Staten Island, NY – Tensions High at Convent-to-Mosque Meeting [video]


    Staten Island, NY – Things got heated at a community meeting on Staten Island where representatives from an Islamic group answered tough questions about their pending purchase of a former convent. When one man began shouting down another, the meeting’s organizers shut down the event, the Staten Island Advance reported.

    The Archdiocese of New York has struck a deal to sell an unused property in the Midland Beach section of the borough to the Muslim American Society, which intends to turn it into a mosque and community center.

    The plan is a reflection of Staten Island’s growing Muslim population, but it has drummed up opposition and concerns from other residents of the neighborhood.

    Part of the concern stems from a video posted on a conservative website that shows one member of the Muslim American Society, Mahdi Bray, apparently voicing support for Hezbollah and Hamas.

    But the Muslim American Society says the video was shot long before Bray worked with the society. Also, he told the Staten Island Advance : “I categorically deny that I am a supporter of or that I am a terrorist supporter.”

    A spokesman for the Archdiocese said that the agreement to sell the convent to the Muslim American Society is not final because it still needs to pass through various internal and civil stages.

    In the meantime, Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York wrote in his blog that Catholics should be civil and welcoming to newcomers “not only because of our own experience of sometimes being scorned in the past, but also because our faith teaches it.”

    He acknowledged that Staten Island residents have the right to know what is going in their neighborhood.

    “Yes, it is acceptable to ask questions about security, safety, the background and history of the groups hoping to build and buy,” Archbishop Dolan wrote in his blog. “What is not acceptable is to prejudge any group, or to let fear and bias trump the towering American (and for us Catholics, the religious) virtues of hospitality, welcome, and religious freedom.”

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      • Prejudge?? The MAS was founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yes, that Muslim Brotherhood. Read the list of books they want thier members to read. They can say all they want but the truth is out there. Do some research before you start mouthing the usual pc crap.

    1. I think that people better get used to the idea of more and more mosque and Islamic modos moving in next door to them all over the city. The number of muslims in our area is expanding rapidly (almost as fast as in the heimeshe community) and they have 100 percent legal entitlement to locate their mosques and schools just as we have to locate shuls and yeshivas. I understand some people will have a negative emotional reaction to the profiferation of islamic facilities but its too bad. They are legal and there is nothing to do to stop them (except perhaps for the rare case where the funding is coming from a known terrorist group in which case the U.S. Treasury office monitoring such funding would probably have stopped in already). In the several cases where groups have tried to stop the location of mosques based on alleged ties to terrorist groups, either Treasury or the courts have rejected such assertions in almost every case.

      • How can you possibly compare Judaism and Islam – I can not recall any Jewish extremists trying to blow up buildings in NYC. . .Ever. Nor any Jewish group wanting to build in a place where it would be hurtful to people who live or died there. Every practicing Jew I have ever known has been perfectly happy to allow me my own religion while they practice theirs. I have never known a Jew who would kill their child for some perceived offense. It is not the same thing – I am a Baptist and don’t necessarily agree with everything in Judaism but will not see the Jewish community compared to muslim extremists.
        I supposed you think the Israelis are to blame for violence in the middle east too, because everyone else over there is so peaceful. Tell that to the families that were at a wedding this week and lost 40+ loved ones.
        Here is a little project for you, look up dhimmitude and then start getting used to it. Ask yourself why – why do they want to build at ground zero? Why in a Catholic building on a street named for a hero from the 9/11 murders? Why is it honorable to kill your daughter if she is attacked? Legal right to build, sure but there is a lot of land available in this country.

      • Many Muslim countries allow churchs to be built( Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Lebnon, Iraq, Jorden, and many more). But don’t forget that America is not a Christan country.

        • “But don’t forget that America is not a Christian country.”

          WRONG. This country was founded on Christian principals, but you probably knew that already. Also, in a recent study 92% of Americans said they believed in God or a higher power. Your logic is flawed.

          In Egypt Christians are spat on before they walk in the church. They are often attacked and even shot. Do your research.

          As of 2010, Open Doors estimated that 100 million Christians face persecution, especially in the Muslim world. This is not me making up numbers. Again, do your research, it’s all out there.

      • my parents are originally from Egypt, and I go visit every so often..You will find that there are so so mnay churches, both Protistant and Catholic, mostly Protistant, and even a few Sonoguges. Coexistance is essential if we want our America to be known as the most civilized country in the world….

    2. We arnt prejudging here, all terrorists are muslims and you would therefor have to say that a nice percentage of muslims either are or want to be terrorists. The islamists are slowly taking over america and their population is exploding. Give america ten years and they will have huge issues with all these community sleeper mousques all over the country. These people in staten island are right for fighting this. I’m not a semite or anti anything I’m just a realist and this will be a problem very very soon

    3. watch carefully the words the muslim use to denounce evil and terror inoticed it on the imam from the ground zero and from all the muslim they deny terror but not who and how, besides they r allowed to lie.

    4. It will be interesting to find what comes out of this.

      I am still waiting for more than one or two Muslims to condemn terrorism.

      Check out this photo of the head of that Turkish “charity” that sent the ships to Gaza. He is wearing a cute little talis while he meets with his Hamas buddy.


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