New York – Facebook ‘Beat The Jew Game’ Shut Down, Assemblyman Wants Action


    Facebook page that was shut downNew York – Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) is calling upon California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to take immediate action to address a seemingly growing anti-Semitic trend among teens in La Quinta, California.

    High school seniors have been engaging in a chase game called “Beat the Jew,” which involves a runner called “a Jew” being chased by “Nazis” in cars. As the popularity of the game grew, a Facebook page was created which outlined the rules of the game: “The objective for the Jew is to run down Hwy. 111 to a specified checkpoint before the Nazis can catch up to him, tackle him down and capture him.” The Facebook page, which had attracted 40 members, has since been shut down.

    “I am absolutely appalled and sickened,” said Hikind upon learning about the game from Rabbi Shimon Posner, director of the Chabad of Rancho Mirage, California. “These high school seniors are allegedly the future of America. What does it say about us as a nation when tomorrow’s leaders aspire to become Nazis who hunt Jews?”

    Local officials in California have not deemed this game a hate crime, stating that because all the students were willing participants, no criminal act was committed. Students who played “Beat the Jew” claimed that it was nothing more than a game, and was not about targeting Jews.

    “History bears witness to the unspeakable atrocities which befall us when we fail to educate our youth about racism and anti-Semitism,” Hikind wrote to Governor Schwarzenegger. “I urge you to act in your official capacity to ensure that those who partook in this vile game are not only punished, but made to understand why their behavior is so particularly egregious.”

    Watch below news report.

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    1. i think the response would be different if it was a game watching black people run down highway 111 trying to avoid capture by the ku klux clan to avoid being lynched.

    2. Go to Europe (not California) and all of them including the Nordic states have anti Semitism more than pre WW II. Just remember Eisav Soneh ess Yaakov.

    3. Everybody here who feels good about watching Muslims be bashed by bus ads and hatred: Don’t Xtians still hate us. They still blame us for killing their “lord”. So keep writing about how Muslims deserve all the hate they get. But never forget that Jews are still hated more than Muslims. Except in Muslim lands where Jews were always accepted until the creation of Zionism. More people blame Jews for 9/11 than they do Muslims. (though neither of us did it, it was the US government/CIA).

      Keep hating Muslims. History repeats and repeats and repeats. It is just the oppressors and the oppressed who change. Imagine the day when Yidden are given the chance to round up Muslims. Will we enjoy the experience?

      • It differs by century and country. In some countries like Turkey the Jews had it good, but in other Muslim countries Jews were second or third class citizens. In about 1865 a Jew was murdered by a Muslim in Syria. At the trial the judge freed the Muslim man because he only killed a Jew. There was a golden age in Spain and that was under the Muslims almost a thousand years ago; there were also golden ages in Europe. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and anti-Zionism shouldn’t mean rewriting history.

        • Indeed, overall the history of the Jews in dar-al-Islam was no better and no worse than it was in Christendom. In both there were good and bad times, and good and bad places.

      • What makes you insist the CIA committed 9/11? Is it because you believe Al Quiada doesn’t exist? Or Al Quiada really likes the US? Or you believe that it’s impossible for Muslims to have high jacked airplanes in the US? (As if this is the first highjack in history. Or, as if Muslims terrorists have never committed suicide bombings prior to this.)

        I don’t understand why you loony conspiracy people insist to believe the most ridiculous theories. All you achieve is to demonstrate to the world your deficiency in IQ.

    4. Actually not a joke. I really think if these students would go to Auschwitz and see the gas chambers and crematoria and the pile of human ashes with little white pieces of unburnt bone and for 8 of them to lie down on the “beds” in the bunkers, 8 to a narrow wood bunk “bed”, these students would not be playing this game. The group would then report back to their school, followed by a documentary movie showing some of the atrocities committed.

      • There is one flaw in your logic. Hate is not borne out of ignorance, as all the instutions of higher learning prove. The more educated, the greater the hate. Education can only help for the innocent who are ignorant.

    5. Did you hear the high school principal say, “This is insensitivity, not criminal activity.” ? How dare she say that! This was an overt act of conspiracy to commit hate crimes. And by the way, this stuff is rampant on facebook.

      • I go to la quinta high and this game wasn’t aimed and a actual Jewish person. It’s simply a name for a game just like “cops and robbers” or “cowboys and Indians” your assuming what went on when in truth you have no clue what was really happening. There was no actual hate towards a real Jewish person like I said before it’s just a name for a game so calm down

      • There is no CRIME… are acting hysterical. No one was hurt, harassed or forced to do ANYTHING. No HATE, NO CRIME. Calm yourself down. Princaple was 100% right, it is kids playing a GAME. You dont like it? Too bad. You dont like their music, movies, clothes, that they go out on Fridays, you have a problem with EVERYTHING. Kids play cowboys and indians…..remember what we did to the indians?? get over it and act like an adult.

    6. “didn’t think it was hateful” if it was “beat the black day” or beat the “Hispanic” the Muslim, etc… it wouldn’t have such a passive ending… repulsive.

    7. As a student of this reported school with more intimate knowledge then what was printed here as well as being a childhood friend of the girl who reported this facebook page and friends/acquaintances with those who played the game I would like to speak on this matter. This is a simple game of tackletag but I will agree that the setup and name of this game is wrong. However the person who created the facebook page did not create this game. He has already apologized profusely and so has many others who were involved. The girl who reported is getting threats but not from people involved with the game. This is something that has been blown out of proportion. It was nothing but stupid kids playing a stupid game with a stupid name. Give them a break. I also hope that the threats towards the girl who reported this stop because she was doing something that was in her right to do: tell someone she was offended by something. This story should not have broken nationally, it shouldn’t have even been on the local news. This is a private affair within our school and I would politely ask that people let this die. Actions have been taken to prevent things like this from occuring again and those involved have apologized. This was not meant to be racist in any way and I hope that people will accept that this situation has come to a proper conclusion and leave it be.

      • If it was so innocent, then why didn’t you call it Catch the Runaway Slave, or some other insulting, racist title. The title of the game is an insight into the minds of the students of this school, and whether they realize it or not, it is irresponsible and dangerous for them to call their game by the title Beat the Jew. Stick to names that won’t insult people, like “cops and robbers” or “capture the flag.” Jews with self-respect and pride will not ‘let the issue die.’ The people who acted in this insensitive way must be corrected and they must deal with the consequences of their actions.

        • Exactly. The students may not have created the game, but if they didn’t want to risk the negative attention, they shouldn’t have PLAYED “Beat The Jew”! If it’s “only a game”, then why shouldn’t you call it something that isn’t offensive? Or, how about renaming it “Beat The __(insert your best friend’s race here)___”?

        • “The people who acted in this insensitive way must be corrected and they must deal with the consequences of their actions.”
          You say that in regards to children playing a game, but how appropriate you SHOULD be saying it to SMR, your pedophile rabbis, your Solomen Dwecks, your leaders lining their pockets…lying about having permits and being legal…the list can go on and on of who should realize consequences….not high school children.

      • I’m glad that this story was reported on the national media. It was nothing but a hate game to have Nazis chasing Jews. Of all the ethnic groups in the United States, your so-called high school deliberately target Jews. We shall not be silent, whether it is your high school, or any other school.

    8. There is a crucial point missing from the article. At the end of the “game” there are incinerators involved (didn’t hear specifically how they were used). It is being spoke about on the local radio but nowhere else

    9. I’ve read the comments from the students who attend La Quinta High, I understand that they want to move on and forget this. But instead of attacking these students this should be a wake up call to parents, teachers, faculty, & all of us that we need to continually educate our youth on the Holocaust. When we ignore history, we are doomed to repeat it. I was a freshman in high school thirty yrs ago when survivors of the holocaust came to my school to tell us what happened to them and their families…I have never forgotten.

    10. please do not make rash judgements unless you know everything about the situation. and, unfortunately, the only people who actually know what is going on are the people directly involved in this debacle. so please do not go around calling these kids “anti-semitic” or “racist”. i understand that this is a site for the jewish community, and it is understandable that there is a lot of animosity towards the kids, but there is nothing that can be done at this point. so instead of condemning the kids, work on educating others. please.

    11. 1. those buildings clearly exploded. Airplane fuel does not burn at a high enough temperature to burn through steel. If you still refuse to believe that, then 9/11 was first time in HISTORY that a steel structured building fell due to fire.
      2. Building 7. It was clearly demolished. The building was barely damaged and fell perfectly into its own foot print. Watch the video again of building 7 falling. Notice the crink in the middle as the building fell, No plane hit building 7 by the way,
      3. Watch the video of the buildings falling. They clearly exploded. How can a plane cause the towers to explode out the way they did?
      4. Take a look at the pictures of the remains of the WTC steel structures. You will notice the end is curved. That is the give away that termite charges were placed onto the steel structures.
      5. In the days following, pools of liquid Thermite were found all over the world trade center site

      Look up the documentary Loose Change 9/11 You can watch it free on google video or on its official website

      • Although jet fuel will not melt steel, it will soften it. In the WTC, the fires were unevenly distributed which caused distortion in the steel columns, creating stress from one column to another. That is what started the collapse. Google “jet fuel burn steel” for a nice explanation.
        That said, the rest of your comments are inane and retarded. They are conspiracy theories with not a shred of logic to them.

      • Every word of that is a lie. The film cited is not a documentary, it’s a work of paranoid fantasy. Anyone who believes it is too stupid to live.

        Anyone really interested in the subject can look up the very clear explanations of the facts in Popular Mechanics.

    12. I don’t think this game is anti-Semitic. These kids didn’t put the Nazis in the hero’s role.
      I think this game is as disgusting as any other game that involves the killing, maiming, or hurting humans. Ugh.
      If #16 is right then this is doubly disgusting and horrifyingly cheapens life.


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