Detroit, MI – AP Report: The Tragic Death of The Menora Family [Photos]


    This photo taken July 12, 2010 at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry and provided by the Menora famiy shows Shalom Menora and three of his children Yossi Menora, 13, left; Rikki Menora, 16, second from right; and Rachel Menora, 14, right, all from Bet Shemesh, Israel. The two daughters along with their grandfather Moshe Menora, of Skokie, Ill., and another one of his granddaughters, Sara Klein, 17, of Jerusalem were killed Tuesday, July 13, 2010, when their small plane crashed on an interstate in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Yossi was hospitalized Wednesday after being ejected from the aircraft. He was the only survivor from the Tuesday evening crash. (AP Photo/Museum of Science and Industry via courtesy the Menora family)Detroit, MI – A 73-year-old Chicago area man and three of his granddaughters from Israel were killed when their small plane crashed on an interstate in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

    A 13-year-old grandson, who was hospitalized after being ejected from the aircraft, was the only survivor from the Tuesday evening crash, Mackinac County Sheriff officials said.

    The pilot, Moshe Menora of Skokie, Ill., was killed, along with Rikki Menora, 16; Rachel Menora, 14; and Sara Klein, 17.

    The grandchildren had been visiting from Israel for about a week, Moshe Menora’s widow, Sema Menora, told The Associated Press Wednesday.

    She said the boy, Yossi Menora, suffered burns to half his body, and that the others died instantly.

    Police said the twin engine Beechcraft Model 58 had not yet reached 1,000 feet after taking off from the Mackinac County Airport when it encountered trouble. The plane flipped after striking a median barrier on I-75, before resting on the shoulder about 250 miles northwest of Detroit.

    Moshe Menora and his grandchildren took off about 10:15 a.m. Tuesday in the six-passenger plane from a small airport outside Chicago on a day trip to Mackinac, his widow said.

    Moshe Menora had about 30 years of experience as a pilot.

    “He just wanted to do something with the children for a few hours,” Sema Menora said. “They wanted to go in the plane. It was a special treat and he was a very skilled pilot.
    This July 13, 2010, photo provided by The St. Ignace News shows the wreckage of small plane that crashed after takeoff from the Mackinac County Airport in St. Ignace, Mich. The pilot Moshe Menora, 73, of Skokie, Ill., and three of his granddaughters Rikki Menora, 16; Rachel Menora, 14; and Sara Klein, 17, visiting from Israel were killed in the crash. A 13-year-old grandson Yossi Menora, who was hospitalized after being ejected from the aircraft, was the only survivor. (AP Photo/The St. Ignace News)
    “He had a very good relationship with his grandchildren. He enjoyed flying and wanted them to be part of what he loved, and they loved it.”

    Sema Menora said she last spoke with her husband Tuesday morning before they left.

    “I just said, ‘Have fun, have a good trip and I’ll see you for dinner,'” she said.

    By dinnertime, a meal of baked salmon, mashed potatoes and salad was ready.

    “I knew they would be starved,” Sema Menora added. “They were coming back about 5:30 p.m. Something went wrong in the takeoff.”

    Sholom Menora — father of Rikki, Rachel and Yossi — told his mother from the Michigan hospital where Yossi was being treated, that the plane had split in half. The boy was in the rear of the plane at takeoff, Sema Menora said.

    The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board will investigate. The FAA said the plane’s tail number is 3081N and that the aircraft is registered out of state.

    Rikki and Rachel came from Bet Shemesh, Israel, along with their brother. Sara was from Jerusalem.

    Moshe Menora was born in Haifa, Israel, and had been working in real estate in the Chicago area. He and Sema Menora celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in March.
    Moshe Menora, 73, and his granddaughters Sarah Klein, 17, Rebecca Menora, 16, and Rachel Menora, 14. (Moshe/passport photo; Rebecca and Rachel photos/ Museum of Science and Industry courtesy the Menora family; Rachel/ family photo)

    VIN Note:
    The name for learning Mishnayos are: Moshe ben shlomo yosef, Rachel bas sholom, Tzirel rivka bas sholom, Sara bas efraim zev.
    Tehilim: Netanel Yosef ben Simcha Sima.

    Chesed Shel Emes from New York working July 14 2010 at the plane crash site.

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    1. BD’H This is a great tragedy for klal yisroel. Rabbosai, chazal tell us not to do such activities during the 9 days. Please reconsider doing such unnecessary activies for the next week!

      • what is wrong with u? u r so insensitive. u put an exclamation point at the end. what is wrong with u. we all know what chazal says and for u to say it here is disgusting. get your head examined or better yet walk in front of a speeding bus.

        • it is the correct thing to say right here without a question. It is not insensitive it is a reminder to us all. If we are afraid to speak the truth more tragedies will hit us. The comment was made nicely and as a reminder not as any blame.

          what is disgusting is your suggestion to walk in front of a speeding bus. That says a lot about you. Get the help you need as you struggle with your depression.

      • This is indeed a huge tragedy and the mishpacha should only have a lot ot simchos in the future but I recently read a new sefer on bein hametzarim based on psakim from reb shmuel kamenetzky that flying is not a sakana and as a matter of fact he paskens that you never make bircas hagomel on flying. Regarding the 9 days he says you can lichatchila fly.

    2. This is a siman that we have started out with the 3 weeks like this! Let us all just daven that Hashem watches over us every second. Just because we cant watch over children enough Hashem has the power to so thats a merit that we have Moshiach come right now! Just daven and we will have it Iy”h!

    3. על אלה אני בוכה, אוי געוואלד און געשריגען הייליגע באשעפער נעם אונז יעצט ארויס פון גלות, לאמיר שוין זוכה זיין צו תחיית מתים, בפרט די משפחות וואס האבן לעצטענטס פארלוירן א נאנטע.
      אבער מדארף זיך שטארק מחזק זיין און גלייבען און דאס באשעפער דרכים
      נאך אזוי פוהל צרות ביי כלל ישראל, אונז יודען געבען נישט אויף און מען גלייבט און דיך באשעפער
      אבער הייליגע באשפער דו בהאלסט זיך אזוי פוהל יארן פון אונז – איך בעט דיך באשעפער דו גייסט דאך ברענגען משיח, אויב עס איז נאך נישט דו צייט כאטש זיי אונז מודיע ווען משיח וועט שוין נתגלה ווערן, און אויך זאל די הייליגע טאטע אונז אפהוטן פון כל מיני פגעים השייכים להולכי דרכים, מיר פארן נאך אוועק צו האבן ווייטער כח דיך צו דיניען
      המקום ינחם את כלל ישראל שלא ישמע עוד שבר עד ביאת משיח בב”א

    4. # 23 and #24. Please keep the bashing to yourself and let this site provide nechama to the family (when they see all of the Jews who truly care,) should they ever view it. This was a true tragedy and may we all know of no more tzaros.

    5. well then with ur thinking, dont go into a hospital either the first weeks of july….there are new graduates “practicing on you” try to avoid that also….

      • It’s a DIN – NOT a Bubba Meisa, that the 9 days are a time of mourning over the destruction of the 2 Batei Mikdash. We are supposed to curtail pleasure activity as well as potentially dangerous activity. When I went to camp, Thursday was hike day and trip day. BUT in the 9 days we did not leave camp grounds for the two reasons mentioned above. This is part of chinuch (education) of our children. The 9 days are unfortunately more prone to problems, so we try to minimize our exposure. It’s pretty much much common sense not to look for extra trouble. There’s enough of it as it is. From now on – only good news!

        • And…. flying with an experienced pilot of 30 years is “extra trouble”? Unfortunately, “extra trouble” during the 9 days can be found the second you get up out of bed in the morning – don’t make a coffee, you might get burned. G-d forbid you should go out and cross a street (at a crosswalk noch) and have a speeding bus not stop in time…..

          • He was 73 years old. Some people cannot drive anymore, let alone fly, at age 73 even if they had clean driving records all their lives. BDE but this was an avoidable tragedy. 9 days, private plane, aging pilot.

      • ABSOLUTELY – a good Dr. will not admit a patient for an elective surgery during July or August. The new interns are experimenting and the more experienced doctors are on vacation. If there’s a choice –stay at home during those months. (If you value your life)

        • its very interesting you say – I took a friend of mine to see his doctor the other day (my friend was in a lot of pain and there was a good chance she was going to need emergency surgery)

          the doctor did some small fix it stuff just to hold off the problem – the doctor said “I don’t want to rush to surgery lets wait a month or two” – I don’t know if its for that same reason but i hear what your saying

    6. Thanks for bringing up a good point. The comment about not doing extra activity in the nine days is so true, every yid who is knowledgable and cares about the chorban and wants moshiach to come, knows that he has to do the right things to bring moshiach closer. The comment wasn’t meant for the family; of course caring yiden around the world are horrified and b’tzar. We care and we wish the family only good, but this message was a reminder for the part of klal yisroel that didn’t get the message from the accident alone: “yiden! The shechina is in tzar! Refrain from pleasure and mourn on the chorban! Just like it is self understood that when tragedy occurs, hashem yishmureinu, people don’t think of doing fun things, same and even more so in the nine days, ehrliche yiden know to stay away from a lot of things requiring extra shmira (this is for you laughing about not going to the hospital) yes! Definitely! It is known all over that one should not go to the doctor for anything that could wait even a simple well visit should be postponed for after the nine days and especially a procedure or surgery! Go open a sefer and find out the halachos for yourself! And regarding hurting the family’s feelings; it doesn’t look like YOU could care less if you could even bring up on paper the suggestion to walk into a bus! Who cares about who? Ehrliche yiden learn a lesson from what happens on this world and use it to do teshuva and be better in the future! THIS will be a zechus for the family and will bring a aliya for the neshomos. This and more good deeds will help to bring our yeshua closer and yehi rutzen shelo yeshume od shor bigvuleinu. And the whole family shouldn’t know of more tzar.

      • Quit sitting in chutz l’aretz and preaching mourning of the chorban. Make aliyah and take an active part in settling in Eretz Yisrael HaK’dosha. The Schina’s in tzaar because we’re all sitting comfortably very far away from where WE should be preparing to build the Beit HaMikdash.

        • The medine takes away all the kedusha from Eretz Yisroel and sadly all of the frum olim in the world will not stop that unless we were to pull off a coup and replace the whole government framework. Try that and you end up in the beis mishegoyim.

          Besides, for many of us our job is to spread kedusha where we are to Jews who are under the spell of secularism to the point they do not know there ever was a beis hamikdash, or that they consider the avoida that went on there to be animal cruelty and primitive chas vesholom.

    7. B.D.E. From what I heard from someone who knew him personally. That he was a very special”CHUSHAVE” person,A bal tzduke A Lev Tov,should he be a meiletz Yosher for all of us and the family should find a “NECHUME”

    8. This is a horrible tragedy for Klal Yisrael. The NTSB will investigate this accident, and will get to the bottom, regarding the cause. The entire aircraft will be studied, from top to bottom. If there was anything mechanically wrong, it will be ascertained. Unfortunately, small private aircraft by their nature, are not as safe as commercial aircraft. There are hundreds of accidents involving general aviation every year in the USA, involving numerous fatalities. The public would not stand for such a high accident rate, regarding commercial aircraft. Every time the Government seeks to impose higher standards upon the general aviation industry, the Aircraft Owner’s and Pilot’s Association, fights tooth and nail. For example, private airplanes upon impact break apart very easily, and there are no air bags to protect passengers. Yet, private planes today have basically the same design flaws, with regard to passenger safety, as they had 60 years ago.

    9. I am just thinking about the name of the sole survivor.
      Netanel (Hashem Gave) Yosef (More) Ben
      Simcha (Happiness) Sima
      Vchain Yokum

      Learning about the Bais Hamikdash in the three weeks
      and Listening to siyumim from Rosh Chodesh Av until 15th Av
      According To the Lubavitcher Rebbes Takono


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