Brooklyn, NY – Thousands Attend Borough Park Rubashkin Gathering [video]


    Thousands Attend Borough Park Rubashkin Gathering Credit: Dee VochBrooklyn, NY – A massive gathering was held in Borough Park last night to show support for Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin who is scheduled to be sentenced today. So many people came to show their support at the Bais Yaakov of Borough Park Hall that video screens were set up in classrooms, the lunchroom and the street to accommodate the overflow.

    Approximately three to five thousand people were in attendance at the event, which lasted from 9 PM until 12:30 AM. The event began with Tehillim from the Belzer Dayan, Rabbi Gross, followed by R’ Pinchas Lipshitz, publisher of the Yated.

    Reb Avraham Schorr spoke for approximately twenty minutes, suggesting that perhaps the reason that the secular courts are treating one of our own so harshly is that we ourselves have given power to the secular courts to decide the course of our lives by choosing to resolve our disputes there instead of taking matters to Beis Din.

    Chazan Meir Boruch Cohen sang a touching rendition of Acheinu Kol Beis Yisroel, accompanied by the Shira Choir and was followed by the son in law of the Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Joel, Rov Shimon Zev Meisels, Rov of Yismach Moshe in Kiryas Joel. Prominent attorney Nathan Lewin, who is expected to represent Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin in his appeal, spoke in both Yiddish and English.

    The final speaker of the evening was Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin’s son, Getzel Rubashkin.

    video screens were set up on the street to accommodate the overflow. Credit Dee Voch

    Reb Avraham Schorr speaking

    Outside on street

    Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin’s son, Getzel Rubashkin

    attorney Nathan Lewin

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      • Have you passed 2nd grade… let me teach you. There is such a thing that is called APEAL. and hopefully with the help and Chizuk from yesterday’s gathering of over 10K people live and 10’s of thousands more via hookups. the Askonim will be able to hire the best defensives team and IYH win nice in the apeal court.

        • “Have you passed 2nd grade… let me teach you. There is such a thing that is called APEAL.”

          * The word is APPEAL – with two Ps – and not as you wrongly spelled the word not once but twice.

          * As “team” is singular, the qualifier should be “defensive” – not as you have written.

          * Nice is an adjective, not an adverb. The word you should have used is “nicely”.

          Check on your own scholastic abilities, #15, before you cast aspersions on others.

      • He’s convicted, he’s going to prison for a long time. Focus all of this great energy on helping people in need — they’re all around you. People who’ve never committed a crime of any kind, yet are in desperate need of your help and money.

        • Are you serious? Can you be a little more sensitive? What goes around comes around. Do you realize that you didn’t have to ask any member of the Rubashkin family twice to help their fellow Jew in need before this entire fiasco? Have you no compassion? Do you not understand the facts of the case and why this all came about? Basically Sinas Chinam. PETA and the Unions against SMR because they couldn’t get him to comply with them and the war was on. They got their supporters and they wouldn’t stop until they got him. They started with the lies that the plant harbored weapons and drugs and they couldn’t prove it. They wanted to charge him with illegal immigrants and they didn’t have the proof and dropped that. And they kept closing in on him until he couldn’t run his plant as they normally did and had to go to turn to the bank. When he was pushed up against the wall he falsified invoices to inflate his accounts receivable. All this due to the unsubstantiated raid and the outcome.

          After all the chessed and help he and his family has given others, they are now on the receiving end and they need OUR help. So please don’t show everyone how foolish and uninformed you are.

          • The charges regarding illegals were not dropped because they didn’t have proof. They just dropped them because this trial would take long as it is and the other trial wouldn’t add to the sentence. Judge Reade, if there’s an appeal, will most likely bring back those charges (read the document, she said so in there) and he’ll wind up having time added to his sentence because he knowingly hired illegals. By the way, it’s great to give to others, but with money gained legally, not illegally, and on the backs of desperate and poor people.

            Go ahead, help them. But tell me — have Leah and Aaron and Heshy sold their possessions the way everyone else has been, in order to give to the cause? I think not.

            I, on the other hand, will focus on people in need who are innocent yet suffering terribly.

            • YOU should do what you choose to do, the rest of us should do the same. The reason the immigration trial was dropped is because the JUDGE allowed the prosecution to charge and convict him on hiring and harboring illegals, basically having a mini trial within the trial, without allowing a defense since it was the Judge herself who separated the two and made it into two separated trials. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Does this make sense to you???? How can you and all the others who think this judge is normal in any sense of the word defend THAT? That is totally unethical and grounds for appeal. And if she pulls the immigration trial the Department of Justice will be bombarded with requests to have her removed from the trial. It will be all over the media how she tried him already for this offense within the bank fraud trial and therefore should not be allowed to try him again for the same thing. In addition, all the evidence from the State trial will be brought up and all THOSE lies that the prosecution tried to pin on SMR will be brought forth as well.

              If you choose to walk around believing that SMR is a criminal there is nothing I or anyone else can do about it.

        • Your AHAVAS YISROEL( Love of Israel) is AMAZING! NO, it’s NOT a done deal yet. There is an APPEALS PROCESS that can alter the whole picture. When you get into trouble don’t expect such an outpouring of love from your fellow Jews. You’ll get the SAME cold shoulder you’re giving Reb SMR.

    1. I have never seen anything like it
      The main hall was overpacked. Then there were two other full floors connected via video. the crowds poured into the hallways and outside 15th between 44 and 45 was PACKED. half of 45th was full.

    2. This is a real nice article of Klal yisroel coming together. Prehaps it is time that our Rabonim and leaders put aside their diffrensess and and make sholom. Not to mention to cease all pending court cases as in the case of some of our largest and most important Mosdos Hatorah.

    3. A True kidush Hashem!

      soo many ppl comming out to support this good man, who’s lifetime of kindness is his true legacy,

      not the over-exaggerated charges (by an over-zealouse prosecution, eager to make a name for itself)

      his mistake was wrong =, but must be seen in context,

      the raid threatened to destroy the plant, Mr Rubashkin understood the devastating affects on 100s of employees who depended on the plant for lively-hood!

      its a mistake driven by a good-heart!

    4. I have tears in my eyes…. SO many yidden gathering together to support a fellow brother, to the extent that they need to set up video conferences to accomodate the overflowing crowd… May Hashem take this good sign of Achdus as a z’chus for R’ Mordechai Shalom haleivi ben Rivka.

      • The government success rate on appeal is higher than at trial so if this was your plan all along, do yourself a favor and recuse yourself from helping Rubashkin in any way other than by blindly donating your money. Just keep your stupid advice to yourself.

      • Your arrogance is incredible.
        If you read the judgment (or even a few news items) you would know that the Judge has put in a clause that states that if he appeals, his sentence may indeed be INCREASED and therefore he is recommended NOT to appeal.
        Some people like you just do not seem to understand the reality of this situation.

        • I didn’t know that, and I’ve been paying attention. What it tells me is that this anti-semitic judge is so desperate to wield her power that she will resort to threats and intimidation to try to keep Rubashkin from appealing, which is his constitutional right. I hope she goes down in flames after the appeal.

    5. I ask of all those of you who scream antisemitism.

      Is there ever a time that a yid gets sentenced that it is not anti-semitism?

      You are all so ignorant I hope never to become your machatunim. You morons want to know what antisemitism is? Speak to a survivor of the Holocaust. You have today these arrogant hebrews doing their own thing, disobeying laws at every turn, etc and then scream anti-semitism when a traffic cop issues you a summons. You are all immature unfit members of what was once called civilization.

      You punks out there are cheapening the word and wearing out the term Anti-semitism

      • First of all .no one is screaming antisemitism when a yid gets sentence..Its the way they treated and keep on treating R’ sholom mordchai in jail .like the biggest crimnal like the worst mafia.. and if you would of listend to the attorney Nathan Lewin speech last night it is obious that thier was and is Anti-semitism..
        #2- i would like to know if thier is anyone out thier that would want to be your machiton
        #3-you sound to me like those self hating American Jews that lived in America during world war 2 and didnt help out save yidden ..they also said” Anti-semitism na not the nazis do you know what ant-semitism is ………………………

      • I hate to bring myself down to your level and start calling you names such as idiot and the like. The anti-semitsm came in when the court decided not to extend bail because he is a Jew and therefore might run off to Israel where he has a right to return. As any holocaust survivor if that smacks of anti-semitism and don’t try to speak for them.

        • if you have been reading the posts, the antisemitism phrase is being thrown around regarding this entire episode, whether it be the jail conditions, bail, trial, the sentence, the mere fact that he is being tried, etc. Anytime a frum yid is sentenced, right away the antisemitism flag is raised.

          Grow up and start obeying the laws of this medina shel chesed. This coutnry does not belong to us. We do not own it. Grow up and start behaving. The coming of moshiach rests upon it.

          • There was no chessed whatsoever shown in this case. And yes, the courts began the anti-semitsm when they treated him differently than any other citizen because he is a JEW and a supposed flight risk for no other reason. I don’t know about any other Jew and what their situations are but in this case if you don’t recognize the anti-semitsm and the precedent this might set about not allowing Jews bail on the grounds that they may flee to Israel then you are not understanding the full impact of this case and how it can effect every single one of us.

            If the government including the judge get away with this entire scam, the Jews of this country will be treated as Israel is now being treated by YOUR president. Every citizen needs to be treated equally and fairly, justly under the law. SMR is being treated like a murderer. He is guilty of a white collar crime, he is not a criminal. He broke the law, he made a mistake, he made a bad judgment call he would never had done had the feds not been pressuring him. He didn’t steal from anyone, he was paying back a loan the feds blocked him from repaying with their zeal and lies. Stop being such a soneh Yisroel.

      • . You morons want to know what

        You have the midas of amalek- In klal Yisroel we have a midah Binfoyl oyvecha aal tismach” Kol shekain by a yid. Your parents brought up an achzar with a nasty name calling disposition. VIN should have banned your name calling – Even the New York Times mentioned Enrons $80,000,000
        (whihch was really billions) chairman received 24 years. Tyco’s Koslovski accused of pilfiring $144,000,000 received 8 1/2 to 23 years. So, receiveing 27 years when even 6 former Atty Generals
        from the Justice dept said “this possible decde sentencing was draconian”. Shame on u and your language!

      • I think you should look into yourself, because from what I would imagine, calling one of your fellow Jewish brothers or sisters immature unfit members of what was once called civilization. etc…. is in my humble opinion far worse than calling some judge out there an antisemite that may have antisemitism in his / her heart.

        My guess is you are not old enough to be a mechutan yet anyways.

        Hatzlacha ,

    6. R. Getzel Rubashkin’s emunah and bitachon were awe-inspiring. His humility was clear from every word. His ability to captivate and impact his listeners was riveting. A powerful leader. An amazing reflection of his parents’ excellent chinuch.

    7. I had tears in my eyes listening to the boy sing ‘batzuro uvashivyu, I walked over to the desk that was raising money for the Appeal and donated one week salary for Reb Shulem Mordche Sheyichye. I look at the picture and see his pain. Hashem Yerachem Ulov V’al Mishpachtoi Shlita

    8. Sinas Yisroel is re-awakening just like it did for the past 3000 years; and it’s all from HKB”H.

      We must change our attitude, and start caring for, and respecting the Umos HoOlom and their children. We must instill these values into our children as well. Not as an Act, but in true sincereness. Remember that they are all Tzelem Elokim, and the Gemoroh concludes, that they have a Chlek in Olom Habboh.

      Then we can hope that HKB”H who is , Keil Emunah V’ein Uvel, and is a Dayan Tzedek to all his creation, will never again instill hatered into the Umos towards us.

      • Breath of fresh air.

        Hashem does work with the principle of Middoh Kneged Middoh. Hashem says, you, your children and friends, be good to all the Umos and to their children and to their Oilulim V’yonkim. Then, and only then, Hashem will make sure that they are good to us.

        As long as we have not perfected our inner feelings, how can we expect any improvement?

    9. hearing R’ Getzel say “don’t mistake pain for fear” don’t mistake pain for worry”
      and seeing how calm and full of bituchun and amuna he was – he gave us more than we can give him

      • Not to in any way belittle R’ Gettzel, but the Emunah and Bitochon that he displayed last night is not a Lubavitch thing its the #1 thing for every Jew. And so why do you feel you have to convert to Lubavitch, just learn from R’ Gettzel and continue on being yourself.

    10. Can anyone clarify something? There are apparently 3 or 4 issues involved in this case. 1) Even the defense did not deny that Rubashkin violated the law; 2) Why did the judge sentence 27 years when she knew that there were other cases of violations of the law that incurred much lower sentences, and that her sentence would be overturned on appeal? 3) Why did the AgriProcessor company and/or Rubashkin engage in such a hugely reckless (hefkerus) behavior in relation to the banks risking both a chilul hashem and legal dangers? 4) Do the frumme askanim try to argue that in fact Rubashkin did nothing wrong?

      • I don’t know if your question is a façade, or genuine, the answer is simple the people are being misled by the leadership, instate of using this event as an teaching moment, the use it as a money raiser, what hurts the most, is that the overwhelming majority of these people didn’t even look into the facts, they just follow the herd, there was not even one poster who was willing or able to argue the facts and findings by the Judge, as written up in the Judges sentencing memorandum. As in Kol Nidrei, the choir started in low voices and worked themselves up to a feverish cry of Anti-Semitism. Yes I am not afraid to say that thousands of people could be wrong, they never looked at the underlying paperwork submitted by both sides, and ruled on, by the Judge, with unbelievable celerity why she is giving SMR this sentence. As I said before I was praying that God should instill into the Judge mercy, but when reading the memorandum, I understand that this case should be a learning moment, and we as Jews who suppose to be a light unto other nations, more so, need to act in a righteous manner.

        • Mister, you are wrong. Do you think you were the only one who looked at the underlying paperwork? They saw the TRUTH which YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE!

      • yes that’s exactly what they’re saying. He is being incarcerated for twenty seven years because he is a ……….. Jew! How many people in the Younited States of America have filled out mortgages applications with false information in order to obtain a loan? How many people have filled out mortgage applications falsely with no intention of repaying the loan? How many people have filled out mortgage forms with false information and have received prison sentences of 27 years?! You are a reckless guy with a loose pen and an evil heart! (I don’t believe you are just stupid and don’t understand the facts of the case)

        • It is you who have no understanding of the facts of the case. Your moronic comparison of a mortgage application is as stupid a comment as Abe Roth’s testimony. Such oversimplification hardly deserves a reply. But to keep with your feeble minded comparison, what he did is lying on the application that there was a house and then kept taking out mortgage after mortgage on the same address ten times over. He borrowed against receivables that were already paid! He borrowed against receivables that don’t even exist! Defend the man but don’t defend his actions. He stole! Not 27 years worth but he stole, he tried to cover it up and he has not shown any interest in making restitution. You people are nuts.

          • SHAUL – one day your words WILL come to haunt you. Hashem repays MIDA KNEGED MIDA(measure for measure). The way YOU are treating Reb SMR is the way you will be treated when your # is called. It won’t be so funny then. AIZEHU CHOCHOM HAROEH ES HANOLAD – prepare for YOUR future wisely!

    11. I was ther it was a huge gathering,but once momentum is built why not give people advice what to do next, like calling attoney general of the united states in protest, or getting ready for huge demonstration in washington etc, basicly why didn’t anyone offer advice what the people shhould do next

    12. Where is the press now. Why don’t thy write up front page article. What a shame on them and what a beauti for klall yisroel to see all of us toghter. I’m so happey to be part of this

    13. who is this rabbi meisels? he was great. i have never heard such a good speaker in my life. and who organized this event? I saw lots of BIBER hiten behind it
      Mi Kamchu Yisroel

    14. A tragedy for the son for sure, but where was the father? Where was Heshy? These two are scott free while their son and brother takes the fall for the Boro Park shtick that you can pull in Boro Park but definitely not in Iowa.

    15. Unity is what we need and maybe that’s why this happened so that we all get the message loud and clear, I suggest that a few responsible people get together and make peace between all the rabbis, take all Jewish cases out of the secular courts and return to the basics of our Torah commandments, for example, the commandments of the “aseres hadibres”. Hashem yerachem.

    16. Where are the buses going to demonstrate in front of the Federal Judge and Prosecutor? If we were of a different color and had Sharpton as a mouthpiece, we would be demonstrating in DC, marching down the streets thousands strong, getting national TV attention. Where were the TV cameras yesterday? Why wasnt this on the news? In America its whats on the news that is important, not what takes place behind closed doors. This is America’s Dreyfuss Affair. Anti-semitism in the heart of America. First they raid him, destroy his business and then charge him for not paying abck the loans. WHere is the lawsuit against the prosecutors for slander, destroying his business, over zealousness, ?? The Latinos can march in every major city for their illegal brethern who break the law and we cant march for our brother who has been railroaded? If we dont march now, will we cry when they deport us, jail us on trumped up charges, put us in camps again?

      • What’s there to demonstrate?

        He was convicted and had the bad luck of being placed before a judge that ALWAYS gives the maximum sentence possible.
        Go look up her record..
        Should every person that she ever sentenced harshly organize rallies?

        No one can help him but Hashem and some kind of miracle.

        It’s very sad…

      • You got that right. Here they have to behave themselves and respect the law of the land that applies to dozens of other religions and thousands of ethnicities and nationalities EQUALLY. They may think that they are somehow a special group and are entitled to special laws and considerations, but a judge in Iowa wouldn’t care whether you’re Hassidic or Amish or Latino. Lesson here is to not screw with the laws and you will be safe from courts and jails. Even if you gather 50,000 people it will not influence an Appeal Process in a different state, under a federal jurisdiction where judges don’t depend on your votes.

        Get a good team of lawyers and start praying, that’s the only thing that will actually help.

      • I am 100% with it However I would like to point out 1 thing that hurts me very much. I was involved in a din torah – Helping out my family member…
        I would ask Rabbi Shorr to include in his message
        You could be shleped around and get nowere and at the end (after 3-4 years or longer there will be a settelment. even if the ruv knows 100 that Reuven is wright.
        Rabonim make it that a yid should only want to come to you………

        • Believe me I know this very well and I understand your frustration because I went thru it too. But first of all, the court system is not much better. Second, the lawyers eat up 50 times more of your money plus they drag it out just as long or even more. Third, you can get into more trouble than you banked on when exposing yourself to the system.

    17. This was hardly a Kiddush Hashem. Yes it is a very nice thing to do & possibly inspirational, but a Kiddush Hashem is when we go about the world doing the correct and proper thing; that the Goyim see that we are an Am Hanivchar & uphold the Torah & Mitzvos. Rubashkin made a huge Chillul Hashem (albeit not on purpose but thats not what the Goyim see). What we have to do now to rectify that (and all the other Chillul Hashem that have happened recently) is to make a Kiddush Hashem. To go about our lives & businesses 100% kosher & above board; to drive correctly keeping the law; Going out of our way being mentchen to each other & our neighbors; going lifnim mishuras hadin when it comes to anything to do with making a good impression to those not from our community, unaffiliated, or unrelated to us.
      The Yeshua will not come through Achdus but through keeping the Torah & Mitzvos, and making a Kiddush Hashem that we are the Am Hanivchar.

      • Ur missing some knowledge, ונקדשתי בתוך בני ישראל that’s what stays in the torah, the real kidush hashem is within klal yisroel, for the eyes of the goyim is second degree kidush hashem

        • I know my knowledge is lacking – thanks for filling me in. The real Kiddush Hashem is when we fulfill the Torah & Mitzvos & act 100% correct and show all our fellow yidden, unaffiliated, unfrum, (and secondly the Umos HoOlom) that we are doing the correct and proper thing; that we are an Am Hanivchar & uphold the Torah & Mitzvos. We need to go lifnim mishuras hadin in this respect, creating a Kiddush Hashem and clearly showing that we are true Torah Yidden.

          To #30 who asks what to do next, you are correct, the Rabbonim should have clearly stated what to do next: Keep the 10 commandments. One of which is do not steal. [And thereby causing a Chillul Hashem]. We need to go about our business dealings keeping the law. The first question asked when reaching shomayim is not Did you have achdus, but “Nasata V’netata Be’emunah” – “Did you conduct your business affairs with honesty?”

    18. Very sad , but no one spoke about REMORSE !All of these tumults are a waste of time.They should have spoken about ethical behavior first and then implore SR to show remorse.

    19. Ur missing some knowledge, ונקדשתי בתוך בני ישראל that’s what stays in the torah, the real kidush hashem is within klal yisroel, for the eyes of the goyim is second degree kidush hashem

    20. any rallies for agunot? sex abuse victims? Jonathan Pollard?
      oh wait, they did not provide cheap glatt kosher meat to supermarkets, so they do not warrant a voice in our community.

    21. New definition of Achdus and Kiddush Hashem- 1. Get together and give lots of money to support a man who broke the law many times over in a big way.
      2. Get together and demonstrate on behalf of striemel wearing people who want to segregate schools and show contempt for court and discriminate against Sephardc Jews.
      Seems to me something is wrong with this picture.

    22. “Rubashkin is the Sair Lazozel (Kapara) for :
      Didon Natzach
      Satmar Brothers
      Bobover Uncle/Nephew
      Ponevez Kahaneman/Markowitz
      Disputes that were litigated and still in mid-litigation.
      Sfrican Judge wikk decide who gets Shishi or Shlishi and who will
      hand out Shirayim at the Seder.”
      That is the fruits of the Arkois respected by our Manhigei Hador

    23. #62 is another jerk in a community (i hope not ours) what was wrong with Rabbi Schorr said ? not that i am a big fan of his ,but he spoke tremendous ,not like you .Geek.go eat something you must be bored

    24. again look how the so called leaders are sleeping to whoever i talk to is ready to go out and protest we can show now unity don’t wait till the outrage calms down such a protest will send a message to the justice system that thees ecessive sentencing is out of control when it comes to himshe yidden and look at the African American it helped for OJ it helped for limerick nelson because they do not tolerate it like we do everybody becomes a chume and a mivein we cant do it its a chillil hasome its dina the malchisa dina stop already go out fight for your right by sitting idle you will get no where and it can hit you too so where are we now is the time if we loose this opportunity we will all regret it because it will not stop by this case a lot of yidden will be in the same place

    25. this disgusts me. Do the crime, Do the time.Period. I dont care how much chessed he did, or that his son needs him etc…….to me this gathering is a chillul hashem. Thousands of orthodox jews supporting a criminal only because he has a beard! If he was clean shaven you would never see this baseless knee jerk outpouring of support. What a disgrace. White collar crime is the dirty secret of the orthodox jewish community.

      • People seem to have brains hearts carved out of stone. Isn’t rabbit Allen, the one that got Rubashkin in trouble? We should all follow his “wisdom” of acting cruel, inhuman to our brother, a human being and Jew?

    26. All the money raised is lvatala. Where have the monies till now gotten anyone except 27 years? I could have gotten him 15 years for free. At least with 15 he’d get out with a little lead left in his pencil. This appeals process, one with an overturn rate IN THE SINGLE DIGITS will take years and years. And the sentencing memo wasn’t the result of anything the judge was scared of – she knew her rulings would be reviewed and she cemented her decision in impressive fashion. Spend the money on teaching chareidim how to do business with honesty and not like crooks. AGRI was run not k’halacha and is the premier Chillul Hashem of our times.

      • How you have the nerve to accuse someone of chillul hashem is inexplainable. The true chillul hashem are comments that you and your misguided jealous friends make on line casting false accusations on fine yidden.

        To you I say “jaccuse”. It is you and like-minded sickos that contributed to this disaster. Publicly lying about yidden in the same manner as the neo -nazis do on line was what the se prosecuters used as proff of wrong doing. DO you feel no shame, no regret for the damage you have do to a fine person, a wonderful goving community and a medinah shel chesed which now has lost the trust of a most important segment?
        You are missing the qualities that are listed as those of yidden, are you in fact jewish? Do you realize that your words and the harmful results have distanced you from being apart of the holy jewish community.
        And we say to you good riddance, we want nothing to do with one who so hates Jewish blood.
        May you suffer deeply from your aloneness and wither away. (Make sure that you do not benefit at all from the Yiddishe community, stay away from shuls, do not use bikur cholim, do not ask advice from any of the higly regarded medical referral agencies)

        • Your post goes to show that, that one you fail to use your cranium, and two while chiding others on your faults notion that they hate SMR, when in fact they criticizes SMR and his lawyers, for turning a fraud case into a US v Jews, well some of us are not ready to succumb to crazy herd mentality, which mostly everybody exhibits. We don’t mind to say yes SMR broke the law and like I wrote months ago the Judge is known as a law and order judge who would come down hard on every convict in front of her. Not because she hates Jews, no, she is conservative lock stock and barrel. Moreover, if you read Judge Reade’s memorandum, you will noticed that she didn’t agree with the prosecutions upward departure, as she didn’t agree with the defense downward departure, and as she pointed out in her memo, that she reserves to revisit some issues which for the time being she did not take it in consideration. Meaning if you will fight this sentence, I might come down on you with a tom of bricks, so watch out how you proceed, keep it to the legal point and get off the Anti-Smite bandwagon.

          As for you showed you pure colors, you are ready to curse other Jews, all because we don’t want to bend down to your idol SMR, we know he is a convict albeit a conflicted man, as he put it at the sentencing hearing.

          • A law and order judge? Have you read the ratings about her? And not by people from the jewish community? A weak mind who functions as the prosecution. That defies the purpose of a judge, even a so called law and order judge, it eliminates the neccesary checks and balances. It defies the purpose of the US constitution. You and your alter ego are the ones who would defy the constitutional rights of an individual.

            There is no point in getting into a point by point discussion of the issues, you have no interest in the trusth. You could not handle the truth. You have built your empty self up with your hateful comments and to have to leave with your tail between your legs would be too ditressing for your fragile psyche.

            • First of all I am with you, that all the so called law and order judges who are Conservative/ Republican in nature are trying always to punish the offender to the maximum and mostly orthodox Jews views fall in the same category as the conservative. Myself as a progressive always believed that part of incarceration is rehabilitation, so forgive me I wrote many a letters to legislative bodies in support to eliminate draconian sentences on none violent offenders, but you guys don’t agree with me, as long it is not one of yours. Tell me when is the last time you wrote a letter or called a legislator, even just a State legislator, to urge them to change the laws, and to give a second or even a third chance to get out and make a honorable living. No because the person is not one of yours.

              In regard to what you wrote “have to leave with your tail between your legs” are you implying that all the Jews have horns, and tails, I thought that was out of favor since the late 20th century.

        • Another poser with ersatz Jewish blood. Always has to pull the nazi card in an argument. Rubashkin’s chillul hashem is a disgrace, your defense of his actions is a disgrace. PS, I type this from my blackberry while at mincha in Vizhnitz, enjoying the rest of my afternoon free as a bird. And I do volunteer work for Bikur Cholim more than you’ll ever know. The difference between me and a poser like you is I could care less what happens to you, whether you win the lottery or collect tomchei shabbos. To commit fraud like Rubashkin did DEFINES chillul Hashem. Whoever betrays his loyalty to one portion of the Torah uproots all others – I am proud to yell loud and clear I WILL HAVE NO PART OF SICK YIDDISHKEIT THAT MAKES HEROES OUT OF CRIMINALS. Have a shot of single malt and chazzer fress away at the next shabbos kiddush, go home and beat your wife and ignore your kids while they go off the derech – as long as you contribute more farfalene gelt to Rubashkin you’ll be fine.

          • I read and reread post number 102 and there is nothing in there about calling or inferring that you are Nazi. This is another fine example of how you conflate an issue and argue a point not in issue.

            But too use your typical line of “reasoning”;

            Me doth think you protest too much.

            As for the rest of your comment I call your bluff and say that once again you are lying.

            As far as beating, I would assume that you have no wife and it is not that you are beating.

            I guess we can understand why you are such a fan of PETA and who your beloved shepsil is.

            Please leave, just leave.

    27. what about Gilad????? Where are these thousands of orthodox jews when it comes to supporting an innocent young soldier held in captivity by Hamas??? Where are the mass demonstrations and show of support for that worthy cause??? Oh i get it. He’s not a REAL jew because he’s not religious!!! THIS is an abomination. All the Boro Park yentas getting together for a cry fest so they can have what to shmooze about the next morning at Shachris. Lovely.

    28. this gathering is no kiddush hashem. coming out in the thousands to support a criminal is not the jewish way, and certainly doesn’t sanctify the name of hashem. i just wish all those rabbis at the gathering would have left their black hats and streimlach at home before coming, at least it would have been less of a chillul hashem.

    29. Fool, Tipish: I cant stop laughing at what you said about me. I am the #18.

      Incidentally, I attended a primetime yeshiva, happily married and goes to shul three times a day. What else would you like to know about me. Never did drugs and not even on medication yet I hold a full time job. What else would you like to know about me.Never been a hippy nor a dropout from school. Homeless you say? I lived all my life in a house larger than one you probalbly are living in right now. What else do you want to know about me?

      • If you are truly #18, I feel very sorry for you. All your Torah learning and davening means nothing with your sina against a fellow Jew. What else I want to know abou you?? Hmmm. Tell us where you went to Yeshiva so I can make sure I will not send my sons there nor give money for support. Shame on you!!!

    30. if, over the last ten years, there had been even one gathering on behalf of agunos, or on behalf of victims of sex abuse, or on behalf of children kicked out of schools for various small transgressions (definitely smaller than rubashkin’s transgressions) then i might be okay with a massive gathering to support a proven criminal. but when the only gathering of frum rabbi’s that i’ve seen over the last ten years is this one, while so many truely oppressed people are ignored, i question their motives.

      • and what about an asifa to jumpstart the shidduchim which for a large majority of girls does not exist. Only the elitist yeshivish get the girls and shnorr for the couple for the first ten years of their married life. Dont misunderstand me. I am not bitter. HA!

        • no you’re wrong only the ones with the money. It’s nothing to do with the mathematics with the ages It’s all about the money. The rosh Hayeshivos are educating the bochurim to do shidduchim with money. The girls whos parents don’t have it are not redt shidduchim! That is the root of the problem

    31. Since this is a publicly funded defense, is Lipschutz and the others collecting opening their books and publishing them publicly for all to see? I’m pretty sure Pinny get’s good rates at the Yated.

      • I believe that none of those who have funded this cause want you anywhere near it and want you to have no information related to it. You have no need to know nor are you entitled to know, you have not provided a penny, and likely cost te defense a siginificant amount. how about you opening your books since you caused harm to the public.

      • Your piece of crap friends at the Forward enjoy tax exempt status, have you asked them and Mr Popper YM”S how they fulfill their alleged tax exempt purpose? Are they paying tax on the unrelated business income tax appropriately or are they fudging the expenses to avoid tax? Why don’t they get hecksher tzeddek to try to explain how that rag, unfit to wrap fish in or line the bottom of a cage, fullfils the purpose they allege is their tax exempt purpose. If the paper wasn’t such a huge chillul hashem already, I would be concerned with the fallout when that happens. What would be appropriate would be for the mushchasim to liquidiate all their assets and try to make whole the loss they caused Rubashkin and all yidden who eat kosher for the increased cost of kosher meat.

    32. Ur missing some knowledge, ונקדשתי בתוך בני ישראל that’s what stays in the torah, the real kidush hashem is within klal yisroel, for the eyes of the goyim is second degree kidush hashem

    33. to 18 well never have such anti semitism again seemingly so this is the big antisemitism now they might start throwing many more jews in jail and what obama said about the case 3 years ago is absurd

    34. the outcry of anti-semite is baseless, It happens to be that this judge was a hardlinar as you can see from her record,

      in the same time that it hurts me as well as the community that he received more than the max is reason to appeal, yet to be realistic the chances are slim.

      but what’s bothering me the most is when I found out the scope of the epidemic that is going on in our community, that is:

      too many people in our community are not looking at this with their “minds open”they are not looking into the facts and buying everything they are being told.

      we have to look at this in a broader sence not in particuler in this case, so in contrary I came to conclude that the problem with our system is not that SMR got to much, the problem is that other criminals get too little therfore they risk the reward for the the small punishment, so i just wish that all judges should be like her to give harsh sentencess, maybe then will get this house in order, it is redicilous the crime and fraud that is about to bankrupt this country, with the growing deficits and no end in sight,

      so let’s make it clear
      the lesson here is,
      abey all the laws of the land, or face your panelty that you risked for your reward.

      and don’t hope that others will help you with pidyon shvieim.

    35. I am a frum business person that has had multi million dollar dealings with all kinds of people in the world and the WORST are the frum people when it comes to dealing honestly and ethically. Any suggestion of going to Bais Din is absurd and ridiculous. The Dayanim have no enforcement abilities and are easily manipulated by the people that give the most money to their Modsos. Bais Din is being used and abused by crooks who scream “How can you take me to court!’ because they know they can hide behind a Bais Din.
      Its time for people to step up and stop stealing, conniving and trying to find every loophole to try to bamboozle and rip off their fellow Jews.
      Where are the Rabbanim on this subject? Its horrifying!

    36. Please note that the best speaker last night was Shloime Lazer Meisels who is NOT related to any rebbes. He spoke so dynamically that we, sitting in our row, were broadsided by the power of his speech.
      That, of course, does not diminish the effectiveness of the other speakers, but he is not even listed here at all!

    37. >>Once there is nothing to do (i.e. when the sentance is given and there are no appeals) then I think it is time to shift grears and take a lesson form the tragedy. That lesson is that Hashem is fed up with the chillul Hashem through dishonest buisness practices and that the severity of the sin is being shown through this judgement. We should all take this seriously and realize that stealing and dishonesty are serious sins against Hashem and can be punished severly. Unfortunatly those who need this lesson the most will not take this lesson, but will rather cry antisemitism, goy vs Jew, etc. and mumble some tihilim in shul and go about his/her buisness as usual. I pray whole heartidly that we as a people can come around from these warped attitudes and return to Hashem. If not, I fear the future.

    38. the rebbies never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity

      what is this nonsense Reb Avraham Schorr

      I have news for Schorr and the rest the reason SMR is in trouble is because he committed a crime called fraud. (for those who still cling to that myth that the fraud was only done after the raid stop deluding yourselves and spreading lies there was ample evidence of fraud being done years before the raid)

      Maybe the reason he received a long sentence because hashem is sick already with the fraud yidden have been and are doing. Maybe it is a sign to stop laundering money, lying to get welfare, section 8, food stamps. In addition, all the fruad KJ and and new square, and of course Yeshivas are involved in.

      Why it that the rabbonon never say the above? And made wild accusation like it is because yidden go to secular court when the answer is clear? Could it be stealing and fruad is so ingrained in the frum community that it is not seen as a crime at all and 100% acceptable?

      • I don’t think anyone wants to hear blather from you, a crazy PeTA supporter who himself on this very blog supported Nazi philosophy. You are a hateful individual who rejoices in the pain of good people. Are you another of Shaul from Monseys split personalities?

        You really should be consistent with the lithium.

        • answer the question and do not attack you cannot do that since you know you are wrong
          The truth hurts I know you do not like to hear and be confronted that Yiddin are ganovin and that is condoned by the community
          Again just because I said one needs to treat animals humanly doers not make me a nazi.
          what is your problem

          PS to all who throw around the nazi name, shame on you? are you so ignorant of history that you do not know what nazis did? Need I direct you the web sites that explain what nazis did? Did you ever or the others who throw that word around ever go to the holocaust museum? Maybe you already forgot that period of history, since the frum never ever participate in an memorials that people hold every year?
          When you call another person a nazi whether a jew of gentle you you are diminishing the suffering of the survivors and spitting on the grave of the Jews that where killed. You are spitting on the grave of my grandparents, uncles and aunts that I never got to met. The suffering that my parents endured during that time.

          Grow up and are you a jew, I cannot see a real Jew frum or not throwing the nazi word so easily.

          Shame on you, I am sure yoi8u ndead relativ

        • hello,

          the nazis said one should have many children
          the nazis said do exercise and eat healthy
          the nazis said one should have pride in their culture.
          and many other things.

          My guess is you believe the same so according to your warped logic you are one of them

        • you are dead wrong I do not want any person who has not committed a crime or fraud to be found guilty or sit in jail and or fined.

          However since SMR did commit fraud and must be punished and or fined.

          why is that so hard to understand, or do you really think a yid should get a pass when they commit a crime, or maybe you actually think it is an impossibly for a yid to anything wrong.

          I bet you think the spinka is also innocent and was framed

      • “(for those who still cling to that myth that the fraud was only done after the raid stop deluding yourselves and spreading lies there was ample evidence of fraud being done years before the raid)”

        Prove it or shut up!!! For all those who keep dragging SMR down, prove what you say or shut up!

        • Read the Judge’s sentencing memorandum 6-21-2010 page 22 following quote

          “The evidence presented at the trial clearly demonstrates otherwise. Bensasson testified that he became aware that Agriprocessor was inflating its sales figures and accounts receivables in 1997 or 1998”

          So what else do you want, the court spoke, and the appellate court will concur on this specific point.

        • now what do you say after #128

          stop the idiotic comments SMR did do fraud that does not make him evil but fruad he did and must pay. (obviously not 27 years that is insane) remember he is not the first rubashkin that has been imprisoned for fraud. There has been a few others, why is everybody making them out to be some great holy family.

          Giving charity, does not give a license to commit fraud. Is everybody saying if you commit fraud and them give part of that money to charity it is OK. There are many crooks that give major major to charity, so they are crooks that give charity but still reman crooks.

          The Columbia cartel builds free hospitals and schools so poor people can get education and health care for free. So, they are still murderers and drugs dealers that need to sit for the rest of their lives in jail

    39. Former President of Inland Empire Mortgage Company Sentenced to 13 Years in Federal Prison
      posted February 07, 2010
      Total Loss: $30 million
      The former president of Mortgage One Corporation in Hesperia was sentenced this afternoon to 13 years in federal prison for defrauding the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and private lenders by fraudulently obtaining hundreds of federally insured loans and selling those mortgages to private lenders in a scheme that caused tens of millions of dollars in losses to the federal housing agency. John Richard Varner, 56, of Hesperia, was sentenced to 156 months in prison by United States District Judge Virginia A. Phillips. In addition to the prison sentence, Judge Phillips ordered Varner to pay $29,749,239 in restitution.
      Tags:Mortgage One Corporation Source:FBI

      SoCal woman gets 3 years for huge mortgage fraud
      posted January 31, 2010
      Total Loss: $46 million
      A former Beverly Hills real estate appraiser has been sentenced to three years in federal prison for her role in a massive mortgage fraud. A federal judge in Los Angeles sentenced Lila Rizk on Friday and ordered her to pay part of $46 million in restitution

    40. for all who think wow what a great thing all the people will see how we stick together and they will see the beauty of yidden.
      You guys really need to get out more and mingle with people who do not think only like you, and see how bad and stupid you look
      They will look at this and say, who are this so called chosen people who do they thing they are. They are supposed to be and claim they are so righteous but it seems they think rules and regulations are for the gentiles but they the chosen people can steal, commit fruad. Whenever one of them get caught stealing they say he was framed, or he only did it to feed his family.
      They never show no remorse, get mad at the person who did the fruad. On the contrary the person, is looked at as a hero like SMR, They even hold parties like Lakewood did for a crook. If they get mad it is only because a crook helped the police get another Jewish crook
      Did any rebbie, or speaker call for action to stop with the fruad, stop lying to get welfare, section 8, food stamps. Say KJ and New Square to stop with cheating the government, no. They say nonsense like schorr.
      They will see Jews as crooks cheats who steal from Gentles and its OK

    41. May this achdus build an even bigger achdus and expel the mosrim from klal yisroel. After all there are choshive yiden incarcerated because of mesure (driven by revenge) given by supposedly chasiddihe yiden, community leaders etc. if we will UNITE and expel them from among us. Hashem will show us even greater mercy when we will show mercy for our brothers in troubel

      • fool, maybe tell the yiddin that are in jail not to commit crimes

        wow what a great idea. and you could not have thought of that.

        if they commted a crime they are not choshive yiden incarcerated .

        the community does not seem to get, stop doing fruad and stealing ansd the problem will go away. stop blaming the messagenrs.

        teh reson they are in jail is because they did a crine not because of a moser

        the community is getting sickier every day.

        AThe only reason we have child molestors in the frum copmmunty is because someone went to the police, otherwise their would not be any molesting going on.
        Whay crazy, stupid logic


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