New York – Report: Ruth Had Active Role In Madoff’s Scam


    FILE 2009 - Ruth Madoof, the millionaire wife of Bernard Madoff, is seen here riding the F train beneath an ad promoting a 99/c cellphone bargain.New York – What’s the truth, Ruth?

    A newly revealed 2006 audit of Ponzi king Bernie Madoff’s fraudulent investment firm provided tantalizing indications that his wife — who has long claimed ignorance of her hubby’s scam — knew far more about it than she has claimed.

    In a highly-detailed report done for the Spanish-owned Banco Santander Securities, which ultimately lost $3.2 billion when the scheme collapsed, Madoff’s wife Ruth is described as playing an active role in the firm’s operation just two years before the scam was uncovered.

    “Bernie’s wife remains his bookkeeper for the business and she comes in 3 days a week,” the audit stated.

    “It contradicts everything that has been said about her. Her story’s always been about ‘Oh, I didn’t know,” but this makes it look very different,” a source familiar with the document told The Post.

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    1. To 1 I’m shocket somone on vin would make such a common sense statement, the normal suspects would say, why? How about all the peppol she ruind, don’t they deserve to live in peace, she is a thieve and deserves to rot, couse on vin two wrongs always but always equels a right, just look at the debate about child molesters. Ouch I just had to add that into the mix or this conversation would not be enoghf fun 馃檪 now I’ll sit back and watch as the blood levels start to rise. please i realy need to lagh, and Baruch hashem the stupidety on here has never let me down yet. So go for it boys.

    2. I don’t see what this is supposed to show. It’s a puff piece. She’s his “bookkeeper”; yeah, probably his lunch book. “She comes in 3 times a week”; nothing is implied about what she does when she comes in. Her hair?

    3. Why is everyone so hateful toward this woman? As of now, there is no evidence that she knew what her husband was up to or that she stole from anyone. I’ll bet that the same people who are criticizing her and are assuming she is guilty are the same ones who jump to the defense of every man with a beard and kippa even when convicted.

      • In palm beach like a queen? I highly doubt it. She lives with the guilt every day of her life. Even if she was not directly involved, she would not be able to bare the guilt that people think she was involved.

    4. Not only did she probably know what was going on, but their sons probably did as well. It will take many years before we really know everything about this. I just finished reading the book “No One Would Listen”, by Harry Markopolous, the man who started contacting the SEC about Madoff even as far back as in the year 2000. It’s unbelievable that nobody paid any attention to him. I think that the people who were making money just had too much to lose to expose Madoff, so they looked the other way. I don’t in any way believe that Wall Street didn’t know that something illegal was going on, and they enabled him. Sorry, there are just too many smart people who claim that they didn’t know he was a fraud and they are almost as much to blame as Madoff.


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