New York – New Website Reveals Retirees’ Public Pensions


    New York – A new website feature reveals the public pensions paid to New York state retirees, including the $261,000 paid annually to a former teacher. He’s among the almost 1,400 retirees pulling down at least $100,000 a year.

    Two-thirds of the retirees in that group are retired police and firefighters.

    The Empire Center for New York State Policy website also shows former state Comptroller Alan Hevesi qualifies for a $105,000 pension. The Democrat resigned in 2006 after pleading guilty to using state workers as chauffeurs and companions for his wife.

    It also includes former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, a Republican who’s in line for a $96,000 pension. He retired before being convicted in a public corruption case earlier this year.


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    1. People went into civil service because of the pensions and benefits (which are pretty mediocre these days), and yet when people collect them, everyone gets upset. I’m a fiscal conservative, but you can’t complain about people legally working the system to maximize their benefits at retirement. We all would do exactly the same thing. You don’t like the high pensions? Change the system, but don’t complain about people taking full advantage.

      • Maybe you should read the article again, or, better yet, get someone to explain it to you if you think it is about “people legally working the system to maximize their benefits at retirement”.

        And even the non-criminal pensioners are getting ridiculous amounts – over a quarter of a million dollars a year to a retired schoolteacher?

        You are obviously in civil service yourself, and just as obviously an idiot.

    2. years ago people acted as if the state and city workers were the nebbish jobs. private industry was big bux.
      once these same people got to retire with full benefits suddenly everyone gets jealous. they put in their time at lower salaries then wall st folks and no bonusses. now they ahve a decent pension plan. kol hakavod.


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