Waterloo, IA – Former Official: Minors Not Allowed In Plant


    Waterloo, IA – A former controller at an Iowa kosher meatpacking plant says former manager Sholom Rubashkin didn’t want underage workers in the slaughterhouse.

    Toby Bensasson testified Friday during Rubashkin’s trial in Black Hawk County.

    Rubashkin is charged with 83 counts of child labor violations.

    Bensasson testified that the company would lose its insurance coverage if underage workers were found at the plant.

    He says he once kicked out a girl who was under 18 after being alerted by a human resources employee. Bensasson says that when he told Rubashkin, Rubashkin responded by saying: “Very good. We can’t have minors.”

    The trial resumed today after being delayed several days because Rubashkin was hospitalized with a skin infection on his arm and because of a Jewish holiday.

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      • Keep your nasty comments to yourself. I would believe the most
        horrible slanders about you, it takes one to know one!
        A liar never believes anybody! You must be a big crook and that
        is why you cannot believe that there ARE honest people out there!

        • The person who wrote number one did it on purpose. the guy lives in boro park and said he comes to this site just to get people riled up but unfortuantley his actions are stupid and to the point where these type o comments should be moderated by the site owner. some people never understand the damage that can be done by writing a comment especially when it’s just dalse and as the person himself said “just a joke”.

      • I didn’t know that you’re a Historian and a judge?! Who cares if you believe it or not?!
        After Mr. Rubashkin is sentenced (We are mispallel to Hashem He should –and Hopefully will– Miraculously save him אמן.) you should walk over to a Goy (Yes A Goy) of the local population and tell him/her that you were of the opinion Mr. Rubashkin is guilty. See how much “Credit” you’ll get!!!

        • And, what is the truth? Rubashkin was in his ivory tower and his brothers told him NOTHING?? That all the plant’s problems are blamed on SMR and his brothers told him NOTHING?

          SMR is in jail and his brothers …. are still working in the plant??

          I might support SMR, but his family’s actions leave a lot to be desired.

      • You are a soneh who relies on the Gentiles instead of his own people.

        I worked at the plant. It was OFF LIMITS to anyone under 18 — no entrance, no tours, no part-time work or even helping out.

      • Yes. Because this entire case is agenda driven. Some individuals see it with a sore eye that a Jew is successful. No matter how you slice it, it’s driven by jealousy and hate. What’s amazing (in a negative way) is, that no one of the local population has stood up and said a Good word for and about Mr. Rubashkin , who brought prosperity to the entire region. And if there were problems –as there always tend to be– in the daily operation of such a huge enterprise, with a little good will (on the part of the entire “Cabal” of his accusers.) all the problems could have been straightened out. They (We all know who THEY are. Yes. Including you, who’s sitting on the lazy chair and sipping coffee and pretending to have such a “Holy” expression on your face. You’re adding fuel to the fire. You’re happy with this Jew’s downfall. I heard you at the press conference loud and clear.

    1. I believe he’s headed to do 3 yrs. in prison for signing false documents or something. Not sure he’ll be trusted. I don’t know. The witnesses who testified that there were children all over the place sounded pretty reliable, and many of them saw Rubashkin there.

      But it’ll ultimately be in the hands of the jury, right?

      • The fact is that he is she. And found not guilty in Apellate division. Because the Social Security card laws were written that made it illegal only if the card users or employers knew they belonged to someone else not if they were Fraudulent . As such , most of the laborers were never supposed to be deported and a majority of the original immigration charges were dropped and then the fraud charges came subsequently.

    2. Agriprocessors (the company) has conceded that it knowingly hired under-age employees.

      The question before the Court is whether or not Sholom Rubashkin knowingly approved of this practice. So far, the prosecution haven’t shown this, but they have not finished presenting their case.

    3. What I find more appalling than the govt. Handling this case are the Rubashkin haters who have no regard for a human being with all the problems that the family has they have to read the comments here like comment# 1

    4. What history of the plant? Are you on the side of the prosecution? And what about the comment that the judge made about the inconsistant testimony of the prosecution?? What history???

    5. For # 1– This was the head of Human Resources at Agri- She was found NOT GUILTY on appeal. Believe me, after what she paid in legal fess and what she went thru in this process, she would not lie. She knows what she would face if she did.
      In fact, how many of us can tell which of the mexicans working are under age since they are
      so short and look young. I chastised a store for having a young boy looking no older than 12 working and he pulled out his license of 23 years old . Did any of you Chachomim see
      where a person was able to become a senior military officer in the US army and never had an education or experience. Whose head will roll for that??? I have no doubt that there were problems but let’s call a spade a spade looking at the testimony of these witnesses who received U visas for 4 yeqars to spend with their families.

    6. Where is the Hechsher tzeddek rabbi to make a comment about this. His Humanistic support of Peta is what caused the downfall of Rubashkin originally. Let him give his Hechsher Tzrddek for the rabbis and Cantors and roiv mispallilim in the Conservative and reform movemnet on the treif food they eat.. He has no tzedek in him as evidenced by his silence in the degree of venom by the prosecution and the judge… He should give a hechsher in Rishis and Nekomo.

    7. #1. You are the exact type goverment likes.
      They charge rubashkin you believe them.
      They accuse – you believe.
      You know nothing and are doing their dirty work for them.
      The man as accused stands a darn good chance of winning his case DESPITE the close to one hundred fifty million the feds spent to take him down.
      This will be the most expensive libel ever in jewish history.
      God shows no matter how powerful a prosecutor thinks they are he controls.
      And justice will prevail.
      You will be ashamed the day you discover how they lied cheated stole to get their way. A way that will fail.
      Salvation belongs exclusively to god and what better place to show it than here and now.

    8. The plant already pleaded guilty to the charges. Bensasson was only one of many people who testified on Friday. other people testified to the opposite. Many other people, Before Yom Tov, there were people that testified that SMR did know what was going on.

      The plant, under the leadership and management of SMR accumulated a long record of civil rights violations, OSHA violations, and other assorted misdemeanors and felonies. Don’t lecture #1 on how bad or cruel the comment is. I strongly doubt that #1 has 86 felonies against him for bank theft, or had hired 12 year olds to pluck chickens 12 hours a day. Had anyone given the Rubashkins mussar, and had they been smart or pious enough to listen to it, then SMR would not be in front of the jury today.

      • You are a complete self hating jew: how would u like to be judged in smr place!
        How about don es kol haadam lecaf zechus??

        Yes we live by a state with rules and so on, but i dont think you are the judge nor has anyone asked you to be judging your only job is to daven for entire klall yisraels good….

        Who asked any one to judge? This is not our job, please daven for Hshould have rachmones: dont forget in am yisrael u too are affected by whatever happens to our brothers

        • Stop calling people who disagree with you “self-hating Jews.” In my opinion, the crazies who are so devoted to this man are self-hating Jews for being ridiculous, creating anti-Semitism with their ravings and not focusing on things and people who are deserving of help.

      • And you don’t think that Google stealing private information on people doing searches (admitted yesterday) is an equal crime. Did u read how judge Weinstein claims that ” thousands of people veiwing child pornography and supporting their production “should not get jail time but therapy)-Todays New York Times. But Rubashkin hiring minors with forged work papers they did on their own ot=r lyiing on a bank application should get life ?? judges all acroos the country support Judge Weinstein. Really makes sense.

        • Google is not a frum company. Weinstein is not frum Jew. SMR is. He should have higher standards than a goy. Else – let him give up his frum membership card and is as good as any goy who walks the streets.

          • Don’t be G-ds farzorger ! You seem incapable of comprehending the issue. Nowhere does It tsay anything about SMR’s guilt. That is not the issue as is clearly stated. Do these allegations “deserve life” and that is what people are upset about. That is very clear in the comment versus the other issues brought down. You are so blinded by hate you could not even read the comment correctly which was explicitly clear as to what the controversial issue is. Take some thaerapy for bigotry.

      • The plant only pleaded guilty to avoid a trial. If you have any legal experience you would know that there are innocent people always pleading guilty and walking free. As oposed to investing millions In legal fees and having to deal with the legal system.
        In terms of violations most industries such as agri have many violations and or citations. Which are corrected that us a phenomena of the industry.
        So an anti semetic comment seems right!

        • So why didn’t Rubashkin do the same?
          The plant? right now, the plant is non-existant. THere is no more plant. They did not have to plead.
          There was a trial, anyway, so they would have saved nothing. The expenses were already paid.
          Anything you do not like is anti-semitic? You have a low esteem problem, my friend

      • Maybe both you and #1 should read the story written in Zman magazine. There you can read the story from the Rubashkin side. It tells of how inspectors are on the scene constantly. Are the Government inspectors deaf, dumb and blind? Would they not have seen under-age workers and would they not have brought it to SMR’s attention or reported it? Aron Rubashkin said they paid taxes for every employee but all of a sudden the government said 400 were illegal, after working for them for years. How was that possible that the Government didn’t notice for years and just all of a sudden found 400 illegal employees at their plant?

        Furthermore, ICE could not prove or justify even one count of the written charges they made up which allowed them to raid the plant not even one. And when you say he was convicted on 86 counts you make it sound like he committed 86 crimes which he did not. He committed one crime, he falsified invoices.

        • USDA inspectors are in the plant, not ICE inspectors. THey do not interfere in plant operations. Only USDA FSIS stuff.

          In order for Iowa OSHA to enter the plant, they had to get a court order. Agri was the only meat plant in the state that required them to get a court order every time they entered. Why didn’t they have access like everyone else? Who was Agri protecting? the workers or the owners?

      • He is in front of the jury because of our sins we r as one every jew is responsible for his bretheren. So if I where u I would make a cheshben hanefesh and do tshuvah!and not be so hasty about judjing SMR. He represents ALL JEWS. Leave the rest up to G-D, this is a test from Hashem to see how.achdusdig we r.

        • “He represents ALL JEWS”
          So you are openly proclaiming that a greedy thief who abused children for cheap labor and had the money and the means to flee extradiction in Isreal represents ALL of you. You really what that? Well, ok then…….so Dweck, Madoff, SMR….are your proud leaders showing the world your truths. Good to know.

          • And he has the means to run away from house arrest,24 hour guard,electric device,no papers,plese tell us how.We want to hear your obviously top secret info.

      • Pure rubbish,the manager who said he was “so sorry for the poor kids”,and said rubashkin knew what was going on,was given a deal to testify,he went scott free.He was exposed on friday by one of the workers who told how brutal he was to the “poor kids”.

    9. Why do focus so much time and energy on SMR when there are so many truly innocent yiddin prisoners who are not convicted felons who desparately need our help and attention(such as the guy from Potomac, Maryland being held in Cuba). Is it not time already to move on and focus the scarce resouces of the yiddeshe community on real victims rather than those who committed serious crimes yet try to make themselves into the victims.

      • Because kol hamikayeim Nefesh Achas. We have an achrius to all. But if so many former USD Atty Generals chastized the Iowa Prosecutors for their severe agressiveness against SMR. That is the issue not whether he is guilty but their conduct to make him an example . Every yid is important and we should help all but this affects us as a community.

      • “Why do focus so much time and energy on SMR when there are so many truly innocent yiddin prisoners who are not convicted felons who desparately need our help and attention?”

        The reason my response is to your post, is because there is very little purpose in challenging the many posts of those who are deluded, and simply are incapable of being מודה על האמת. All they’re good for, is personally insulting those who disagree with them (Nazi, Anti-Semite, liar, Rubashkin hater, etc.), and daring to threaten with direct punishment בידי שמים. It is better to ignore those who would resort to the ignominy of being מלבין פני חבירו, and converse exclusively with the more rational.

        Speaking of which, your above question of why the focus here is solely on Rubashkin, deserves a response. In 2007, the Spinka Rav (Rav Naftali Tzvi Weisz) was sentenced in LA to 24 months in prison, for tax fraud, money laundering, and other מעשים טובים. Yet, hardly anyone was shouting, “Anti-Semitism!” as they were with Martin Grossman in Florida, and most lately here. Why not? Isn’t Rav Naftali a Jew as well? It seems that this ‘love for a fellow Jew’ is a very exclusive commodity. To be continued…….

        • Thousands of jews were mispalel for Rav naftalli. Many Rabbonim worked quietly and tirelessly and There was one major difference. The evidence was overwhelming and conclusive and Reb Naftali had
          prayers of thousands answered.
          Each situation is different- as Grossman was as a young boy and many sentencings take that into acct. Grossman deserved his sentence but we protested for leniency to life due to his IQ and bad representation.
          Rubashkins case was more originally of a civil nature originally as most companies recieved fines .
          Subsequently it was expended to include fraud ( not originally) but after most original chges were dropped. It is the venomous sentence and extreme zealousness of the district atty in the sentencing request that illustrates the entire conduct of this episode. Did we not proytest Pollard because he never had a trial but plea bargain and got life without ever a trial. That is the issue.

        • Just for the record, before I read your next segment of your “illumating” post, I and many others have not campaigned for Grossman, neither writing letters, nor posts in support of him. But Rubashkin is a different story.
          I have read the publication Zman over Shevuous regarding the saga of Rubashkin and I urge everyone who wants to know the truth to read it too.

          to#21 I didn’t start the campaign to help Rubashkin, I emailed, gave money and am just airing out my thoughts here on VIN. In all cases where people felt justice is not being served, there was just one or two individuals who new these people and got the rest of us involved. The reason why that individual being held in Cuba is not being helped as of yet is because it takes time for people get on the case and two, as I mentioned above one or two people who are involved with those in trouble are the ones to get the oilim involved. I’m assuming from the picture and the cause that he’s Conservative or the like. Well where are his Rabbis stirring up the people for this cause? They’re probably busy still with the Hechsher Tzedek issue advocating for the illegals and the animals.

      • Because this trial as opposed to others has the undertomes of antisemetism. When a jew is denied bail for being Jewish, you know that “lady justice” is not only blind but also deaf and partial. There are many facts of the trial (such as various pieces of important evidence that were not allowed to be presented) that echo Dreyfus, Rosenberg, Beilus.
        If you think of other causes why don’t you organize your forces and start a campaign for them. But don’t bring them up on this forum!

    10. All of you sickos and Anti Semites who say Rubaskin should do jail time I hope you all rot in hell.Ben Brafman said “the averege American Jewish frum bussinessman who works commits one federal crime a day deliberatley or not deliberatley because they dont know all the laws”.So all of you stupid loud mouth unclassy flatbush people shut up,stop hocking,and start doing something spritual in your life {like bein kovea itim L’torah],and most importantly GET A LIFE and stop joining up with those that hate us.You people are reminiscent of the kapos who collabarated with the Nazis in the concentration camps.Nothing bode well for those kapos in the end for either they were killed by the Nazis or killed by the holocaust surviviors after they were liberated

      • Nazis. Nazis. Nazis. You should be ashamed of yourself, trivializing the Holocaust by comparing a convicted criminal’s trial to the Holocaust. How dare you. You’re as bad as the non-Jewish anti-Semites you complain about. It is YOU who is a self-hating Jew, tarnishing the souls of those who perished in concentration camps by comparing this to what happened then.

        • Do you think history is taught in vain?
          Nobody is trivializing the Holocaust when comparing these Jewish Jew haters to kapos. There is simply a lesson to be learned. The depths of hate from these Jewish Jew haters is ugly but fascinating and one can see that the same thought patterns from these people the kapos must have had. I could see the kapos reasoning that if the cultured Germans hated the Jews there must be a reason for it.
          Look at this, when there is information that throws Rubashkin in a good light these Jewish Jew haters still rip him apart like hungry vultures. Why? Because the holy government is against him and they are for sure right. The Jew is always wrong.
          Jewish Jew haters have no feelings of compassion for their brother, only contempt. With what are they different than anti-Semites, other than have been born Jewish?

      • More power to u the nazis didn’t care abt beard payos kipa tzitzit u were a jew that’s all that mattered. So if u think ur looking nice to blend with the goyim will make u a besera mentch . Think again!!!

    11. To all of you grosser chachomim out there who really did not care what Rubashkin did in the plant as long as you had your cheap salami and franks ….

      THere is no such thing as a free ride. You cannot show your piousness and humility in public while running a slave plant with inhuman conditions in private. The law will catch up to you. Don’t worry, there will plenty of misguided yidden who will rally to your cause, no matter what chillul Hashem you have done. They will cry pink fahrkeret – the person the says that there was something wrong at the plant will now be the accused.

      Commentor #1 is right. There were plenty of things rotten at the plant and no one cared. You cannot undo what was done. But by not acknowledging what kind of people really ran the plant were, you are making it worse for all yidden.

      Yelling yechi does not bring someone back to like. Yelling that #1 is not jewish does not make SMR innocent.

      • I apologize for speaking the truth, but your thought is really onscene to say the lease. Based on what do you say inhumane slave shop? Have you been there?

      • to 39 and 40 –
        Yelling at people to make them work faster? Owning the houses that they live in and charging them $400 for a farshtinkener bed? Which communist country were you raised in?
        The defense never questioned their working conditions.

        • Who was yelling at these people to work faster? Were you there?
          What’s wrong if SMR owned their houses, was he supposed to provide free housing in addition to their payrolls for his workers?
          It’s $400 for a bedroom, not a bed and you know it. Do you enjoy making up libels on a Jew?
          In different areas a bedroom costs $500 for these people. They overcrowd the homes and wear them down very quickly. They come from third world countries and don’t know how to take the minimal care of houses.Therefore maintenance is very expensive. I know because we rented a house for such people. Boy, a perfectly kept house was almost ruined and they lived there for less than a year. Also if there are four bedrooms it’s $1600 for an entire house. So what’s wrong with that? You think it’s too expensive then don’t rent it. The illegals did want to rent from SMR.

        • Your animosity and prejudice comes thru by the irrelevant points you are addressing. These issues were govt. supervised. The issue here is just the minors allegedly hired.
          you need to voice criticism , look inward to see why you hate rubashkin so much and the workers spoke about bleach, ammonia and “catching her sleeve in a machine ( never an accident anywhere else in USA?)” – you need therapy for the hatred u have. The most crying came from the witnesses when they spoke about the effects of the raid not their working conditions and that is a fact. Don’t concot irrelevant issues to the charges that were mostly dropped tthree years ago!

    12. I just want to point out, that all the defendants who were brought in from out of the stated receive UVisa’s which is a work visa that is good for 4 years. during the 4 years they can apply for permanent residence. So I think that they are not really being partial.

      • Exactly,these are the most biased witnesses around and have literally contradicted each other and themselves often.They are getting a deal to testify,and so are the real responsible managers.Intrestingly enough ,these minor’s parents are not being prosecuted for making them work,only rubashkin!but let’s not disturb the haters with facts.

    13. You are the exact type criminals like.
      They get charged and you believe them innocent.
      They accuse – you believe.
      You know nothing and are doing their dirty work for them.
      The accused was found guilty of 86 counts so far, and if it cost close to one hundred fifty million for the feds spent to take him down (which I very seriously doubt), there were MUCH cheaper ways to frame him.
      This will be the most expensive embarrassment ever in jewish history.
      Gd shows no matter how powerful a supporter thinks he is, justice will prevail.

      You will be ashamed the day you discover how they lied to get their way, and you believed all of it.

      You’re very sad. You know nothing more than you hear in shul and the mikva and think you’re an expert on this huge pogrom.

      • You are the one who is ignorant here. This is not about guilt or not which has the verdict in.
        This , as supported by famous constitutional attys and six former US Atty generals, is in regard to an overzealous bunch of prosecuters and judge who “dispropotionately are seeking sentences in complete disregard of the crime and guideline considerations.
        The fact though is that after the Govt was forced to drop a majority of the Indictments regarding the workers it refiled a fraud lawsuit regarding application for extended credit for Agri due to the circumstances created by the raid which literally shut him down and left a community of300 people stranded. That is not to say he is not guilty buut (originally )
        “life in prison” > If you believe that you are truly a vicious ssadistic human being! That is the only issue at this time. Not guilty or not?


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