Coney Island, NY – Fatal Tragedy at Bay as Friend Tried Saving His Drowning Pal


    Coney Island, NY – A Jet Skier tried to rescue his drowning pal in Brooklyn’s Gravesend Bay just after sunset last night, but his heroism was in vain — the swimmer died at a hospital, officials said.

    The incident occurred off Bayview Avenue and West 37th Street in Coney Island, where the 37-year-old Igor Sirota was at a July 4th beach party.

    At dusk, the Jet Skier and his friend, who was in a dinghy, went out to watch the fireworks, police said.

    But the man on the dinghy dived in for a swim after his pal headed back to shore, police said.

    Minutes later, the swimmer began to struggle and screamed for help; his friend dashed back to drag him to shore.

    The man died at Coney Island Hospital.

    “People were still swimming because it was dusk,” said Daniel Fox, 22, of Coney Island. “It was a dramatic scene. People were crying over this situation.”

    Chesed Shell Emes was working with Medical Examiner to prevent an autopsy.

    Body has already been released and is enroute to Shomrei Hadas and after that ‎​will be flown to Israel for burial

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    1. I am many people drowned? one or two?
      bd’e .. very sad story.. we have so much chesed .. let’s all agree it is enough and pleaed/beg/ and cry for Moshiach..
      Let us pray this Tisha B’av will be a simcha!!!

      • most of you really don’t get it do you? don’t cry for moshiach cry that yiden to tshuva ,what is a yid doing at a beach party
        ,in the 3 weeks no less,don’t cry for moshiach,we do a lot of chessed,we also must most help our brothers do tsuvah that is the biggest chessed

    2. It’s about time people started to behave responsibly and stopped putting themselves and others at risk. This terrible tragedy could have been avoided with some seichel. Baruch Dayan HaEmes…I feel so sorry for his family & friends. Was he married with a family?

      I have the feeling this is going to be a terrible summer, chas v’sholom. People…be careful on the roads and in the water!

    3. Intersting, I actually was driving my boat past there right around sunset time, I saw at least 10-15 boats anchored up in that area.. Surprised this happened with so many boats in the area.

      As I made the turn towards the verrazanno, I did see some nypd and coast guard boats racing towards that area..

      I was getting alot of waves over there from other people racing towards the city for the fireworks, could be he thought the water was really calm (which for most part it was) and then a few boats passed and prob put some waves on him that he couldnt handle..

      Baruch Dayan Emes

    4. The report quoted “but his heroism was in vain.”

      I very much beg to differ. Going out there and putting forth one’s best effort to save another, merits much admiration and reward as opposed to standing by and watching a death take place.

      • I agree with you 100%. Why should you put down a person who did his best trying to save someones life? He still gets credit for that! Because this person was nebach niftar doesn’t mean all his HEROISM was in Vain!?!? Obviously, Hashem had other plans..

        • I was there and tried to save him and I wasn’t alone trying to do that. Deserve we credit or not should not be judged.
          All I can say that I lost my friend, however I will keep him with me.
          Remember ….. It’s not how long you live, it’s how long you stay after you gone.

      • unfortunately, he may have been an immigrant who did not have the opportunity to grow up frum? and there are pple out there who did not grow up frum and do not know all halachos


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