Brooklyn, NY – Lawmakers To Hold Rally Opposing Proposed New Domino Development


    Proposed new Domino developmentBrooklyn, NY – Assemblymember Vito Lopez, Councilmember Steve Levin, and Assemblymember Joseph Lentol will hold a rally on Monday, June 21st, at 10 AM on the steps of City Hall to protest the proposed New Domino Development. The rally immediately precedes the Land Use Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises hearing on New Domino in the City Council.

    “As an affordable housing advocate, I cannot support a development plan that will bring thousands of new luxury units to an already overcrowded neighborhood. The project is simply too big and too dense. I urge the community to come out and voice their opposition to the extraordinary height and density of this project. While the plan does offer affordable housing, the thousands of luxury units the developers are proposing will place a burden on the established infrastructure in our community. The community should not have to pay such an overwhelming cost for the affordable housing it deserves,” said Assembly Housing Chair Vito Lopez.

    “I stand with Assembly Housing Chair Lopez and the communities we represent in opposition to the Domino project. I continue to oppose this project because it exacerbates the congestion in Williamsburg on all levels. Buses and subways are already over capacity each day. The Domino plan will decrease open space in a neighborhood that has lost acres of open space in the past few years. I ask the community to stand with us at the rally on Monday and testify against the project in the City Council,” said Councilmember Steve Levin.

    “The Domino plan is simply too dense and too high for the neighborhood to absorb. Everyone, including me, wants the affordable housing but without transparency I cant believe that the potentially disastrous effect a project of this size will have on the transit system, traffic, the schools, emergency and police services, social services, open space and the character of the neighborhood is necessary. Its not right for our community,” said Assemblymember Joseph Lentol.

    “Before considering any further private rezonings or proposals, the City needs to take stock of where we are after the 2005 rezoning. The City must contend with the infrastructure burdens that New Domino will bring to Williamsburg. This is the wrong development for this site, there are far too many community concerns and negative impacts created by this project that must be addressed before moving forward” said Heather Roslund, chair of the Land Use Communittee of Community Board 1.

    “Working together, the community has an opportunity to craft a plan that meets the needs of the entire community – substantial affordable housing combined with a fair and sustainable density and an increase in publicly-accessible open space. We can’t let that slip away,” Ward Dennis, Executive Director of Neighbors Allied for Good Growth, explained.

    The rally will take place on June 21st, at 10 AM, on the steps of City Hall.

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      • Yiden wake up and smell the coffee, we are in GULES you cant run away from it, dont forget ” KI ATEM HAMAT MIKOL HUAMIM” where ever you are you need “SIATE DISHMAYE ” to raise good kids and yourself, even in such insulsar places as KJ or NEW SQUARE etc., we have seen very good kids coming out of families that live in the NYC housing and other housing projects in Williamsburg and vice versa, its not mazkir neshumes time but the list goes on & on & on, so stop being foolish and let us help ourselves and our kids as well by supporting the NEW DOMINO development and its 660 affordable apartments that they are bringing to our community, these developers are known for bringing affordable apartments to the entire community of NYC, they are good people and we YIDEN should cherish and praise them for finally bringing affordable housing to our community and those yiden of our community who fight them should be ashamed of themselves, its on the boarder line of HISGARUS B’IMAS.

      • Yiden wake up and smell the coffee, we are in gules and it does not mater where you live you need siyate dishmaye to bring up good kids, I have seen very good kids who grew up in the projects in williamsburg and vice versa. We should all cherish and thank these good people from the Domino project, who are known for building affordable housing in other areas of the city, for finally bringing 660 affordable apartments to our area, not bash them as some people do, it borders with hisgares b’imas, some of the partners are goyim

    1. Wow, real fighters for their community. I especially admire Levin’s courage, taking on tough fights, although he knows that he goes all odds. He is prinicpled and really talks out for his constituents.

      The New Domino is the last thing Williamsburg families need and can take, but most politicans are still going for it, siding with the special interests against the common good… Shame on them, and kudos to the 3 Ls. Levin, Lopez & Lentol.

    2. How did you imbeciles get elected?

      The project is a great thing. All of the williamsburg waterfront should immediately be rezoned, which will rejuvenate the area, create jobs, increase values.

      Quit your foolish whining

    3. Again again and again… this freshmen Levine is just a puppet from his buss Vito Lopez, this big project is a big accomplishment for our community
      660 affordable units are 30%. according New York City rules and regulations should be only 20% we need housing desperately
      As you all see mayor Bloomberg, Brooklyn Borough President, and city planning are for the plan big time,
      The only problem is that Domino owners doesn’t like to be controlled by Lopez-Levine and his company, they are just trouble makers! They don’t like
      That Hamish people should get big and nice affordable apartments… Let’s support this Domino project so we will have a better and bigger live style
      We all wish Domino owners lots of luck… Go Domino Go!!!

    4. Do you realy beleive that the Domino project -the way it’s set up now- will benefit our community? do you know that the affordable units will be split up among the high end luxury units? would you want to live among thousands of ___________?

      • Don’t yidden in Williamsburg already live among thousands of _________ in all the projects???? At least at the domino site they will have the option of living among high end luxury __________!!

        • You can’t compare this to the projects, with all new apartments all along kent avenue, that means a drastic change to our entire neighborhood, it will become rather like manhattan, don’t fool yourself, it will be impossible for a yid to live there. give it another 5 years and you shall see, you have now there The Schafer Landing, then Rose Plaza coming up & now Domino and even more being built futher down on Kent, you’re talking literally thousands of luxury apartments in the near future, I’m telling you, that part of willy is unfortunatly history. I highly doubt that anything can be done to stop it from happening, how sad!

          • so you would rather have thousands of cheap housing projects that will not be only for chassidim but for all the low lifes as well, or some high end apartments where yidden can at least live among “normal ” people. i think that it is you who is fooling himself!!! I certainly hope that the domino project can move along swiftly. it will boost the economy for the entire neighborhood and create countless of job oppertunities!! if you want to gettoize yourself go to monroe, i personally would rather live among high end non jews then the alternative!!!

        • You don’t know what you are talking about. First of all the Yappeys are worse (for us and our kids ) them the low elemance living in williams now.
          2. Lot’s of yidden moved out from the projact’s (and public housing) . So we know that very littel yiden will live here . So who needs it ?

          • if lots of yidden are moving out then why do you care what they build. jews all over the city are selling their homes for prices way above market value and asking for shlissel gelt from financially broke chassidim, & that ok, because they are taking yiddishe gelt, but to have major investers investing in williamsburg thats wrong????

    5. Time to face reality, that part of Wmsbg. is unfortunatly over, with all the developments in the area including this domino project, there will be no other choice for a ehrliche yid but to move away, its very sad but I see it coming.

      • Surely you mean an ehrliche yid will have to move away b/c they cat afford housing in the neighborhood, because if you are implying that Williamsburg should be a ghetto that belongs only to ehrliche yidden, perhaps you live in the wrong country. Neighborhoods change all the time. There was a time when everyone wanted to live in crown heights but things changed and so people moved. With some changes, everyone flees and property values drop. At east here, in N. Williamsburg the prices are going high and those heimishe who own real estate there — are making a killing.

    6. I am an attorney familiar with zoning in this area. I fully support the Domino Project because it will lead to a revitalization of the waterfront, written about in papers as “the next gold coast.”

      Property values will rise, jobs will be created, and a blighted community will become alive.

      These politicians are misguided.

    7. What can be wrong if some developer wants to spend 2 Billion dollars and build housing? To oppose that it is only because the Low-Pez clan wants to extort from the developers something that they don’t want to give !

    8. L’havdil there are more factions in Williamsburgh than the Taliban has in Afghanistan. Each has their own warlord. The politician as in Pakistan are all in their pockets for their votes. Each selling their values for a few votes.

      If there is any one of the warlords that can harm the other, Great. They are constantly at each others throats. But all B”H l’shem Shomayim.

    9. Bahimes/chasidim wake up, mr levin besides his boss vito lopez, he has a boss called moishe dovid niderman that he has to listen to, if u guys have a prolem with what goes in willi move away, cheap rent doesn’t have to kill the chinuch for the boys and girls, move away where u can be mechanech ur kids like the rabbi zichorneh livroche wanted, go domino go, I wish they win u guys lose. Its 2010 wake up hello.

    10. This project is clearly preferable to the type of development that Levin seems to want. The buildings in the Domino plan reflect cutting edge design and planning principles developed by some of the nation’s leading architects. By contrast, Levin’s “affordable housing” is a codeword for boxy, bland and ugly apartment buildings with 5 bedroom units for “large families” built to the lowest design and quality standards. Willy has plenty of those types of units and we don’t need more poor yiddeshe and goyeshe families overloading the area’s limited infrastructure.

    11. You have a developer willing to invest 1.2 billion into your neighborhood in this economy but you would rather keep a bunch of dilapidated buildings. What residents don’t always realize is that new buildings are assessed at high rates and create much needed real estate taxes which add to the city coffers. Current residents in older buildings don’t pay high taxes because of the RPT 1805 limitation giving them a huge tax break.

    12. Density is good in urban environments! It creates vitalit and every apartment represents acres of less sprawl and fewer cars on the road. I won’t vote for levin and will tell others not to as well.

    13. Of course there is no incentive to build so-called affordable housing. Why would anyone do the work and make the large financial investment that a housing project entails, and then decide not to charge the maximum price that people are willing to pay. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with it. you don’t get upset at individuals who sell their houses at high market rates which are unaffordable to many people, so why get angry at a developer doing the same thing just on a larger scale.
      There are other neighborhoods all over Brooklyn and the rest of New York city where cheap apartments are still availible.

    14. I wonder why the Domino plan is a bad for the community, while, the proposed rezoning of the (I believe its called Triangle District) area where Pfizer Drug company used to be – and which will result in thousands of apartments – is GOOD for the community & fully supported by Lopez & Co.?


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