Borough Park, NY – Child Struck by Minivan Passed Away


    Borough Park, NY – VIN News has confirmed that the child that was involved in the serious accident with a minivan last night has passed away.

    The accident happened on 20th Avenue and 53rd Street where the boy was knocked down when he apparently ran into the street from in between two parked cars.

    Hatzolah Paramedics transported via escort the 11-year-old unconscious child to Lutheran Medical Center with serious head trauma, where doctors tried saving him.

    Chesed Shel Emes units in the hospital are confirming now for Vos Iz Neias the grave news, that the boy unfortunately just passed away, BDE.

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      • Happened right near a traffic light. Driver was not speeding. Child wasn’t even hit so hard (there was almost no blood on the scene) he was knocked to the ground and hit in the back of his head..

      • The more traffic lights, will not help anything. That’s because you cannot stop a child from running onto the gutter, when it’s in middle of the block.What can it help , when someone runs onto the road between 2 parked cars? Nothing ! Also you stated if the vehicle would off gone 10MPH , that would not help either way, because there’s no time to stop the vehicle

      • Sorry but traffic lights does NOT avoid any kids getting knocked over when he jumps out between cars to grab a ball…..Balls should be banned from playing in public streets..They can play ball in the park or back yard of the house…Ask any driver in any community how many times they came close to running over a child chasing a ball…may he have a refuah shelymeh and a few extra kapitlech tehilim tomorrow b4 davening…

        • There is a saying: “When you see a ball roll into the street, you should expect a child coming after it”. Since I heard this, I always stop for a ball.

      • Was the mini van driver Jewish? How come no one is asking the race question?

        We have a lot of traffic lights in bp.
        Mothers need to take care of their children in the streets. If not hire a baby sitter.
        Bp drivers are the craziest, they are worst than cab drivers. Lots of them have bogus insurances and fake license plates. Drivers need to be more alert.

        • Possibly because posters are concerned for the child who was injured. Do you think it would be less of a tragedy if everyone would inquire about “race”? May he have a complete recovery.

        • 11 yr olds don’t need babysitters in my opinion. Kids need to be reminded again & again safety rules & ball playing should really be in parks or closed in yards. Kids seem to lose themself in a ball game & forget their place. Pointing fingers at drivers & parents won’t change the situation.

      • This is very tragic and very sad. It sounds like the boy ran between two parked vehicles. It had nothing to do with speed or traffic lights. All children should be taught not to cross between two cars because a driver does not see you and doesn’t expect you to be there.

    1. Parents, teach your children to cross at corners only, this kid ran out in middle of the street, between a parked bus and a car, there’s no way the driver could have seen him. Kids need to be careful!!!

    2. I was driving my car on a street in boro park i had twice in 3 minutes kides crossed the sreet in middle of the block, they came out from between 2 cars and i nearly hit them. The only reason i stopped was because i was driving 5 mines per hour. Guys, realy be carefull.

    3. Shir Hamalos Esah Einai El Hehorim Meayin Yavo Ezri
      Ezri Mayim “Hashem” Oseh Shamayim Va’aretz
      AL Yeetain Lamot Raglecha AL Yanum Shomrecha
      Heenai Lo Yanum Veloh Yishan Shomer Yisrael
      “Hashem” Shomrecha “Hashem” Tzilicha AL Yad Yimeenecha
      Yomam Hashemesh Lo Yakeka Viyareiach Balaila
      “Hashem” Yishmarcha Mikol Ruh Yishmor Es Nafshecha
      “Hashem” Yishmar Tzaischa Oovoecha Mai’ata Va-ad Olam

    4. With summer starting and all the children riding on bikes PLEASE tell your kids not to cross the street while riding on the bike its so not safe, should hasham keep all his children safe

    5. Maybe we should ban cars on most side streets in bk? The streets are narrow anyways and there would be less accidents and maybe we won’t feel the pressure of going up to the mountains cuz our kids can play with bikes and chalk right here!!!! And less chances if crashing on way up and in the mountains. Especially with all these bochurim driving like it’s a game hashem yerachem!!!!!!!

    6. This is the second such accident this month I heard of. Both children’s names are Boruch Mordechai. That is scary. The other one is Ben Tessel. Please daven for both.

    7. Interestingly this boys name is the same as the previous boy who was rl hit. They both need rachmei shamayim. If u say kuf yud tes plz have both in mind: boruch mordechai ben tessel and boruch morsechai ben chasia rivkah. May they have a refah shleima

    8. May Hashem bless this child and his family.
      But just to repeat what some other posters were saying;
      Whether you will drive 15 mph, or 5 mph, there are always drivers in BP that are in a hurry, and children have to know that by dashing out from between two parked cars is putting their lives into their own hands.
      A car driving in front of me made a shortstop that almost caused a three-car collision, because a kid ran out without looking. When he rolled down his window to tell him off, the kid laughed in his face!
      Please tell your children that by running out in middle of the street, it is Damav B’rosho.
      May Hashem guard us and our children for a safe, healthy and happy summer.

    9. EMINAH EMINAH EMINAH… This happens because hashem want it should happen… Its could be another call to us.. But we need to be mispalel for a full recovery IY”H, also every one should do 1 more mizvah LIRFIOSOI and it will sorely help.. And the most think we need to be mispalel is.. For hashems kuvod should already me in the richtiga place..

    10. There is never anything wrong with urging people to be more safe. Ultimately, Hashem is the Shomer Yisroel. But the irresponsible comments from those who don’t know that look to blame are intolerable. We have not yet been zocheh to a life full of 100% peace. We will experience tragedies, Hashem yeracheim. We need to do our best to prevent them. And if and when they do happen, we need to react by contributing our tefillos and our chesed to those in need. Haven’t we learned this already?

    11. folks–it’s time to stop talking in shul –we are endangering our children by doing this–which is brought down in a few places–ask your Rav –this also means closing your cell phones during davening. I am appalled as too often I see men with their talleisim and tefillin on standing outside their shul or shteibel and talking on the phone. Not only is this chutzpadick to the Ribbono Shel Olam ( this is your time for Him) it endangers the lives of our children. WAKE UP people !!!!!

      • instead fo lecturing others do your job as a mother and teach your kids how to cross the street safely by waitng for the walk sign when you walk with them

    12. I live in the neighborhood and I am constantly seeing kids running into the street especially now that the schoolyard is open after hours. Also, I noticed that there is no adult supervision. Where are the parents????

    13. now that the weather is nice kids are playing ball and every few minutes you have balls flying on the street the kids dont look if there is a car coming they just run out on the gutter last week i was outside for abt 10 minutes and it happened 4 times in different places and the cars made a short stop b”h nothing happened one driver came out of the car and stopped the traffic which was almost till the corner at least 10 cars and insisted to speak to the childs mother this kid was just laughing in her face and ran off
      i think they should ban from playing ball in the front altogether
      only in the back yards or in the park
      the mothers dont even know about it and i wonder if they care otherwise they would be outside watching their kids

    14. Happened to me too. Kid runs out from between 2 parked cars. Adults are not teaching their children proper fear for cars. Schools should get into the act too. A 2500 pound or more car needs only touch a body to send it flying.

    15. it’s amazing how posters come up with brainstorms such as “ban playing ball on the streets,” “ban cars from driving on streets in BP,” not permiting to drive more than 5 MPH, put road bumps on the streets etc. This all nonsense and life can’t go on like this. when someone needs hatzolah, fire dept. or shomrim no one wants them to drive on 5 mph or have to stop for road bumps.
      people just need to be responsible and have their children play only in parks which are safe under parentil supervision.

    16. Please Hashem, have pity on these children and all the Jewish people. May our prayers reach you and may you listen and send help . I pray for these childrenand all Israel!
      Please be kind and forgiving Hashem . Forgive our sins against you.
      Thank you Almighty for all our blessings and gifts and send speedy recovery to these innocent children and to all Jews in our world.
      Thank You Thank You Hashem!

    17. I recently almost knocked down two boys on roller blades who also darted out of nowhere on wheels. They totally ignored me when I rolled down my window to give it to them…they looked to be 10-12 year old boys. Teaching our children to cross the street safely should start when they learn how to walk….

    18. Brooklyn Mom before you throw stones – go fix yourself first. I dont know who you are however your attitude is rediculous. As a woman how many times a year do you go to Shul? These men standing outside Shuls in there Taleisim ought to be considered as Tzadikim – with all the pressure they are under they still make time to Daven.

      What right do you have to judge other men! Do you know what pressure they are under? You cant judge what causes a kitrug in heaven. Maybe its people like you who are hasty to judge others that cause kitrugim.

      Sorry – your post is unacceptable.

      • Why are you so angry at other women. I really pity your wife if you are married or stayed married. ..lking in middle of davening according to rav chaim kanivesky is a very grave sin
        causing a tremendous kitrug . While men take time to go to shul women also have tremendous hardship. They work , have babies , raise their childern cook and clean
        so dont make a big favor that you take time to daven and excuse your talking in hashems holiest place. And dont complain about your pressure. WAKE UP
        thats what everyone has whether you are a child women or man ..
        And dont exuse your talking in shul…. If you have to disturb people who want quiet and want to daven hashem will be happier if you daven at home

        • I am the original poster, I apologise for being unclear which gave you room to misunderstand me. I am married and am a great Husband. If anybody I know has repect for woman its me. My comment was directed at an angry woman that was judging men she never met about standing on cell phones outside Shuls.

          I agree with you that while men take time to go to shul women also have tremendous hardship. They work , have babies , raise their childern cook and clean.

          It happens to be that I rarely if ever talk by davening however its important not to jump to a negatvie conclusion on men that do talk by davening.. Maybe they are on the cell phone with a wife not coping, a wife that takes prozac and she is at her wits end being in middle of a panic attack?

          Or maybe he runs a School and he got an urgent call that a child had an asthma attack on a bus? We men or woman are serious people with serious responsibilities – let’s respect each other.

          By the way I am taking time to write these posts lizchus the Nifter – being Dan Lekaf Zchus is also important. What would the Bertichover say if he read our posts?

      • i do not understand how a jewish person can say such a thing I’m shocked. since when does one have to make time for prayer, perhaps one should make time to eat and drink too? if you think prayer is a game then you should really shape up

    19. Reply to #55. “With all the pressure they still make time to davven” Where were u brought up? Are you perhaps Jewish? Maybe god is giving them this pressure because they are finding time to davven? Davvening is first on the list then we have to fit everything around it, not the other way round!

    20. Its about time we get a real trauma center in the boro park area or make preassure on lutheran to upgrade their trauma center we can’t afford not to have a good trauma center lutheran is a disaster & its a ems protocol to take all trauma patients there in the area we have to wake up the askunim to get a real trauma center here or make 1 in maimonides

      • Did you ever wonder why MMC never applied for a trauma center all these years? I’ll tell you -because there is no guarantee that it would have been profitable. Certain hospitals only do things when they know they could make a buck. So the problem isn’t with Lutheran, but with MMC.

      • Does anyone know if the Berliner families in Lakewood are related? Also just to express my profound sadness at this tragedy. May they find true nechama.

    21. BDE, this happens all too often in Boro Park. The community needs to be much more proactive to start teaching from an early age about safety on crossing streets, playing outside, riding bicycles.

    22. The other week my husband and I were driving in BP. Within five minutes we had two kids dash out from between parked cars to retrieve a ball. Boruch Hashem my husband was driving as he has unbelievable reflexes. There is no way I would have been able to avoid those kids. They came out of nowhere and were less then a cars length away. I was SHAKING. Both times my husband opened the windows and yelled. ONE kid just stared like my husband was nuts and the other listened to the mussar speech and said thank you. I told those kids that my husband was yelling because they could have been hurt and not because he was angry at them.

    23. A lot of younger drivers speed without any regard for the lights and could stop even when a child darting out in most cases. See how many kids see the adults walk in the gutter due to heilikeit.
      Friday and Erev yomtov just watch how many run the light. Boro park does need speed traps more than most boughs since Manahattan is innundated with cars.
      Even 14th ave in the morninh in heavy traffic between 50th and 43rd st is full f traffic due to all the double parked cars trucks and buses double parked. Every single morning and no on can deny this mors than any BP area. The speediing , erev shaboos the disrespect all are unjustifiable like cutting off others who drive in the speed limit. Do you know how many time I have children under three alone on thirteenth ave because the mother is in the robe store or shoe store with another child. All the time.
      May hashem give those children who need a refuah a yeshuah and may hashem give solace to the parents of this chidl.

    24. Gevald! Whatever happened to shmiras shabbos? To the authors of comments 56 and 57, by looking at the time your comments were posted, unless you are in a different time zone, you were busy getting news updates on shabbos! (# 56, if u say you were there when it happened, I really doubt if its possible for u to be in a different time zone at this time.) May the family know only from simchas!

      • Just for the record it doesn’t always appear on the blog at the time it was received. It could be an automatic late post. Be careful before you accuse.

    25. The boys name I think is Boruch Mordechai Berliner, z”l.

      I see even little kids walking by themselves on the street in Boro Park. Although the 11 year old isn’t little, easy for this little kids to run across the streets by themselves.

      Hashem Yerachem.

    26. 57 – Shocked! I am the original poster 57. I am frum with all the bells and whistles. Thanku for your Mussar. Have u experienced Pain. Have u experienced adversity? Well these men under the Taleisim carry stones in there hearts. Family issues – life and death pressures – financial burdens and they still make time to Daven! Don’t judge them – are u in there shoes?

      • Everyone has pain –everyone has adversity it still is no excuse to talk in shul.
        Noone is judgeing . We are just quoting what the gedoli hador say
        That it is extremely grave to speak in shuel
        If you disagree you are an apikores

    27. i know boys who behave dangerously in the street. Their parents are not neglectful and they are constantly reminding and reprimanding these boys. Boys that are old enough to cross without adult supervision but are still pretty young, for example 11, are not truly aware that they could chalilah get hurt. when they are involved in a game they are not thinking and end up in the gutter before their brains kick in the danger. I do not know the answer but i have seen mothers yell and scream and lecture and ground their kids when it happens but the same kids just repeat the behavior.

    28. Many of the posts here are entirely inappropriate. This is not the time and place for blaming others, sarcasm, fighting, kncking others… the only comments that belong here are comments w/relevant info regarding the levaya… Imagine if the berliners read this thread. I wonder how many of these comments would be hurtfulto them and how many would be a nechama. If you have nothing smart or nice to say, please don’t share it with the rest of us.

      • chaim I remember when bp had about six traffic lights in total unfortunately there will always be accidents. thats why they are called accidents. traffic lights actually increase the flow of traffic. and as for 45 yrs old to drive you gottta be kidding. and im way over 45. in everything we do you need seyata dishmaya . the fellow that drove the car will have to live with it for the rest his life it was a tragedy all around hamokon yenachem the the family

      • no blame game but perhaps a good hachloto would be as suggested earlier, some shuls have mispaliliim talk quite abit during davening. Perhaps #82 sees the odd guy talking on his cell for a legitimate reason, but my sons come home telling me how this shul or that have the men talking all through the davening/ a marketplace. It is a grave sin so can’t we all make this joint effort for the safety of our families and lilui the niftar’s neshama all try to not talk in shul???

    29. I suggest that whenever we see kids behave irresponsibly like this, we try to calmly find out their names & addresses & then we knock on the parents’ door. I did that on ave K a few years ago when a child ran in front of my car. I was literally shaking. Once a parent hears from some stranger just how near they were to losing their child chas v’sholom, they may start teaching proper road safety & curtailing the kids’ activities until they seem more responsible.

      Road, pool, stranger, & fire safety MUST be taught in school, as parents don’t seem to be doing their job. Loy aleinu, we have a long summer ahead & I just can’t bear the thought of more tragedies. Parents, PLEASE, teach your kids rules of safety.

    30. By the way, when I say parents don’t seem to be doing their job I’m talking generally. I’m not chas v’sholom criticizing these poor parents. I just don’t want to hear of any more families going through this horror. We must collectively do something, & I think school is the best way to reach all the children.

    31. To all you posters who are busy criticizing parents, the city, traffic regulations, drivers, hospitals etc., why don’t you all take a good look at yourselves and start the correction process there. I wish the moderators would only post comments that are befitting the topic. I would love to read comments with chizuk. Does anyone have anything nice to share with us about the boy and his family? That would be so meaningful!

    32. Stop blaming the mother! The boy only ran into the street because it was thunderstorming and he was afraid of the lightening. It was an accident and nobody, especially the mother, did anything wrong!

    33. Hamokom yenachem eschem may the berliner mishpacha and all of klal yisroel hear of no evil again and have a yeshua vnechama bracha vhatzlacha at bli di and may we all be zoche to be mikabel mashiach tzidkienu bmehayra byomaynu amen

    34. i can say 1 thing, as an “adult” i walk thru the boro park streets daily, i have to watch so carefuly when i cross a street, ppl are so RECKLESS drivers!! they speed like crazy! i was olmost hit 20 times this year!!! its crazy meshuga out here!! when will the BP drivers start learning Not to Speed & fly & zoom 100 miles per hour down these sencetive streets!! its a danger zone!! with little kids on evry block! wich driver obeys the “30 Miles Per Hour Speed Limit” ??? how many Korbunes need ot Fall till the bp drivers will learn to Drive saftly & STOP speeding!!! enough is enough! & then ppl complain when Cops give TICKETS!! they should keep on more & more tickets till the drivers wil learn! if not the Cops wud be 1 korban evry day R”L!! & stop balming the parents! the Drivers over all in BP should be balmed for reckless driving!

      • Besides the !!!!!!!!! In your post, I was able to understand the frustration you have towards bp drivers. Now, I also see what goes on here, and as far as I know there is no such thing as a bp driver. People from all over drive in bp. Your point regarding the tickets, how mane speeding tickets were given? And how many were for seatbelts? Most tickets given in bp would not prevent accidents. Almost 20 times? What a number, did you bentsh hagomel each time?

        • u dont get my point! i dont mean a “BP Driver” i mean people who DRIVE IN BP!!! anybady wana speed go on the highway, u wna speed dont drive in BP! period! boro park is NOT a place to drive reckless & speed! its a Danger Zone! Kids are all over, under each parked car jump out kids with bikes & balls! doesnt make a Difference if its a Flatbush Driver or Willy Driver, u all gotta know, when u enter Boro Park, NO SPEEDING Aloud NO EXCEPTIONS!!! if the driver in this accident or the driver in accident with Yossi Tybergs Son Lrif”sh, would drive Slow & Carefull, the Tradgeys wud be Prevented, just they Drive to Fast, so was “TO LATE” to break!

          • Your last point is one that’s a serious accusation. I would also venture to say that its only an assumption, I doubt that you personally witnessed both of these two tragic events. So, before you make these accusations, why don’t you verify the facts. I did speak with eye witnesses of the latest tragedy, and all agree that the driver was not driving over the speed limit, I hope that you’re responsible enough to retract your statement, and even ask mechila of the driver that you were so quick to judge without knowing the facts. after all, you are the one that knows and does the right and only the right thing. Of course, all this is only if my assumptions are correct, if not, I hereby retract my comment as beg your forgiveness.

      • as I can see you don’t drive a car you are one of those who walk into the the street and then run back if a car is coming I drive around you can be the safest driver and almost knock down people avery day (frankly I am surprised this dosnt happen more often)

        • The truth is- there are good and bad drivers, good and bad pedestrians. Everyone has to improve their safety knowledge. I like the idea of poster #86, that safety should be taught in schools, but the issue will be -who will pay for the training? All these blogs- playing the blame game- do nothing to prevent the next tragedy. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

          • the Blame game wont help to Prevent tradgities, but if ppl will learn to Stop Speeding in BP will prevent tradgites, its a Fact, walk down BP streets the Cars Zooming like on ocean Pkwy, & the Prestrians are always right, so Drivers have to Drive more saftly, u cant blame a Small Kid who runs after a Ball, a kid is a Kid, there for isnt Mechayiv Meesa cuz he runs after his Ball!!!

            • You didn’t understand my point -Both drivers and pedestrians have to practice safety.
              Drivers must slow down & kids have to be taught about street safety -eg. cross at light, don’t run after ball, etc. The kid might not be chayuv meesa for chasing a ball, but they can be taught not to do it and how to retreive it safely from a street.

        • i Dont Drive a Car, im just a Simple BP Predestrian, all i can say i Cross Only by Corners & wait for the Light, but when my Light is Green & says walk i olmost got Knocked down 20 Times from a Reckless Driver Turning in from the Ave! stop with ur ignorance! & No Excuse to Speed in BP what so ever, & u as a Car driver, if u wud be Driving Normal Speed, not fast like a Rocket down the streets u wouldnt be Knocking over kids jumping out of the parked cars, ull be able to Break intime, & wont have to give excuses was “TO LATE” what happend R”L happend, but this shall be a LEsson for the Future such Tradgties shoudlnt happen again, evry1 STOP SPEEDING! driving in Boro Park is like Driving a car in a Playground, would anybady Drive faster then 15 miles per hour in a Play Ground or a Bungalow Coloney? should be put Speed Bumps on evry Block in BP like on 42st, most accidents the problem was was just 1 second to late to break, by driving Slower wud give u a Extra Second to Break intime!

    35. The levaya will be held a shomrei hachomos at 2pm.

      To all commentators who are desperately trying to find somebody to blame, please take a good look in the mirror before you judge others, especially when you don’t even know them!!!!!

      To 69: Yes, the Berliners in Lakewood are related (Uncle, Aunt)

      And now to some facts:

      – Contrary to misleading reports on another blog, the child was hit by a minivan not a bus.
      – The child was not pinned under the vehicle
      – There was no ball involved
      – There was no bike involved
      – The driver has a clean driving record for 25+ years and according to witnesses he was not speeding at the time of the accident.
      – The driver saw the child and braked, but it was r”l too late.

      From all accounts it appears to by a tragic accident on all parts.
      In all honesty, who from all the commentators on this blog can say that they never ever crossed in middle of the street?
      Boro Park has a lot of kids. Boro Park has a lot of cars. It’s a dangerous mix but this is just the way things are.

      • U are the most sane person commenting on this blog! Hamokom Yenachem Eschem Bsoch Sharei evlei Tzion Yerushalayim! Lets us all slow down and watch our own kids more carefully now!

    36. To # 60 before you open you mouth to talk stupidity know the facts about trauma centers and trauma protocols. We should be proud of Lutheran trauma on how they handled this horrible tragedy. They reached out to every peds. center to see if anyone has something to offer this child and nebach there was noting medically that could have been done. Lutheran did the outmost in trying to make this family as comfortable as can be. Whoever was around or involved with this case (hatzolah refferals or community leaders) c
      an tell you more.

      • You are right but that’s the problem im not talking about this case only but all their pediatric patients they transfer out this patient was to critical to be transferred its about time they should be able to treat pediatric trauma patients & not transfer them out get the right doctors to treat pediatric trauma patients here in lutheran

    37. To # 106. Trauma centers are regulated by the state and there are only 2 peds trauma centers in the whole nyc area Colombia and Schneiders and Schneider is the only and I repeat the only level 1 trauma center. All others transfer out after stablizing the patient and the reason for this is that its impossible to have all subspecialties available with peds when there are very little peds trauma compared to adult trauma and yes lutheran and county transfer out peds trauma when possible unlike another hospital that I won’t mention the name who think that they can do it all

      • As a flatbush hatzoloh member bringing patients to lutheran & kings county hospitals you can’t compare lutheran to kings county,kings county is way much better they are a real trauma center not like so called lutheran trauma center

        • It’s all about money; right now the gov. funds Kings county properly, but that can always change. A hospital like Lutheran isn’t rolling in dough. Which brings me back to my point previously -MMC seems to have a lot of money -how come they never applied for trauma center certification?

    38. 102 – I am the original poster – if your just quoting Gedolei Hador that its a grave and terrible thing to talk during davening then I agree with you!

      However I took issue with blaming individulas that know how severe talking is and still need to talk – we dont know whats going on in their heads!! So just judge them kindly and with a kind word encourage them to refrain from talking.

      A big Gadol said on the Halolocho of Vegorain bo – that one should scream at a Jew that talks – Scream at a Jew? how can one scream at a jew? However Hashem already has his Shkotzim that can scream at a jew.

    39. To # 111 I guess your not a real hatzolah # because county also trasfers out there peds that are stable and you should known that. Its not about knocking lutheran or county, its the fact that these patients come in very critical condition and this child had no chance regardless where he would have been. On a different note lutheran sees more trauma than any other trauma center in the city excluding Jacobi and B”H they have helped save countless jewish people

    40. Its very true everything u poeple r saying I’m on the road the whole day I see what’s going on in boro park I think that in every school or chaider this should become a issue that once a week sombody should give a speech to the kids how not good and dengerous its to go on the road that even the older children shoud ask for an adult to cross them like I did till I was bar mitzvah my father never let me cross by my self I had to ask from an adult to cross me and let’s not talk about if I went onto the gutter in middle of a street I use to get punished so bad for it and today I thank my father fopr doing it because I see what’s going on so let all take together and do what we gota do and let’s also do some mitzvahs from the neshumeh so it will be a zchus for us as well

    41. To flatbush hatzolah member posting. Can you please explain if kings county is such a good trauma center why do the make the headlines every other week with another scandal or dr malpractice and you call that a trauma center you like taking your patient to. I hope you don’t talk for the hatzolah organization. I believe you have no clue about either of the trauma centers in brooklyn your just creating a stir here

    42. Mr 121 – How would you know what the greatest Segulah is? Maybe its Tznius or maybe Chesed or maybe being Mekarev Yiden or maybe its Shmiras Haloshon. The truth is we dont know anything!


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