Jerusalem – Mossad Chief: Israel Becoming Burden on U.S.


    Head of the Mossad, Meir Dagan during Security and Foreign Affairs committee in the Knesset, June 01 2010. Photo by Yossi Zamir/Flash90.Jerusalem – Strategic ties between Jerusalem and Washington are slowly changing, Mossad chief Meir Dagan told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday.

    “Bit by bit Israel is turning into more of a burden than asset for the US,” Dagan said in his meeting with committee.

    The Mossad chief indicated as well that the US views the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a lower priority after determining that neither side is ready for an agreement.

    Dagan also surmised that the Iranian uranium fuel-swap deal brokered by Brazil and Turkey was designed to avert the sanctions proposal currently in front of the UN Security Council. Iran’s effort to avert sanctions was influenced by a lack of progress in the development of its centrifuge program the intelligence chief reported.

    The Iranians “pulled a rabbit out of their hat to split the international community at the last moment,” said Dagan.

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    1. If the US didn’t consider Israel to be one of the 51 states, it would be far less of a “burden”.
      Who ever heard of one nation dictating to another what it “needs” to do?

    2. When the COld War was on, US needed Israel to counteract the Russian infulence in the MIddle East, to test US weapons systems against USSR wea[ons and to reverse engineer the RUssian weapons (tanks and planes) that Israel seized or stole. No more cold war, and while Russia isnt quite warm with the US , nor do they arm the countries surrounding Israel much anymore. The one exception is Iran where Russia has provided advanced anti aircraft protection as well as advanced nuclear reactor science. And Israel isnt about to tangle with Iran so quickly or steal their anti aircraft systems. So, bottom line, the US needs Egypt and IRaq and the Saudis more than they need Israel so into the garbage dump she goes. No country will spend its money or its Army or its World influence on whats RIght and Truth. Only on whats Expedient. Look at CHina and N Korea. Everyone knows they torpedoed the S Korean ship and killed 46. But China doesnt condemn because its not in its interest to do so regardless of the Truth. Israel needs to find new world friends or change the equation so its needed. It can do that with its science. Invent cond fusion and the world will beat a path to your door.

      • You are somewhat naive . Geo-Politics is a very changeable by definition . Alliances change in an instant . You don’t abandon a proven reliable ally because of temporary inexpediency .Politically, a lasting friendship counts for something .

      • No “PR” will ever change the fact that “Eisav sonei l’Yakov”, G-d will make sure we stay the ‘am levodod yishkon’ until He redeems us.

      • it has nothing to do with pr. the world media are very biased against israel. the holocaust was only 65 years ago. you think all these people changed their attitude so fast. the media can cut and paste whatever you do or say to their agenda. it doesn’t matter if you are the pr guy or not. all that matters is that israel show firmness as a matter of life and death and that their actions are not governed by media opinion. if you don’t scratch the itch, it goes away.

    3. Ok 2 so lets put together a fund and produce technology that gets America odd its dependency on Oil and we can have our allies back.

      p.s IMHO America is a Medinah Shel Chesed and it will never leave Israels side.

    4. The problem is that he’s very right, Israel is becoming a burden to the US, worse, the burden is growing as each day passes. Most of the world hates the US, one reason being, that they support Israel so strongly. Further, the world will always support the palestinians over Israel because of Middle Eastern oil that churn their respective economies. Yet, what does Israel have to offer them, unfortunately, not much. Israel, in the eyes of the world is a pariah state and the sooner they wrap things up with the palestinian’s the better it’ll be for them. ‘Hinei loi yonim v’loi yishon shomer yisroel’, is really going to be put to the test in the coming months.

    5. Wrong. Israel is a burden to Obama and the far left socialists in control of the DEMOCRAT PARTY because Obama seeks to undermine America’s alliances in order to destroy our position as the Moral leader of the Western World. What do you expect from a Socialist Political Agitator and friend to revolutionaries and communists like Rev. Wright, Farrahkahn, and Bill Ayers. The Democrat Party is the New Marxist Democrat Party of America. Israel is the new Czechoslavakia. Wake up !!! We have been lied to and taken over by Marxists in Democrat clothing.


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