Atlanta, GA – Jimmy Carter Condemns Israeli Raid on Gaza-bound Ships


    Atlanta, GA – Former President Jimmy Carter has condemned a deadly Israeli raid on a flotilla of aid ships on its way to Gaza.

    In a statement Wednesday, Carter calls on the International Quartet, led by the U.S., to help end the closure of Gaza, and allow unification of Palestinians.

    Carter says the raid is a reminder that “the failed policy of besieging Gaza mainly hurts civilians.”

    The Carter Center, a nonprofit started by him and his wife, says in the statement that it joins the U.N. Security Council in calling for a prompt, independent investigation into Monday’s raid. Nine pro-Palestinian activists were killed.

    Carter brokered a 1979 peace treaty between Israel and Egypt during his presidency. He has long said bringing peace to the Mideast remains one of his unfulfilled goals.

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      • It isn’t difficult to see that Israel is acting inhumanely. If in your twisted mind this is being anti-Semetic, then you are exactly the kind of mind that needs to get ridden of in order to achieve some peace.

        • Sorry, but as an Atlantan I am sorry to tell you that he won.
          We down here are stuck with this AK alone. The Carter center is right in the middle of town with directions to it on the I85 and I always have to be reminded.
          After he wrote his book (novel) he spoke at Emory U. and didn’t want to have an opposing speaker at the time. The heilige Emory buckled like an old pretzel.

          • He went to the Jews to schnor votes & said sorry, once his Gson got elected he turned round & said S.. you.
            That is Arab mentality, no Hakoras Hatov.

    1. Does anyone else remember the Carter presidency? The double digit interest rates, gas lines, ‘stagflation.’ Why is he allowed to speak about anything?

    2. Peanut Farmer Carter is forever suffering from an allergic reaction to peanuts. But instead of checking himself into a facility to treat his various schitzophraniac reaction, under Obamacare they won’t cover his rare disease. They’re hoping by not treating him, he just won’t survive and be less of a drain on the economy. Whatever it takes to balance the budget. Let’s hope that this master plan works.

    3. Carter is and always has been a piece of anti-semitic garbage. However, let’s not forget the one thing he does well…although inadvertantly; whenever he vomits out Israeli criticism, it tends to bring Jews together to defend our Eretz Yisrael. May his mouth grow huge cankersores.

    4. Carter says that one of his unfulfilled goals was Mid East peace.
      If the oceans were ink and…. we wouldn’t have the time to write all of Carters unfulfilled goals. He was such a loser and incompetent president. The man where interest rates were at 20%, the diplomatic hostages in Iran, etc etc. He was a total failure in everything, but tp an antisemite the middle east namely Israel is in his gut. As the comedian once said if you don’t like the jews, why don’t you go to Hell, aint no jews there.

    5. Please lets not blame Carter for his statements about this. Carter deserves blame for many actions he’s done in the past, but by know he is simply a senile old blame and is no longer to blame for his statements.

    6. you wouldn’t have to tell, that carter has criticized israel, you should of said, that carter has also commented, on the gaza story. and I would know by my self, that he was criticizing israel.

    7. to #27 gop2010- he was not honored at the Democratic convention, you are incorrect; I’m convinced that your pal George Bush pressured Sharon into leaving Gaza because he had his own agenda in Iraq, that’s where the present problems come from. VP Biden was very supportive of Israel in comments today.

    8. President Peanuts doesn’t have anything positive to show for his presidency. He has to blame someone, so why not blame the Jews? Who’ll argue with him? I’m surprised that he didn’t figure out a way to blame all his failures on Israel. Sorry Jimmy, we will prevail while your presidency will always be the laughingstock it was.

    9. In 1980, Carter was furious at American Jews, after they criticized him for secret meetings with the PLO. Carter was heard to say that “if I am reelected, I am going to (expletive deleted) the Jews”. Also, how come he never reprimanded his crude, disgusting brother, Billie, when Billie stated that “the American Jews can kiss my —“; Billie was criticized by Jews for his business dealings with Libya. Carter was completely helpless during the Iran hostage crisis. It was his failure of leadership during that crisis, which cost him the election of 1980. I’m sure that he blamed the Jews for that loss, and has been on a revenge mission ever since. Also, he is trying to get his grandson elected to political office. Former Secret Service Agents have stated that Carter was one of the coldest and meanest Presidents that they ever had to protect. He never acknowledged their presence or said hello, and his wife had the chutzpah to request that they remove their firearms inside the White House; the latter request was of course, rejected.

    10. Jimmy Carter is directly responsible for the bad global situation we face today. He allowed the Sha of Iran to be overthrown by Kumani. This was the beginning of global terrorism that caused the spread the global Islamic Terror. Forget about the fake scenes of Jimmy taking up the hammer to build communities. Jimmy took the hammer and has caused the destruction of our world. Jimmy you have the nerve to condemn Israel? Well the world condemns you! You should hide your head in shame and shut your foolish mouth. You were a big fool before, during, and after being president and you were the worst president America ever had until Obama. You are a terrorist who should be trown out of America and should be sent to live with your Islamic brothers in Gaza. You are a big anti-Semite. There is a special place reserved for those like you!

    11. What a surprise. Jimmy Carter came out with an anti- Israeli statement. I am almost as surprised when Pat Buchanan says something on the same line. Poor Jimmy. A failed President, and now a failed former President.


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