Berlin – German Jewish Group Prepares Aid Ship To Protest Israel’s Blockade on Gaza


    Berlin – The German-Jewish organization Jewish Voice for Peace in the Middle East is preparing a Jewish flotilla to the Gaza Strip. “We intend to leave around July,” a member of the organization, Kate Leitrer, said to Ynet. “We have one small craft so far, in which there will be between 12 and 16 people, mostly Jews.”

    Leitrer, herself Jewish, said there was great interest in joining. “Getting another boat means more expenses, and we’re discussing this possibility,” she said. “Because of limited space, there will be school equipment, candy, and mainly musical equipment, and there’ll be musicians aboard who’ll teach the children of Gaza. They need to see that Jews are not what how they are drawn in their eyes.”

    Leitrer also claimed that Israel acted criminally in its lethal raid on the Gaza flotilla last Monday.

    “The head of UNRRA (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration) appealed to the world to send ships due to the shortage of important supplies in Gaza,” she said. “By stopping the flotilla, Israel acted criminally. Israel must not act like pirates.”

    The activists are frightened, she said, but not by Hamas.

    “Jews have been to Gaza in the past, and they were treated in a friendly manner,” Leitrer continued. “We have also talked with them recently, and they are very keen for us to come. We are frightened by what happened on the Marmara, but if you are committed to do good things, you have to act. People were also killed in the fight against fascism.”

    She rejected Israel’s fears that weapons would be smuggled into Gaza on the aid boats.

    “We haven’t heard there were weapons on the last flotilla, and people were shot and killed there,” she said. “We have contacted Israel figures and told them they are welcome to carry out searches on the boats, but we ask to be allowed to continue to Gaza. These are Gazan waters, and Israel must not control them.”

    ‘Open a window to Gaza’

    Edith Lutz, a German Jewish member of the organization, said to Ynet the vessel is already anchored in Mediterranean waters, and that the organization had received many requests from Jews and non-Jews to take part in the flotilla.

    “We began in Germany,” she said, “but many have called us from England, Sweden and the US. There may also be another boat accompanying us, mainly carrying reporters.”

    Lutz explained that the Jewish flotilla aims to convey a message: Lift the siege.

    “Our vessel can open a window between Israel and Gaza residents,” she said. “Two years ago I took part in the Free Gaza flotilla and wore a Magen David (Star of David), and the kids said, ‘Look, she’s Jewish,’ and they all accepted me very well. When we met (Hamas leader) Ismail Haniyeh and they told him about me, he turned to me and said they have nothing against Jews or Israel, only against the occupation.”

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    1. I think all start sending boards containing who knows what (we won’t let the U.S. government inspect them) to every country on the U.S. embargo list. Let’s start with Cuba.

      And if anything happens, well, it’s the US Government’s fault.

    2. Where are the Shadchanim (matchmakers) when we need them? I think she would make a great shidduch for the Niturei Karta guy who kissed Irans great leader and wore a Palestinean flag last week by a demonstration. They would make a great pair, Min B’mino. Can’t wait for the pidyon haben. They are going to name their kid afetr the gazan leader, how zees.

      • Correct me if I’m wrong but I think names of boys are generally given at the bris – and not at the pidyon haben. But then again not too much if this post makes too much sense.

    3. someone should let this group know that israel had no problem letting the first ship in its just that it had to be checked first, second all waters around israel belong to israel as stipulated in the oslo accords as a security precaution

    4. Many people are claiming to be Jews, so they can make Jews look bad, yet they do not know how to even say Shmea Yisroel..

      These flotilla boats are opposing the freeing of Gilad Shalit..

    5. My Zaide’s entire family of ehrlicher poilisher yiddin were killed by the. Germans bastards, a nation to she is obviously proud to call her own.

      My greatest prayer to hashem is to live to see the day when she and all her kind come crawling to the Jewish state for protection when the next generation of bloodthirsty German chayes come for her and her friends and family.

      • I do not pray for Geman chayes to come after anyone, that is a terrible prayer! Pray for peace and divine retribution on amalek, it is much more in the flavor of achdus. Let Hashem sort out his misguided kinderlach. Remember to also pray for yourself as there is no one who is such a tzaddik in this world that does not need to worry first about themself.

    6. “Jews have been to Gaza in the past, and they were treated in a friendly manner,”
      There’s a young man named Gilad Shalit currently “visiting”. Hows he doing? Perhaps you can check on him and let his parents know.
      Perhaps you moronic Germans should do as the peace activists suggested to the Israeli navy and “go back to Auschwitz”. What a bunch of morons! Hashem help us when our own can’t see the truth.

    7. Idiot. Look how much being ‘good Germans’ did to impress your Nazi bastard neighbors when they rose up to gas our elderly, burn our children alive, use our infants for target practice and mothers and sisters for medical ‘experimentation’ worse.

      Go ahead, make a fool and a whore of yourself. Marry one of them while you’re at it.

      You won’t be the first to stab Klal Yisroel in the back and you’ll end up like the rest of them.

    8. This is Kafquesk , Israeli Jewish leftists are marching and protesting against “Gaza blockade” , German Jewish erev rav are protesting against Israel but the United States President should come out and be 100% for the Gaza blockade are you all nuts or sick .

    9. If anyone would like to join I’m making a flotilla for african americans to bring candy to underpriveleged boers in south africa we sail out of alabama in the ss uncle tom next week. Soon ill be organizing a flotilla from mexico for pueblanos to bring tortillas to the chiildren of the john birch society please join at

      • I would like to join, but I must know if I can hide some large knives for the rebels and drug lords in those countries and if all goes well I’d like to upgrade to machine guns.
        Oh, I’m so excited and I feel absolutely grateful to actively be an activist for the underpriviliged, innocent poor boers and pueblanos (whatever that stands for).

    10. Azoy….the same yekers who before WW II never wanted the U.S. to get too involved with investigating Hitler’s treatment of the Jews and wanted to maintain “good relations” with Germany.

    11. these seem to be some attention idealists.

      after they have seen what world reaction the first ships have received they are trying their luck to get some attention as well.

      lets hope it all ends as the last ship, with out any world making noise, so like that all the money and effort from their part is a total waste.

    12. hamas leaders are very clever of course they treated her with great respect so she can say how good Hamas is.

      Maybe she and others should read about Mosab Hassan Yousef he is the son of the leader of Hamas and says point blank do not trust my father, he will not be happy with Gaza or Jerusalem he wants all Jews out of the middle east either they move or he will kill them. He knows the real truth of the fanatic Islamic s they just use Israel to further their real goal to make the world Muslim

      I think Vin has posted an interview with him if not I will post a link.

      BTY I am a liberal Jew but I am not blind or stupid or that naive.

      I wonder if anybody asked her why the blockade was implemented? Duh, because hamas was firing rockets into Israel. If Hamas did not fire rockets then no blockade. Common, this is not rocket science

    13. Wondering if the Neturei Karta are going to send a ship? Maybe this one time Israel should let that ship directly into Gaza and never let them back into Israel.One problem solved.

    14. Leave it to Zionists to find a way to add hatred to an altruistic situation. They are not bringing weapons. They are bring love and brotherhood and music. Jews and Muslims live together peacefully in Midwood. The Muslims in Gaza should know that there are Jews out there who truly believe in Tikkun Olam. This is why I am not longer a Zionist. Zionists hate. NK as well Chomsky and other Jewish and Israeli pro-Palestinian Groups have been visiting Gaza and Judea and Samaria for decades and have always been treated warmly. They don’t hate Jews. They hate being oppressed by Jews.

      The mentioned German Jews are probably the kin of Holocaust survivors. So sick to see people on VIN sully their characters and their Yiddishkeit because they choose to protest actions made by Israelis that were clearly wrong. These people were taught by their Grandparents the true meaning of “Never Again”. It doesn’t only apply to Jews. It applies to the every nation.

      • I remember a professor (not a Jewish one) in Brooklyn College (that is in the Midwood area) who said during a class, “would you want to live in NY if there was no police.” Before you assume that everything is so hunky dory here in Midwood, just remember that somewhere on Coney Island a few years ago the Police/FBI conducted a raid to stop some terrorist plot to blow some subway stations. Wow! How great it is here. Yes, most of the arabs here are good neighbors, but that does not mean that there are not extremists who have to watched.

        In Israel/Gaza, Israel has an obligation to control what is coming into Gaza. There is a gov’t in Gaza that is committed to launching missiles at Eretz Yisrael. The point of these “Aid Flotillas” is not to bring a few boats worth of supplies, it is to lift the blockade. Israel cannot let that or else it will open up Gaza to be the home calling port for weapons to be used against Eretz Yisrael. If you want to help Gaza with aid work with Israel (maybe have world gov’ts pressure them) to let aid in to Gaza, but under Israel’s control, to ensure that weapons don’t get in. Better yet if you want to help Gaza go get rid of Hamas.

      • Regarding the jews who have been so warmly received by Gaza…

        Well duh… We honor arabs also who turn against Hamas. What is your point. Propaganda is a powerful thing and Hamas is definitely not against using it. What do they care about some NK dope showing up there to say anti-israel things and then he leaves a few days later. Why would they arrest him? It would not be good propaganda. On the other hand the millions of jews living in Israel, well to treat them well is not the same. They want the jews out. Get the difference… See, short term visitors who give good propaganda against jews are welcome, but people actually wanting to reside in Eretz Yisrael are not welcome.

      • What’s wrong with you? If you believe in Tikun Olam , as most unaffiliated Jews do ,
        trhen why are you ignoring the thousands of rockets shot by Hamas into Israel? Why are you ignoring the fact that Israel allows tons of food and medical supplies into Gaza anyway? You’re so naive. Of course Chomsky got a royal treatment. Why shouldn’t he? He’s a rotten self-hating Jew.The Gazans love these types of Jews. How come there isn’t ONE Arab who says …. ok… Let’e let Israel live in peace?
        So what do you mean opressed by Jews? I ‘ve been to Israel many times. No Arabs are opressed. Can a Jew have a shul in Gaza , Saudi Arabia , Jordan? It’s Jews like you who cause the Jewish such misery. Jew turncoats have always been our bane and problem. Tikun Olam ! Ha..!

    15. The majority of today’s Jews are too horrified to ever want to step foot in Germany. Obviously those Jews who live in Germany seem not to feel any sort of sensitivety to the centuries old history of Jewish slaughter in this bloody country where each stone is saturated with Jewish blood. Therefore, if they feel no problem with living in Germany that means they feel no sensitivity to the ghosts of the millions of Jews slaughtered there over the centuries and therefore feel no pain for the plight of the Jews in Israel. A true feeling Jew does not live in Germany. This type of Jew therefore sides with our enemies because they do not have any Jewish feelings and have no connection to the land of Israel therefore Berlin has become the new Jerusalem as the Reform movement proclaimed in the 1800s.

      • You don’t know what you are talking about! Germany has absorbed nearly 100,000 former Soviet Jews. Also, there are many Israelis who live in Germany. I traveled to Germany aboard El Al some years ago, and our plane was protected by Germany security from the time we landed. I’m not going to hold this generation of Germans accountable for what their ancestors did from 1933-1945. Germany is a very good friend of Israel, and supplies it with weapons, including the latest submarines. Also, the two countries are very good trading partners. Therefore, I think that you should stop your bad mouthing of Germany. Incidentally, over 1,000 Jews were safely hidden and protected in Berlin during WW2, as well as hundreds more throughout Germany.

        • for the train ride my grandfather’s entire family took from Cracow to Auschwitz too.

          (Being Germans, I’m sure they will need to know the exact amount to charge, so I’ll put together a list of how many were under three, how many senior citizens, etc. At least one was over ninety when they tossed her into the cattle car like a small bundle of dry firewood.)

    16. What has this world come to? Everyone knows, especially Jews, the danger Gaza poses to Israel and now it is Jews who are supporting these terrorists? There are plenty of Jews in Israel living below the poverty line, help them first! Jews should help Jews, definitely before helping Arabs! And by the way the reason Gaza has such a bad sewer system is because they dig up the pipes to make rockets to fire into Israel to kill Jews G-d forbid!

    17. What seems to be blatantly obvious to me is being missed by the whole world. Israel NEVER intended to stop the provisions from reaching gaza! They just wanted to send it there by land! How misinformed can people be?!

    18. there is a saying that if you step into something long enough you begin to smell like it.
      if you live with nazis long enough you beging to thik like them

    19. Germany today is the dumping ground of Jews without grounding in history and as one comment full of Jews from the former Soviet Union and yordim from Israel. They try to be more assimilated than it possible and Israel is thorn in their eyes


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