Tel Aviv – Three Arrested in Drug Bust Smuggling $1M Worth of Cocaine [video]


    The three arrested in court this morningTel Aviv, Israel – District Police have arrested three Jewish men suspected of smuggling over $1 million worth of cocaine.

    One of the suspects, a resident of Kfar Chabad, is suspected of orchestrating the deal. The two messengers, Yeshiva dropouts, residents of Bnei Brak, were arrested at the Ben Gurion Airport after authorities found 10 and a half kilogram of pure cocaine in their suitcases.

    Police were tipped off a few weeks ago that the two Bnei Brak residents, both in their 20s, were sent to Brazil to pick up the drugs. The two were arrested by undercover cops immediately upon their return. Neither of the suspects were dressed in ultra-Orthodox garb.

    Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said on Thursday that the two former seminary students, aged 21 and 20, were stopped at Israel’s international airport overnight.

    He says police officers found about 22 pounds (10 kilograms) of cocaine in their luggage.

    Rosenfeld says police had been tracking the two men for some time. He says Israeli police informed their Brazilian counterparts ahead of time to help identify the pair’s suppliers.

    Police say the cocaine was headed to the Israeli market. Israeli police estimate its street value at around $1 million.

    Video below at the court Credit:

    Tel Aviv police showing the suitcases.

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    1. They were probably given it by some anonymous go-between and didn’t know anything about what they are carrying!!!
      Any day now will start the world wide pidyon shevuim appeal.

    2. If you would do some investigative journalism you would find that the two chassidic bochurim in their teens have left the charedi world a couple of years ago. The implication that they were just not dressed now as chassidic jews is wrong. They are never dressed in the religious garb now.

    3. The Israeli news is reporting that although these 2 students com from ultra ortodox families, they both have gone off the derech quite some time ago….

      • to all

        going off the derech and doing criminal activities are two separate things many people go off the derech and still are regular honest productive people

        • What’s worse, chilul shabbos or smuggling drugs? Yes, I know what your answer will be, you sheigetz, but this is an orthodox site, and every normal Jew knows that chilul shabbos is worse. These boys started breaking shabbos years ago, with the help of the accursed “Hillel” missionaries; why the big deal that they’ve now been caught doing something not nearly as bad?

          (This Hillel group has no connection to the university organisation in the USA. It’s an Israeli group that helps frum kids leave, “lachzor bish’elah” as they put it.)

            • You are flat wrong

              and drugs are not proven to kill, as drugs are legal in amsterdam,
              לאו עכברא גנב אלא חור גנבא

              dont anonymously tell pshat in our tora

            • While hard drugs (cocaine, LSD, morphine, heroin) are banned as in other countries, the “soft drugs” – cannabis in all its forms (marijuana, hashish, hash oil) is legal for personal use only.
              Magic mushrooms, also known as shrooms, were also legal until the 1st of december 2008.
              Certain drugs that are legal in other countries such as bzp are illegal in amsterdam but legal in the republic of ireland.
              Whilst Amsterdam has many coffee shops that sell cannabis quite freely to customers. It is in fact illegal to sell and quite frequently these shops are raided by police. It is acceptable to possess a small amount of these soft drugs, but you can still be charged for intoxication

            • Cocaine DangersThe main health risk with cocaine is overdose. Most cocaine deaths have been caused by accidental overdose, especially with cocaine dissolved in drinks. There is no such thing as a “safe” dose of coke, and a person can overdose even if they have only ingested a relatively small amount of the drug. Cocaine overdose is not nice: victims suffer convulsions, heart failure, or the depression of vital brain centers controlling respiration, usually with fatal results.

              Heart Problems and Stroke
              When someone uses cocaine, the rush they experience also causes a corresponding spike in his or her blood pressure and pulse rate. The user also experiences an increase in his or her respiration rate. Using the drug can trigger a stroke in some cases. This medical consequence of using coke can occur when the user’s blood vessels constrict while his or her blood pressure increases rapidly. The constriction can be severe enough to restrict or cut off blood flow to the brain entirely.

              Men under the age of 40 are most at risk for having a stroke as a result of using cocaine. In some cases, the cause of the stroke can be attributed to a malformation in the arteries or veins supplying the brain. In cases where a person has a stroke after using cocaine, they are more likely to experience the type caused by bleeding in the brain than one triggered by a reduction of blood flow to this important organ.

          • Though many times you’re accurate, this time you’re completely off your line of thinking. Is a person allowed to violate Shabbos to save a life? Of course! While cocaine puts the user in a clear danger to their life – which makes the drug dealers potential killers….and an argument can surely be made that one could violate Shabbos in order to stop a drug deal from taking place.

            As a side note remember – Hashem is all merciful, he will gladly forgive you for violating Shabbos with the proper Tshuva…Cant say the same of parents, who’s kid OD’ed on coke because of some evil people.

          • The laws of Shabbat and the Jewish holidays may be suspended for the purposes of pikuach nefesh. The earliest known example of this took place in 167 BCE, when Mattathias and the Hasmoneans declared that it was permitted for their followers to fight on the Sabbath day to defend themselves from attack. One is allowed to travel in order to save another’s life, and medical care may be provided to critically ill patients (see Driving on Shabbat). According to Moshe Feinstein, it is permissible to travel to accompany a woman in labor to a hospital because the Talmud is especially solicitous of health with respect to pregnancy and childbirth.[4] Shabbat laws can also be bent for a woman who has given birth in the last three days to make sure that she is comfortable and healthy.[4]

            One is allowed to drive a woman to a hospital on Shabbat to give birth, since birth can be life-threatening without medical supervision. Similarly, one may sign a consent form for surgery on Shabbat if the surgery will otherwise be delayed.[4]

            If one’s close relative is transported to the hospital under emergency circumstances during Shabbat, one is allowed to drive or accept a ride to the hospital in order to provide company to their relative at the hospital, since this may be life-saving. One may also be needed at the hospital to sign potentially life-saving consent forms.[citation needed]

            • What does this paste and copy job from Wikipedea have to do with anything?

              What does pikuach nefesh have to do with drug dealers?

            • What has any of that got to do with it? Of course pikuach nefesh overrides shabbos; it also overrides any anti-drug laws! If you can break shabbos to save a life, then you can certainly smuggle drugs to save a life. The fact remains that chilul shabbos is worse than drug smuggling. Chilul shabbos is an issur skila, while smuggling drugs is not even a lav. דברי הרב ודברי התלמיד, דברי מי שומעין

        • But there is a high proclivity and a much greater preponderance for those who go off the derch to be involved in illegal activities such as these.

          And certainly that would not be considered “chareidim” which the Israeli press and yourself would like to say, that this was chareidi crime, rather, it seems like it was a crime by “formally” people. Which follows the pattern that those who fall off the derech often get involved in drug use and smuggling type of endeavors. Hashem Yerachem.

          • But there is a high proclivity and a much greater preponderance for those who go off the derch to be involved in illegal activities such as these.

            prove it with statistics you like to believe that nonsense so you can say look see how much better we are. are that is why you never notice a problem since it does not happen to us.

            no they are not my people two of them are wearing yarmulkes your people and the one from japan your people.

            • Can you try to translate the last two paragraphs of your post into English, the language commonly spoken here on this site. (The two that you wrote and were not copied from another post.) I tried Google translate on your comment and it could not manage to translate what you wrote. In fact, it could not even identify what language it was in. It is difficult to decide if your comment warrants a response if it cannot be comprehended.

          • of course everybody has bad apples, however the non frum do not hide that fact, they do not make bazaar excuses, scream anti cherdie or antisemitism or framed every time someone get arrested and make the arrested person a victim and sometimes a tzaddik

            • And included in the bad apples are those who unfortunately go off the derech. By definition the whole group are bad apples of a sort. The difference may be the degree it manifests itself.

            • You wrote “bazaar.” You meant “bizarre.” They are two completely different words with completely different meanings. Also, “someone get” should be “someone gets.” “Someone” is singular; therefore, in the present tense, the verb must end in “s.” It is not bittul toreh to spend some time learning correct English spelling and grammar.

        • I guess that now you are going to start a collection? You are now the apologist for these crooks because they are no longer frum? Typical hypocrisy from you.

        • listen i can only speak about my personal experience which is that once these kids loose the boundries of frumkait,there are no boundries at all for them.they want to try everything.either they remain messed up,od,straighten out and become regular people as you said or they come back.

      • thats what your interested in? oh comon.
        i see one kid wearing a yamukah. hes hollier then all of us right now knowing hes bout to sit in jail for a long time. but maintaing his faith. i bet they were aofferd a free trip to bring back doncuments for htis guy didnt know better. they dont look smart enough to build a bag like that

    4. For years, we have been hearing some few lone voices discussing the problems of drug abuse within the Jewish community, and we rseponded with the typical Jewish denial. “It doesn’t happen among us.” Bupkes. There are about as many drug users, addicts, dealers, etc. in the frum community as in any other group in the world. It may be unfair to say it’s worse, but to deny it is equally as misleading and dangerous.

      We do far too little as a community to educate ourselves about this. And also way too little to prevent the problem from claiming the lives and neshamos of our youth. The problem is multifaceted and deep. It goes to the core of our existence and identity. There are heaps of responsibility on every Yid. Chinuch, as parents and yeshivos, is inadequate to meet the challenges of the times. We are pleasure seekers just like the rest of the world, driving our own away from the ultimates in avodas Hashem. We have not learned the lessons that even the goyishe secular world has learned about prevention and early intervention. The problem is us, and we mock those who speak up to correct it. When will we learn? When will we save our own children?

      • who are we to criticize them. and who are you to say that there are as much drugs in the from community as in the other groups around the world.
        trust me that there are not even close, and im talking here about the boys that droped out, because then they are not really considerd frum in that aspect. anyway these poor boys probebly did it for the money, and we should be dan them lcaf zechut.

    5. that’s true they used to be chasidish, but they went off the derech rc”l and they are students of Bais H.L.L., wich is a so called school to take bucharim from heimishe families off the derech

    6. What were they thinking? They knew about Japan, & they know dogs could sniff it out, anyone carrying that much Coke would get caught.
      Now wait for the Kol Koreis to pay for their legal fees, that it is blood libel planted on them, they are innocennt.
      What are Yeshiva boys doing in Brazil?
      Now another 2 Chasidishe Bucherim , who would be getting married now have ruined lives. In the alter heim the enabler in Kfar Chabad may have become a mikvah accident.
      How come their Yeshivos let them go to Brazil in middle of Zman. Time for a new mashgiach?

      • Which part about them being referrd to as drop outs in the article leads you to believe that they were in a Yeshivah?

        Perhaps it is time for a new reading teacher fro you.

      • they are not yeshiva bocharim,one of them has had avery sad upbringing so all of u,think before u speak.none of us should go thru what this kid has gone thru.not saying its right what he did.

    7. According to a Charedi website in Hebrew, they are FORMERLY charedi boys
      from chasuva families who left the fold years ago- and were “Mekurav”, by the group “Hillel” who aid frum people to become frei, rachmana letzlon.

      Drug smuggling is terrible, but here is another attempt by the left wing press to paint all religious people as drug smugglers

      • Stop deflecting from the facts as if charedi are never involved with drug smuggling and only non religious Jews or “off the derech” Jews do something like that. The Frum teens in Asia are also now “formerly” ? Rabbi Beirish Grunfeld and Rabbi Mahir Reiss from Bobov are also formerly frum when they were pumping money into their community from Colombian cocaine mafia?
        Whether it’s religious Jews or non religious doing it, it’s a sad and embarrassing tragedy.

        • The issue was that the secular Israeli press made a point of identifying them as Chareidim. And Mr. Formally of this site makes a point of saying they were Chareidim. That is incorrect. And since the point of the secular press and Informal Richard (AKA formally) is to attempt to deride chareidim, it is a bl;atant lie that must be pointed out.

          There are two issues at hand, that these individuals have gotten themselves into trouble and the societaal issues they indiviually may have and it may be a nebach. The other issue is to use these boys as an indication of the acts the chareidim are alleged to do. And therefore it has to be corrected.

          • didn’t your mother tell not to lie

            please provide where I said they where chrediem

            if you show me that I aplogize
            if you cannot you owe me an apology

            • Don’t need your apology. Just want to show you your lie. You might not say the word “chredim” or some other convoluted spelling of the word, but try to read the bable you wrote in post 35.

            • what is your problem all I said prove supply facts that once a person goes off the derech there is a high preponderance that they will be involved in criminal activities

              it is your statement you made the claim prove it. There must be some study that you know off to make such claim. yes people many times will make things up so their believes and values looks to them to be superior to others.

              Now again you made a bold statement, if you want to give your statement some credence please show me the study or research to back up your claim.

              the only reason you bash is because you made that statement up and have nothing to back it up.

              in addition you statement suggest that these type of things do not happen in the frum world, they do and the articles on vin prove it.

            • There is substantial anecdotal evidence. This article alone is proof as are so many others. You can ask the director of project Yes for the stories that he has to deal with on a regular basis. Including all sorts of drug use and sales, theft and prostitution. There have been numerous articles written about this. I have heard from many people who do outreach for such troubled kids. In fact, if you were to give us your name, I am sure you too would be proof of this statement. I am sure you can find it with a little searching. Pull your head out of where the sun doesn’t shine.

              And your last comment, that the poster’s statement suggests anything, prove it. Didn’t your mother teach you not to lie?

              And what happened to your apology? Yet another lie of yours? Your mother must be very proud of you.

              By the way how can anyone know “off” any claim?

            • ” In fact, if you were to give us your name, I am sure you too would be proof of this statement.”
              personal attacks does not make any of you claims any stronger. It is just proof that you really cannot have a honest debate and must resort to personal attacks even thought who have no idea who I am

              :And what happened to your apology?”

              i did not lie, show me where I said that the kids where cherideim? I said i would apologize if you can show me where I stated that, you have not done that.

              Of course people who go off teh derech some will commit crime however one needs to compare what is the percentage of those who committed crimes as opposed to people who who are considered frum and commit crimes. (yes fraud money laundering, lying to get government programs etc are included)

              “And your last comment, that the poster’s statement suggests anything, prove it.”

              if the person says “But there is a high proclivity and a much greater preponderance for those who go off the derch to be involved in illegal activities such as these”

              it is only logical from that statement, that off the derech people commit more crime than frum people. do you suggest he is not saying that?

            • The poster , paraphrasing you own words earlier, called you a liar for putting words in his mouth. That any comment he said indicated that frum people do not commit crime. You tried to prove it but qouting his factual statement that thosee who go OTD have a higher proclivity to commit crime. And they do, all sorts of crimes includingviolent crimes and theft and others. And this has been documented by professionals. But a higher proclivity meens that it is more frequent, not that frum don’t also unfortunatley stoop to crime. So what you have done is actually again proven that you are a liar. And you have not apologized either. Further disappointing your mother. I do remember in previous comments that you said that you saw merit in the thinking of Nazis. I guess being a liar is a smaller siaapointment than that.

            • Let me defend formally, the challenge he poses, is very simple, the poster made an assertion that people leaving the confined of religious lifestyle and adherence to the Torah, have a stronger inclination to commit crimes. Based on the aforementioned articulation, formally challenged the poster to provide actual studies to substantiate his claim. As we all know there has never been done any study looking at this specific issue, but the poster keeps on demanding that formally should apologize, when he is the one who failed to prove his assertion.
              Although to my knowledge there has never been a study to look at this question, but the fact is, that according Religious-Link, in 2007 the none-orthodox Jewish community comprises of more than 90 percent of the Jewish population, if you look at the other 90 percent of Jews they all come from a an what you call OTD person and guess what, how many doctors, lawyers and scientists and great mathematicians are Jewish? Jews are more famous for advancing science, banking and commerce, then crime but yes we do have our criminals too, and it could be, that they are religious, or not. The point is, crime is an individual behavior and it should be looked at the individual not the community. It is wrong to claim that all Orthodox Jews are criminals because of the action of a few, the same it wrong to claim that OTD Jews are bigger tendency to live a life of crime because of a few.

            • Jews & especially religious (or quasi-religious) who do anything wrong – makes the news. How many drug smugglers, users & abusers are caught & arrested the world over? Only a fraction of them are Jews.
              How many thiefs are there in NYC, NYS, USA… and how many are Jewish? Only a fraction.
              How many other criminals are arrested daily? And how many are Jewish?
              But every time a RELIGIOUS person (frum, chareidi, modern, used to be frum etc) does something wrong – that is news & the media will exploit it.

              We as Jews – and especially religious ones, will be held to a higher standard – and so we should be.

            • For those whose backdrop to the discussion is the world population, Jews are a tiny minority. There is also the image that Jews should be better than the average, and this high standard is expected to be met to be the norm. Deviations from this norm, such as the Jew caught with various forms of crime, drug abuse, or moral infractions are considered newsworthy. Some of the commenters here note that. The mainstream media certainly notes that, though with the recognized anti-semitic twist.

              Some of us come from a different perspective, and I include myself. We are familiar with many of the “goyishe” diseases and problems that affect our own, and we strive to get beyond the pervasive denial to identify, confront, and tackle these issues. I get tired of those who refuse to believe that a “frum” yid could be indulging in any of many behaviors totally unbecoming of a shomer Torah umitzvos. I won’t tolerate the disbelief that a מעשה נבלה happened because “it couldn’t be”. That denial passively kills more people and families than terrorists. We, as שומרי תורה ומצות need to grow up, face reality, and deal with our problems.

            • I disagree with your assertion, that religious Jews are held to a higher standard, the reason why you have some who would waive in your face any story badly reflecting on orthodox Jews, because when a news story breaks, the orthodox community, instead of denouncing the bad behavior, they have a tendency to close ranks. In other communities, except the molestation case in the church, people usually do not defend and rally around a criminal.
              Finally, if you run real numbers , of people incarcerated in the US, I know that the Jewish population will not equal the same percentages as any other group, which we know is about .075% of total population, religious or not, Jews are less likely to be incarcerated, and that is a good thing

            • And you are apparently no smarter than formally. The comment was made regarding people who go OTD. And there are all t reports about the children at risk and all the issues related thereto. And ask anyone who deals with such kids and you will see that there is a huge number of the who unfortunately are involved in all sorts of crime
              Formally asserted that the poster suggested that frum do not get involved ion crime. That is a lie, poster said no such thing nor suggested it. Calling him a liar is using the exact terminology that formally used.

              Just because there are doctors and lawyers who are OTD, that does not mean that they are not criminals, it does not mean they are but it does not preclude them either. And Formally said he would apologize if it was shown that he mad an assertion, it was proven and he did not apologize. The purpose was to show that formally has a corrupt subjective way of looking at things and that he is a hypocrite. He tries to point out others hypocrisy, it is therefore important to inform him of his gross hypocrisy.

            • Part # 1
              Why are you disparaging my critical thinking ability? Did I confront yours? The words of poster # 95, speaks for itself, he wrote “There is substantial anecdotal evidence” the word anecdotal is defined, “consisting of or based on secondhand accounts rather than firsthand knowledge or experience or scientific investigation”, in plain English, poster # 95 finally admits that his information is not based on any scientific studies or data, and that was the essential part of formally’s challenge, to prove his point, the poster should cite the actual studies, or scientific data, when he wrote “But there is a high proclivity and a much greater preponderance for those who go off the derch to be involved in illegal activities such as these.”, which up to now, poster # 49 failed miserably, and finally admitted so. Additionally, your point, that formally must be called out, because he claims that poster # 49 is somehow asserting that frum people do not get involved in crime, that by itself it a misstatement, the argument between poster # 49 and formally centers around two central issues, first # 49 claims that the press in Israel go out of their way to identify the culprits as Charedi and he further asserted that formally “attempt to deride Chareidim” therefore he needs to call out formally.

            • Part # 2
              Lets take on the first assertion, a cursory look at the courts photo, we see 3 people arrested, one person who was allegedly the ringleader, that person looks to be older, and full Charedi with the full regalia, then one with a yarmulke, and one without, so who should I believe my lying eyes, or you and poster # 49, the photo speaks for itself. Two, the point formally made that he never wrote that these defendants are Charedi, and that is true, if you read through all formally’s posts, you will see that he readily concedes that every community has bad apples, but what he derides, is the *EXCUSES* in the Charedi community. Based on this, formally is right and an apology is due to him.
              Finally, your assertion, that children at risk are more prone to drugs, and thereby they would get into more trouble, it is true that there are studies about children at risk, being more so prone to violence and drugs, and even prostitution, but you are trying to equate OTD, with at risk, they are not the same, there are no specific Jewish, or other studies, to correlate the two. The same point that you use, if you go OTD, you are also at risk to a life of crime, are being used by Amish, Mormon’s and other religious orders, with no collaborating evidence.

            • Part # 3
              The real question should be, if a person who is at risk in getting involved in illegal activities, or addiction, are they also at risk, to abandon their religious beliefs, which by no means is a foregone conclusion, you have numerous religious people, Jewish or not, who have an addiction problem i.e. drugs, alcohol, gambling, or even sexual in nature, but overall, in the rest of their religious behavior, they are doing the right thing. Therefore, I must construe that they are not mutual exclusive.
              Let me close out with my last observation, your point that because someone is a doctor or lawyer does not mean that they are not criminals, I am willing to agree with your contention, as long as you willing to agree, that if someone is a Rabbi, Rebbe, Charedi, Orthodox, that by itself does not mean that they are not criminals, if we are in agreement, then we are exactly where I started from, that each community has individuals, who would engage in criminal or dependency behaviors, but we should not judge the whole community, because someone’s individual behavior.

    8. Waiting for the outraged declarations that these innocent bochorim were dupes of a wicked non-religious person who told them they were carrying special talcum powder for the irritated tushies of little babies in B’nai Brak.

      • Oh Yea, why it’s a possible first offense why are you so harsh, at the point of interdiction no one was physically hurt, why throw away the keys…………

    9. one can live in Bnei Brak or anywhere else and yet if they break a law of this magnitude, they are not haredi, orthodox and questionably Jewish. They can look and sound Jewish but they are simple criminals who are going against everything that Judaism represents. they should retire in jail!

      • at any magnitude doing a sin or anything wrong is wrong that tells me YOU and almost all haredi ect ect are questionably jewish . all i can say its sad for them and their perants when kids get lost in the holy scents and world scents its sad. may they all be blessed with only good

    10. hashem yiracheim on us

      so these kids went “off the derech” they are still someones children they are someones brothers they are our brothers

      we need to see why they did this and we need to learn to prevent our children from ever doing this again

      we need to love “every jew” as the famous hillel said ahavs yisroel is the torah the rest is the peirush. “every jew” no matter what condition he is in tirah and mitzvois

      with true love we will counter all the “off the derech”

    11. Almost all the posters today are totally missing the point. The message the frum world has to take from this is to take some responsibility and provide better education to their children. The problem here is that these boys went off the derech and had no path in life and became bumbling drug smugglers. This could have been avoided with better parenting and community involvement before they left the fold.

      • Unfortunately and very sadly one of these boys could not have received better parenting as he is an orphan and when his father remarried there were serious problems at home and he had to leave!!!

    12. If we take the position of protecting these people from the consequences of their actions, we will be rewarding it. Then we become part of the problem, not the solution. I will staunchly refuse to be part of a pidyon shvuyim campaign. I asked rabbonim years ago about drug dealers, and the unanimous psak was that they are “rodfim” that could be eliminated with full support of halacha. We need to be more aware of the criminal aspect of this issue, and give the authorities our unconditional support at helping rid our community and our streets of the cancer of drug abuse.

    13. Listen to their lawyers the lady lawyer says it all. They are stupid kids, look at the boy with the little kipa, he seems a sweetheart, just dilusioned, & probably brainless. {Is he the Yosom?}
      Nebach on them.
      We are so busy with our own selfish lives, yes we give tzedokah, we go to simchos shivas & levayos. We support these big marketing Baalei Tshuva & health help centres. The more colorful their graphics the mkore buck they strike. We support the shnorer, who has the guts to print pages & put them all over, & give a nice drosho, more that the Real Oni, who can’t show his face. We do chesed when it pays & looks nice. Like the phsycopath, who had a secretary,who had a kid nebach on chemo, he rodefed her to work every minute,never helped her a penny for her kids treatment, & then had signs hanging over town, parlour meeting at his home for a choshuva Yerushalmi yid, whos kid needs chemo.
      These kids could have been helped with a smile a trip, & a little of our precious time & maybe money.
      They may shape up in jail, but how will we shape up?

    14. All embarrassed frum yiden simply say they are off the derech. That changes nothing. The blame is still on us. Is this what comes of boys raised in a frum environment? Why are they going off the derech? We can’t simply wash our hands of their misdeeds. We always look at people’s upbringings to answer the whys that come up through their actions.
      By definition, anyone who does this is not a shomer Torah umitzvos. That can be said about all horrible aveiros. But why are we pumping out so many criminals? Let’s really ask ourselves that.

      • So Koirach Dosopn Aviron Ochon Micha Achov Yerovom etc are the fault of their upbringing?
        How about Aisov?
        Have you ever thought that you & everyone else have a yetzer hora of their own, and not always is someoneelse to blame?
        With your calculations we could send the blame up the ladder all the way to Odom Horishoin, for that matter Kayin killed Hevel too. Do you blame Odom Horishoin for that too?
        & Chas Veshalom a man is the son of G-d do you go back & blame Odom Horishoin’s sin on the Kabayoichel Chas Veshalom?
        As #45 put it we may have had a way to try & be mekarev these kids if we got our priorities in the right order on that we failed.
        Please gimmee a break, what kind of professer are you ? Pro Fresser maybe?

        • I have a yetzer hora, but I was raised to have choices. I didn’t become a long-term learner, but I learned to be a productive member of society.There is a very one way approach in most yeshivos.That is a big part of the problem. Chanoch Lnar al pi darko and the requirement to teach a child an umnus doesn’t only come after the child is half off the derech. It is a a plan for raising a child lichatchillah. We must look beyond our cookie cutter mould.
          A sincere boy with a job should be respected by Bais Yaakov girls, not looked down upon.

      • The blame is on those who go off the derech. Get it? Enough is enough with the blaming and bashing of those who have nothing to do with the reason of those who go off the derech or become criminals . It’s their own choice and if they choose the wrong way it’s their own fault.
        Every community has their share of criminals. While I agree with you that it shouldn’t be in our communities the fact is that their are but don’t blame the thousands of good, frum Jews because of that. Blame the criminals themselves.

    15. the truth as most know outside of the sheltered folks on VIN is that if they could tax coke the governments of the world would be glad to legalize it. way more people die from alcohol related deaths than drug related deaths, also you may want to ask yourself were the legally exported to America coca-leaves wind up. ill give you a hint its on your shul kiddush table.

    16. How come you never hear about off-the-derech (formerly) yeshiva boys who become successful plastic surgeons? Why do they always gravitate to the underworld?
      Just for once I want to hear of a yeshiva dropout who went on to become a research scientist or a podiatrist!!

      • I am sure there are many, and some famous writes, and scientists but bad news interests people more. Even on vin if one would post an article about off-the-derech person becoming a big time doctor, there would not be as many comments

        As the old saying goes bad news sells papers

        • Statistics please. You say you are sure there are famous “writes” show statistics that there many of these off the derech drop outs who were able to integrate into society.
          They unfortunately are troubled and very often the same issues that caused them to drop out are obstructions to general success.
          Most famous “writes” in my opinion toigt gornisht.

    17. im sure the drugs were for the non-frum market whether they were transported by charidim who were probaly sweet talked in to it …shame on israel for letting all the russian gentiles influence the country….

      • you are either their cousin/lawyer/or in deep denial about our community. you want to blame Russian gentiles? you who probably never wore a uniform but your hat and shirt? they who serve and protect Eretz Yisrael? you smear and taint without any evidence. how dare you? did you ever read Pirkei Avot? do you have any shame?
        I was wondering why our community suffers, including my own experiences. I have been brought low but never resorted to anything but honest dealings.
        Drugs bring hell for all people. we are a light unto the nations. we do not make their lives embittered.
        drug dealers are a cancer on our people. period.

    18. The organizer was from Chabad? Were these kids being mekareved by Chabad? If so, this story is something I would not expect from Chabad, their mitzvos and service to the klal in kiruv far outweigh anything negative that can be said of them.

      • What do you mean “from Chabad”? Just because he lives in the Kfar, that makes him “from Chabad”?! At most it means that he once had some connection to Chabad, enough to be approved to live there, but once someone’s in I don’t think they can kick him out of his home.

      • He happens to live in Kfar Chabad. He is not a shaliach or rav, just a lowlife who happens to live in Kfar Chabad and therefore is probably of a Chabad background. Remember that Chabad accepts people from all kinds of prior backgrounds and it is very easy for a sociopath to take advantage of that.

    19. Kids usually go off the derech because they have a yetzer hora, he shows up in many forms, a dirty magazine, internet, or just pulls to do bad and evil.
      Those 2 kids are off the derech and had chosen a couple of years ago to walk on a non religious dangerous path, they are not charedim,and even though they’re not frum and not considered charedim, I do pity them, they hardly started their life now, and they bit a hard rock at this young age.
      May they be zoiche to do teshuva.

    20. Formally, didn’t expect common sense from you, since you’re always busy to mock and bash the righteous and defend at all costs all bums and charedi-jew haters.

      • thanks

        I criticize many times so called cheriede people who get involved in fraud even if they are considered rebbies or leaders. because of that I labeled a Jew hater because i do not buy the excuses that people us to defend them. And I do not buy the mesira BS

        or like today I asked on another story to source me where it says in the Torah that one may not move bones since everybody is making it an issue I have yet to receive an answer to that question

    21. To #11, this story doesn’t prove that charedim have a drug problem, which is lie!! There may be isolated cases, but your blunt statement is false and a libel.
      1)This story itself is about drug “dealers” not users/abusers.
      2) This story happened with 2 “non charedim”, 2 secular non frum guys.
      So maybe you find a serious drug dealing problem at the off derech seculars in Israel.

      • The story is about drug dealers, not the abusers. That’s true. But the painful reality is that there are drug problems in the frum community, and the sum of the “isolated” cases is way beyond your belief. It is more comfortable to believe that the frum drug abuser is rare, but that is not true. It is not an epidemic either, so i would not sensationalize this in either direction. What is true is that there is this myth, known as denial, that “Shikker is a goy”, which is applied to drugs. Perhaps this was once true, but no longer is. I know this from firsthand experience. No one would ever treat a non-existing problem, and every drug rehab worth its salt has had plenty of frum clients. Nearly every mental health professional in the frum community has had clients or consultations about frum drug addicts.

    22. To #52,
      I love all big mouths that know whom to blame, if you wanna blame “us”, just blame “me” – yourself!
      When a person wants to sin its his own choice! Nobody promotes him to it, as you see 99 percent of yeshiva graduates are religious and not drop outs, that a very high score, and this small percentage of drop outs shows the success rate of the charedi chinuch.

    23. consider themselves lucky they were not busted in brazil, despite Israeli police tipping off the Brazilians. They are very lucky they are in Israel and not rotting away in San Paula

    24. What difference does it make if these are “frum”, “Chareidi”, or “MO” kids? The point is that a “FRUM” man, is at fault here. He culled them in and tempted their sense of greed. Obviously he paid them a nice chunk of change to work with him. We don’t know what he paid them, we don’t know what he promised them, but we do know that they are young kids who make mistakes and should have known better after what happened to those boys in Japan. But lets lay the brunt of the blame on the real criminal here and that is the FRUM guy who is the true smuggler.

    25. 5-10 years of hard time is an appropriate punishment for this crime in my opinion. i wonder what they will get…vosiznaiz please post an update on what their sentence ultimately is

    26. To #52,
      I love all big mouths that know whom to blame, if you wanna blame “us”, just blame “me” – yourself!
      When a person wants to sin its his own choice! Nobody promotes him to it, as you see 99 percent of yeshiva graduates are religious and not drop outs, that a very high score, and this small percentage of drop outs shows the success rate of the charedi chinuch.

    27. Unfortiunly………you read evry day in Isrealy newspapers the worst that can happen but it dosent go out to the world.difrent is when a CHARAIDE dose anything wrong it goes to international press wake up it is zionisim against CHARAIDEM…………….

    28. Here we go again. People debating whether “frum” people commit crimes. Problem is, what defines “frum”. I guess, it refers to someone living within the frum community, ostensibly following the basics of Shabbos, kashrus, etc. Do frum people navigate to places on the internet that are clearly ossur? Yes! Are they frum? Do frum people cut corners on matters of kashrus? Yes! Do frum people speak lashon harah? Yes! Do frum people take money and programs from the government for which they are ineligible? Yes! Do frum people lie? Yes! Are there frum people who abuse or molest others? Yes! Are they really frum?

      It is not our purview to establish which issurim are okay, and still leave a person with the “frum” label. We can speak about the “culturally frum”, denoting the outward lifestyle. That’s all it means. And some OTD kids (and adults) retain this cultural identity, and others don’t. Nobody labeled the molesters arrested or sentenced recently as “OTD”. Why not?

      The frum community has its problems, that is fact. Let’s stop debating, and let’s correct ourselves. There’s lots to do. אי אתה רשאי להבטל ממנה.


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