New York – Imam Planning Mosque Near Ground Zero Rips Critics, Tea Party’s ‘Worship A Monkey-God’ Comment


    Construction continues at the World Trade Center site  as elected officials, community and religious leaders speak out against the comments made by Tea Party Chairman Mark Williams about the proposed location of Cordoba House, a Mosque and Cultural Center to be located on Park Place in the former Burlington Coat Factory, blocks from Ground New York – The Imam planning an Islamic community center and mosque near Ground Zero says his critics are bigots and the project will stamp out terrorism – not fan the flames.

    “We condemn terrorists. We recognize it exists in our faith, but we are committed to eradicate it,” said Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who is leading the charge to build the Cordoba House.

    “We want to rebuild this community,” he said. “This is about moderate Muslims who intend to be and want to be part of the solution.”

    Rauf appeared with city leaders Thursday at 45 Park Place, the future home of the Cordoba House less than three blocks from Ground Zero.

    The meeting came one day after Tea Party Express chairman Mark Williams called the project a monument to 9/11 attackers “for the worship of the terrorists’ monkey-god.”

    Williams later issued a ham-handed apology to the “millions of Hindus who worship Lord Hanuman, an actual Monkey God.”

    Asked about Williams’ comment, Rauf said he was “surprised by the lies, by the bigotry.”

    The 13-story Cordoba House will include a mosque, fitness center, pool, classrooms, kitchens and a theater for lectures and performances, developers say.

    They say the Cordoba House was modeled after the 92nd St. Y, with the benefits of a community center with prayer space.

    Another mosque – much smaller than the Cordoba plan – has existed downtown on Warren St. since 1970 and has been operating out of 20 Warren St. since 2008.

    Although there have been critics, including some relatives of 9/11 victims, the Cordoba project has the support of virtually every lower Manhattan politician and Community Board 1.

    “There’s been a tremendous amount of bigotry associated with this,” said CB1 president Julie Menin. “If we’ve learned any lesson from 9/11, it’s to respect people’s religious freedoms.”

    “Our city’s open to anybody, no matter what your religion is,” Mayor Bloomberg said.

    Still, some are voicing outrage at the idea of a mosque near the hallowed ground where Islamic terrorists waged war on America.

    “By no means am I saying the folks trying to build this place are responsible for 9/11, but you still have to take a hard look at it and say how will it look to have this in your face?” said Patrick Bahnken, head of the union that represents paramedics.

    “It is like salt in the wound – a constant reminder of what they did to us on 9/11.

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      • How does he have funding for a 13 story building in the most expensive area if not from the terorist? I would issue a investigation where the money to fund this project comes from?

    1. What a SHAME that our country would even consider allowing the Terrorists, their supporters and religion to capitalize at the expense of our devastation.

      Of course, this country’s choice of the president who is committed to destroy our country is synonymous.

    2. Are those who approve of this project so dumb as to think this Imam will rant violence at this point?There were numerous instances where the Imams said what they knew people wanted to hear and then turned around and started spewing hate.Whatever Rauf is saying now, will not have a bearing on the true purpose of why they are building a mosque davka in this area.
      Seems to me, a generation who worships dumb celebrities, watch dumb TV shows and movies and is steeped in immoral culture cannot think rationally.History does not happen from one day to the next.Seemingly minor events build up over the years and culminates into a time ripe for a revolution.To me it seems that some Americans, a lot of them in postitions of power, are unknowingly and slowly granting the Muslims a chance to do their hearts desire.After 9/11 we get a president with the name Hussein and a mosque near ground zero.
      Yidden wake up!We’re hated by the Muslims and soon we’ll be hated by the rightists who will blame the Jews for these liberal policies and owning the liberal press. I hope the writing I see on the wall is telling of the coming of Moshiach.Otherwise, we are in gehakte tzaros. Take out tehilems now!

      • if those billions of muslims wouldve forcefully stood up and vehmently demostraded against what muslims did and do all over hthe world then we could say what you say, until then we have a few meek little voices and always with a with a ‘,……BUT’ added

    3. If he is so commited to stamping out terror then let him show what he has actually done since 9/11 to denounce terror and violence and what sermons has he held denouncing terrorism then we can see how serious he is

    4. Interesting that they plan on opening it on Sept. 11, 2011!! I guess, having a mosque across from Ground Zero is kind of insurance against another attack. They wouldn’t risk damaging a mosque in another attack.

      • Are you serious? These people still live by a tribal mentality and are constantly killing those in different sects and destroying mosques. One can only hope that this particular Imam and his followers have some really serious enemies on the other side of town.

    5. People need to learn to build the moderate muslims if you want to defeat wahabee bigoted islam

      A building like this is for the sake of the modern world so young muslims don’t fall in the hand of the bigoted preachers

    6. Why should they not be able to build if they purchased the land legally and have the right permits? We scream anti-Semitism at the top of our lungs whenever we have trouble getting approval for a shul or yeshiva!

      • How many shul members or yeshivs students committed terrorist acts? How many Rabbis talk about the need for murder, killing and wiping out the infidels?

        Charlie Hall, how about for once leaving out the legal part and applying some common sense?

        • Because this is a nation of laws.
          “Common sense” about one group (in this case Moslems) becomes common sense about another groups…say Jews. It’s “common knowledge” that Jews run the banks, media, Hollywood, etc., etc. It’s only one step from “common sense” dictating that Jews be singled out for causing the banking crisis, preventing the media from running certain stories, and ruining our morals with the stuff from Hollywood.
          Only a generation ago we had “restrictive covenants,” quotas on hiring Jews, etc.

          • First of all while Jews may own banks and the media it’s patently false that it’s all owned by Jews. In any case, were Jews to own ALL of the banks and media nobody is forcing non-Jews not to open their own banks and from aquiring their own news outlets as well. Nobody is forcing anybody to use Jewish services.
            On the other hand, most terrorist acts are carried out by Muslims. And their acts are forced upon innocent people.
            You’re confusing anti-Semitism – that’s blaming the Jews for the world’s evils with common sense – seeing evil as it truly is.

          • Except that it IS common knowledge that we are at war, and that Moslem terrorism is a serious problem. This isn’t some fantasy, it’s a FACT, and you know it very well, however much you dishonestly pretend not to.

        • Alot! I’ve heard many charedi rabbunim talk about how if we had the power, we would kill the gays, the reform, the apikorsim, and anyone who drives on shabbos.
          The Chazon Ish writes that if we had the power in Beis Din (not senhedrin at all, just makkin v’oinshin sheloi min ha’din), we would kill any woman wearing pants!
          There are countless charedim in yerushalayim that throw rocks, hold people down for mass beating and burn things….hey, they even threw acid into the face of a 14 year old girl who was not dressed appropriately!!!

          • First of all, either you need a hearing aid or have comprehension problems. While gays, apikorsim, murderers and Jews who are mechallel Shabbos are al pi Torah given the death sentence, there needs two be two witnesses who clearly saw the sin being done and these two witnesses are taken in for separate questioning. Therefore, in times of the Sanhedrin where the sages had the power to carry out these sentences, they were in fact rarely carried out. In fact, a bais din who carried out more than one death sentence per seventy years was considered a very harsh bais din. The threat of death penalty in the Torah is there for deterence and for people to know how harsh these sins were. This is different than glorifying murderer and brainwashing others to kill innocent people.
            Whatever the Chazon Ish wrote, it is not in the context that you being it down.
            Mass beatings is a figment of your imagination, and mesheguim throwing rocks is not condoned by any Rabbi or frum normal Jew. Are you comparing a few Jewish crazies to the outright religious Jihad of the Muslims who condone and glorify the killing of infidels?

      • Charlie, every time I see your far left leaning posts, I always remind myself why there are no Jewish Liberals only Liberal Jews. The reason is because a liberal is a liberal FIRST and a Jew second! The religion you follow is LIBERALISM and not Judaism, and that is a major problem.

      • And would you say the same for a German center across from Auschwitz? Yes or no? Whether there is a legal way to stop it is one question; but whether every decent person should oppose it is another.

    7. Shameful, really shameful – I mean, religious tolerance is only for us Yidden – we don’t have to be tolerant of them.

      Have you people no understanding of the principles of tolerance and inclusivity that are the very reasons we thrive in this medina? Have you learned nothing about why we owe Hakoras Hatov to this country? And many of you would be the first to yell antisemite at anyone who even looked askance at an erev project or the like.

      • I have no problem with tolerance of peaceful people, but I am not tolerant of those who want to destroy our ability to be tolerant. Unfortunately most of you commenting here have no idea what being a religious Muslim means. There are very few moderate religious Muslims and a lot of “moderate” Muslims turned out to be supportive of terror.
        It’s very naive to compare an erev project, which will do others no harm, to a mosque that is a place of preaching of Islam which is to this day and age a religion that glorifies terror. For example those that kill themselves in the process of killing infidels go to heaven and get seven maidens as well.
        That’s why you rarely hear religious Muslims and especially their leaders denouncing terror. Religious Muslims who denounce terror are very, very rare.
        Rauf himself, while commendably denouncing terrorism also admits that it exists in the Islamic faith. I quote him from the article “We condemn terrorists. We recognize it exists in our faith, but we are committed to eradicate it,” said Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who is leading the charge to build the Cordoba House.
        He cannot eradicate what is part and parcel of his faith.

    8. If past American history were to repeat itself, the Tea Party movement would turn towards anti-semitism. However Paul has found an even more convenient target.

        • Pretty reasonable concern. The Henry Fords and Pat Bachanans of the world are usually as anti-Semitic as they are anti-everyone else.

          Xenophobia and Anti-Semitism often go hand in hand.

          • Reasonable concern?! What have either Henry Ford or Pat Buchanan got to do with the tea party movement? You are a sick person engaged in a deliberate slander campaign against the tea party movement, trying to associate it with racism and violence. You will not succeed.

            • He’s not a sick person. While I myself identify with the tea party movement and I hope they succeed (I highly doubt they will in the long run America and its media is already too infested with liberals) I do think anti-Semitism in the tea party movement is a concern. There this reason for concern that down the road some anti-Semitic right wingers can hijack the movement.

            • Any movement can get hijacked in the future. But why would you worry specifically about this one? Right-wing antisemites are a spent and marginal force; they are no real threat to anyone. The place where antisemitism openly flourishes is on the left. As of now there has been no hint or whisper of violence, racism, or antisemitism about the tea party movement; it has been squeaky clean, or as clean as any genuine grassroots movement with no leadership can be. And there is a specific deliberate campaign on the part of Obama and the Soros stable to smear it with those traits. At such a time, any speculation about what MIGHT happen in the future is playing with the enemy.

            • The tea party movement is the very opposite of “rashus”. It’s a real grassroots movement, with no leadership at all. It’s an insurgency, not an authority. And it’s the very “rashus” of which you note we should be wary, that is actively smearing the movement. Commenter #20 and #35 (probably the same person) is an active and knowing part of that smear campaign; so why do you object to my calling him on his lies? He is a sick person, a worshiper of the “rashus” and the “rish’us”.

    9. Wake up America. Both branches of Muslims are on a Nationwide mosque building campaign. Saudi Arabia funds their mosques of madness. Iran funds their mosques of madness. They are building mosques in every US College town close to campuses. They are building a nucleus for foreign muslim students to build Muslim American communities. They have a track record of anti-Israel campus efforts. Their leaders are virtually all terror supporters and funders. They even have a political leadership whose job is Public Relations to spread the lie of Muslim “PEACE” and “HARMONY” which we all know is propaganda. We must make sure that these Mosques and their leaders are held to account for double talking and support for terrorism.

    10. It’s just mind-boggling to see jews here defending these animals. Reminds me of Lenin’s quip that the capitalists would see their own executioners (i.e. the communists) the rope with which to hang them!

    11. Many Poskim from the Meir of Rothenberg up until the Brisker Rav have ruled that Muslims are Gerei Toshav. Even if your Rav does not hold that Muslims are Gerei Toshav, there is no question since the Rambam that Muslims are monotheists.

      Please elaborate upon what is the Torah basis to object to or interfere with either Monotheists or Gerei Toshav (depending upon how your Rav holds) worshipping and praising the One and True G-d.

      I learned from my Rav who is a world respected Dayyan, one of the few whose Gerim and Gitten are universally accepted in EY, that there is no Torah basis NOT to encourage Gentiles to turn to Islam rather than Christianity or any other faith.

    12. Please someone place in context the words of the Chazon Ish with regards to women who wear pants and his attitude to Jews who are not Shomer Shabbos in general.

    13. I said (not on Line but to my friends) at the time of the tragic 9/11 that we should rebuild the sky scrapers as they were

      and now i see that i was right if we would has than their 13 story … would not even be noticed!!


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