to live by.
      He told us what food can come into our mouth and which can’t. The reason being it is unfit not holy impure repulsive….
      The point is when its not for us we must have inherent repulsion for it.
      Not to degrade or disrespect. But to know that callously saying or thinking it aint for me,isn’t strong enough.
      You need to be passionate about it. Hence beautiful non jews earn the term shiksa so we remind ourselves they are forbidden to us.

      Your thinking is fully flawed. Due to your lack of knowledge.
      God bless you

      • To #5

        What right do you have to degrade, the child, the love of his life, of another person, just because it’s hard for you to follow the Halacha not to marry out of our Faith.

        You must strengthen your observence, instead of calling other people ugly names.

      • “Hence beautiful non jews earn the term shiksa so we remind ourselves they are forbidden to us.”

        Sounds to me it is YOUR thinking that is fully flawed.

    5. The word is degrading and should not be used. However, a government that has taken upon itself the responsibility of prosecuting its citizens for improper use of their right to free expression is far more degrading than an obnoxious slur. Canada needs to repeal this idiotic law, and go back to being a free society.

    6. I have known of several instances where Jewish men became frum after their “shiksa” wives converted, and they were smart enough to want a halachic conversion.

    7. Since the time I was old enough to understand, the word “Shiktza” was a derogatory term used to refer to a gentile. How do I know? My Mother Z”tl, was a Geress. Whenever people spoke of her, they would call her a “Shiktza”. This was from the “erlicha” Yidden in shul. I remember the fights I would have with these so called Erlicha Yidden. They would wrap themselves in their talises, andpretend to be such frum Yidden. Then when the holidays would roll around, who do you think called our house to speak to my Mother. All these frumkite yidden’s wives. They all needed recipes, and what to make for the holidays.
      So yes it is a derogatory term, To this day I still find it OFFENSIVE WHEN USED.

    8. I dont see how the term Shiksa, refers to race, national or ethnic origin, language, color, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, except perhaps for sex. Its an all encompassing term for any female who isn’t Jewish. A shiksa can be of any race, nationality, preference etc. It can be used to describe 99% of the females in the world, over 50% of the world’s population and therefore can not be discriminatory.

      • “It can be used to describe 99% of the females in the world, over 50% of the world’s population and therefore can not be discriminatory”
        It is common knowladge you think ALL goy are below you, ESPECIALLY woman, hence, it is HIGHLY offensive.

      • Seriously, if you don’t see how the term “shiksa” refers to religion, then you need to go find yourself a Yiddish dictionary and look it up before embarrassing yourself.

        • I think it is clear that Alter Chochom #9 meant that this word refers to no PARTICULAR religion, but rather describes ALL women other than Jewish. May be you need to go and take a class in reading comprehension before embarrassing yourself, David?

        • What religion do you think a woman must belong to to be a shiksa? I always assumed that a Moslem, a Hindu, a Zoroastrian, A Bahai, Taiost and all other women could be considered to be a shiksa. But maybe you know more about them than I.

    9. We can use the word “machshife” instead. it cannot be considered hateful because to many it’s even a compliment. and since it has the sound of ches in it only we can pronounce it right.

    10. To #1

      Rabbi Yechiel Yakov Weinberg ZT”L, in a letter to Prof Atlas, writes in a very emotional way, of his anguish when he observes our non-caring attitude towards the Umos Ho’Olom and towards their children, including their Oilulim Vyonkim.

      He blames all the Tzorohs (Pogroms & Holocaust) as a message from HKB”H to us that we should improve our love and caring to all HKB”H’s children.

      How can we be a light onto the Nations, when we don’t truly worry about their physical well-being, as one Human Being to another?

      • #11, I am not challenging you, just curious. Where can I see this letter? And who is Professor Atlas? Are you referring to the son of R’ Meir Atlas, zt”l, who started Telz? Thanks.

    11. Shigse is the yiddish word for ‘slut’. It can be used against any person, jewish or not. It has nothing to do with race. As a practicle matter it is more likely that a jew will use this term to describe a non-jew, since more non-jews tend to cross the orthodox criteria treshhold of a slut.

    12. Shiksa in my circles is just as often a Jewish “freha” as it is a very low class non-Jewish tramp (like Britney Spears or Anna Nicole Smith). I rarely hear it used for a regular non-Jewish female. That tends to be the use more in secular circles.

      • Not in my experience. The word is used very freely in my circles, not secular ones, if anything, the seculars today are much more sensitive to such words because they almost certainly have shiksas as wives, sisters-in-law, neices, etc., etc. The use of this word doesn’t bother me in a least, I admit to using it myself on many an occasion, so do my friends, family, my rabeyim, and so on. The word is here to stay, live with it.

    13. There’s too much of this “politically correct” thing going on. Calling someone a “Shiksa” is just refering to their non-Jewish status. so what? I don’t find it
      derogitory unless someone else has bad intentions when they use this word.
      The same with “Shvartze”. I grew up in the 1970″s and we only used the
      word Shvartze to identify that the person was black. simply that and nothing else.
      When I was shopping at a retail store recently and was ready to pay for my items, the
      cashier asked me who helped me….how was I to identify the only black female who
      kindly helped me….African American? is she from africa? Was I supposed to search the whole store for her and point her out so I should’nt use the word Black?
      It’s all relative. It never used to be an issue before the whole “Politically Correct”
      stance came about. ( I never call my house help “Shiksa” …she is called
      “housekeeper” ). A Kosher and Freilichin Shavuous!

      • You kindly identify the nice African American woman by her name, just as I would want that nice woman to refer to me by my name – and not some kindly Jew (which, ideally, would be redundant). When Obama was running for President, national television interviewed a Jewish nursing home. One woman couldn’t vote for Obama, b/c he was Shvartzer. This ripped a hole in my stomach hearing this – relegating someone to a color instead of a human being. I don’t care if you like the guy or not, but even my 5-year old son know better. He was describing somebody he knew, and never used his skin color to describe him. I was never prouder. Just as I’m proud of you for referring to your help as your housekeeper instead of Shiksa. Or even better, by her name.
        A zeesen shavous to you and your family.

      • I tend to agree with your comments and want to add that the only time either word could be even midly offensive is in the tone of the voice of the person using it. If you know of a Jewish man dating a non Jewish women and say “she’s ok except that she is a “shiksa” then maybe it could be called offensive by some…I would call it descriptive but not offensive.

    14. I understand the comments of 1 and 5. We are different and, as a result, are blessed by Hashem. Still, it’s the way some people use the word Shiksa and Shvartzer and other terms that I find cruel and mean spirited. Yes, we should be vigilant for our children not to marry outside out faith. But we should also be vigilant not to teach hatred of others.

    15. Maybe somebody should give Canadian police a phone call and remind them to at “Goy” to the hate crime dictionary list. It is by far the most common derogatory term invented to make us Jews feel more “human” and “righteous” compared to non Jews in terms of how we should feel about them and perceive them and treat them.

    16. A Lesson in Language:

      “Shiksa” is the female version of “Sheigetz” or “Sheketz” = A detestible thing.

      “Goya” is the female version of “Goy” = [Other] Nations. Simply put, non-Jews.

      Have you ever eaten “Meal Mart” gefilte fish? The label reads: Glatt Kosher.
      Can fish be Glatt Kosher? The answer is NO! Certain words and phrases have lost their meaning over the years and are now being used for something else. Today, “Glatt Kosher” is used to describe the “highest standards of kashrus”.

      Those who don’t know any better use “shiksa” to describe their non Jewish cleaning lady (who, many years ago in Europe, was a low class person usually a Gypsy) and to describe a non-Jewish woman.

    17. Would the Canadians be upset by the term “Shabbos Goy”? I have heard prominant elected officials fondly refer to their childhood duties as a “Shabbos Goy”. In fact even Elvis Pressley was a Shabbos goy in his youth.

    18. To 37 what type of crock is that ? The tragedies that befall us are due to our averois, and hakadosh Baruch hu breachamuv punishes us in this world so we earn a share in the next, so what shyuchus it has nothing to do with the shtusim your writing about

    19. After following this thread today, it would seem that there are two questions on the table.
      1. Can you be a good Jew without also being a good person?
      2. Does being religious carry some inherent level of prejudice? If the answer is yes, then how do we reconcile the inherent hypocrisy?

        • 1. How I truly wish more people agreed with you (us).
          2. So what is an acceptable level of pride or detachment and when do those levels become wrong. After justly decrying any genocide, how do we reconcile biblical mandates with our contemporary mores?

          • “Biblical mandates”, as you call them, ARE my contemporary mores, or at least I hope to come as close as possible. The Ultimate Giver of Good is the One Who knows what good is and what is good for us. I am not sure what you are trying to make me reconcile.

            Also, from the way you express yourself, and especially from your implying that Torah mandates genocide, I am inferring (yes, that word again) that you are not aJew. Am I accurate?

            • FFB- FYI (or as I prefer to call it not yet a Ba’al Teshuvah.). Sorry for writing in English on this forum, prefer to be consistent with the language. Point still stands, most positive inldentities are still exclusionary in nature. How do we reconcile that with a ‘nation where we can be who we are because the country is predicated on equality?’

            • I hope you had a good Yom Tov.

              It is not your English that made me doubt your jewishness, after all I can speak English myself, or so I thought 🙂 It is your implication that ‘the bible’ mandates genocide. I’ve never encountered a Torah Jew who beleives that. And my question was not meant as an insult; you addressed me first and I was just curious to know with whom I am speaking.

              As to the question that seems to bother you, once again, I really don’t see what is there to reconcile. And I am not being coy. Yes, our ‘identity’ is exclusionary. For even if we do leave an avenue for sincere goyim to join us, those who don’t chose to do so are indeed excluded from it. So? If equality presumes equal rights, equal protection under the law and simialr concepts, who of us would disagree? But equality to me never meant that we and they are the same. And I don’t see any inconsistencies there.

              Unless I don’t understand what really bothers you…

    20. “Shemuel”, aren’t there enough Christian/Reform sites you can go to? There are relatively few Jewish news sites, and we would be thankful if you stop spamming them with your rubbish.

      And hopefully the moderators start doint their job and stop posting your keffira here.


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