Monsey, NY – Man’s Body Found on Idle Ramapo Rail Line


    Monsey, NY – A young man’s body was found Sunday night along an idle rail line near New County Road.

    Ramapo police Lt. Brad Weidel said the body was that of a male, about 25 to 30 years old. The man was found face-down, clothed and wearing a yarmulke and sneakers. He was cleanshaven.

    Weidel said there were no obvious signs of foul play.

    “I’m treating this as a suspicious death only because he was found in the middle of nowhere,” Weidel said.

    Ramapo police, the sheriff’s Bureau of Criminal Investigations and the county medical examiner with Chesed Shell Emes and Misaskim were all at the scene.

    Police said all-terrain vehicle riders reported finding the body about 9:30 p.m., about one-third to one-half mile down the tracks from New County Road. The body was removed about 11:20 p.m.

    A large crowd had gathered at Monsey Heights Road and was asking police for information.

    Chesed Shell Emes was on the case since last night. and working together with the Medical Examiners Office. The bochur O”H had a history of seizures.

    The body has been positively identified by the family, as 22-year-old Moshe Yehuda Gluck.

    The lvaya will be 3:00pm, at Hellmans Funeral Home, 15 Stage St. in Hillcrest. Burial will take place at Community Synagogue Cemetery on Brickchurch Rd. in Monsey, NY

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        • I’m sorry number 3 Is right in the zman she’ll beis hamikdosh we should of making a eglaharifah . and now we don’t have the beis hamikdosh and we got to do tshivah

            • no its if someone is found even if he’s not murdered. rachmanah litzlon. I dont think it applies if someone is from the city. Hamokom yerachem eschem mitoch shar availai tzion v’yerusaloyim.

        • I guess you don’t know what a Egla Arifa means ,let me explain it to you .if you find a Niftar Loi Ulieni outside the city and you don’t know how he died the whole city has to bring an Egla Arifa a kalf and you have to knock down his and that’s mechaper on the city .todays times we got to do teshiva and make a Cheshbon Hanefesh

      • Your comment is very insensitive and downright stupid. I hope the family does not use the internet, because your stupid comment will only increase their pain. May Hashem comfort them among the mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim.

        • I think you misread what poster #4 meant. He praised Chesed Shel Emes, didn’t knock it any way. But what you probably misunderstood was that he also said that he hoped no one would ever need their services, not that they weren’t good at what they unfortunately have to do.

        • I think you misread what he said, I did for a moment, but then I relized he was hoping that there should not be a need for them R”L anymore.

      • Thanks for Mandey Rosenberg how open this beautful org In lot more organization Hashem Jut Help him we never have to use them chazak chazak chazak Mandey we need Ur work nabach

    1. Boruch Dayan Emes..

      With a history of seizures he must have lived a hard life….

      May he a Meilitz Yosher.

      May his family have the strength to continue.

      • It is possible to have a seizure anywhere at any time. In some people seizures are not controlled or badly controlled by medication. Often different medications or combinations have to be tried to keep seizures under control. Some people are also in denial or have a false sense of shame, and either never see a doctor for the condition or refuse to take medication. I hope it wasn’t the case here because it would mean that he didn’t have to die as long as he took his meds.

        • People dont normally die of seizure disorders. Epilepsy and related illnesses are not really uncommon. I know its against the religion of this audience, but this is why post mortems were invented. If you dont do one, you will never know.

        • Although I understand the usefulness of discussing how important it is to treat seizures properly, I do not think it appropriate to speculate right here and right now about these things as related to this young man a”h, while the family must clearly be in great emotional pain. (Maybe I’m wrong?)

          Whatever the case was, seizures or not, medication or not, it was quite apparently Hashem’s will that this should happen in exactly the way it did happen. By the way, we don’t even know if it was a seizure do we? If it was, we have no reason to believe he hadn’t done everything possible to avoid it, but I certainly hope there will be no reason for the family to feel guilty or responsible. They are definitely not responsible. Life and death are in the hands of Hashem. Yes, we must do our hishtadlus, but we don’t cause life and death.

          In any event, after the fact we cannot say that he didn’t have to die, or somehow blame the family or even the young man himself a”h. We have no right to judge. It was obviously this young man’s destiny to move on to the next world now. May the family be comforted.

          • I do not see how your words are comforting at all. Actually i think they are quite callous. “It was quite apparently Hashems will” “It was obviously this young man’s destiny to move on to the next world now” I think you are an idiot. You know what Hashem wants? You are pretty arrogant.

        • He died because Hashem decided it was him time to go. Blaming the person or his family in any way for not being responsible for his condition is pointless.

    2. #7 and #9, before you condemn someone, perhaps you should find out what egla arufah means. Its not that hard its in the Chumash. If someone is found dead outside city limits, the city elders have to bring a korbon and do teshuva and say they they did not contribute to his death. And that is called egla arufah

    3. The point of Egla Arufa is that we the community are guilty if this fellow who had problems died out in a field since we the community did not care enough to protect and help him etc.. we overlooked a person who needed more help and attention, nobody even knew that he was out by himself in a field with health issues..shame on us, we were to busy with ourselves etc..

    4. My Hashem give the parents the strenght to continue helping the multitudes and persist in their great work. Our (small) hearts go out to you as we try in our limited way to be noiseh be’oil with you

    5. Comment #3 about Egla Arufa with a question mark was clearly asking whether or not there was foul play. There was neither anything humorous nor amaratzousdik about the statement. I didn’t see any reason to get bent out of shape but the people attacking poster #3 obviously didn’t understand the statement.

      Rabbi Gluck does a great service to the community and he and his family should never again know tzoras like this this terrible tragedy.

      Hamokom yenachem eschem bisoch shaarei availei tzion viyerushalayim.

    6. it scares me, so many times bad (?) things happen to the best people, i am not questioning, but it scares me, this family and the head of the family rabbi gluck are so special it’s a real kiddush hashem to have such a family amongst us,

      well i can only strengthen my amunah in hashem that ltav uvid



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