Freehold, NJ – Suspicious Death of Monmouth County Jewish Inmate Being Investigated


    Freehold, NJ – Authorities are investigating the death of a Marlboro man who was admitted to the Monmouth County jail Thursday afternoon and six hours later was taken to CentraState Medical Center, Freehold township, where he was pronounced dead at 7:31 p.m. Thursday.

    First Assistant Monmouth County Prosecutor Peter Warshaw said Friday night that the Prosecutor’s Office and county Sheriff’s Office are investigating the cause and manner of the death.

    He said he could not immediately provide details of what happened to the man after he was admitted to the jail in Freehold Township, nor release the man’s name. The death did not appear to be a suicide, he said.

    VIN News has learned that the inmate was 22-year-old Amit Bornstein and his parents are living in Israel.

    After Rabbi Chaim Burech (Edgar) Gluck secured the quick release, Chesed Shel Emes got involved to prevent unnecessary desecration of the body, and obtained the release and will fly him back to Israel for burial tonight.

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      • Contact: David Katz
        Phone: 212- 228 – 2528
        E-mail: [email protected]

        10 Weeks Later, Still No Answer from Sherriff’s Office:
        Victim’s Family to Hold Rally & Press Conference on Wednesday, October 20, 2010, 1:30 Pm

        FREEHOLD, NJ – On July 29, 2010, Amit Bornstein, age 22 of Marlboro was arrested at his home by Monmouth County Sheriff’s Officers on a bench warrant for failing to appear in Court for minor misdemeanor and traffic infractions. Seven hours later Correction Officers dropped Amit’s dead body at CentraState Hospital. Little is known about what happened while in custody, as surveillance tapes were seized by the Prosecutor’s Office and have not been released. Two months after Amit’s death, Sherriff Shaun Golden has yet to make any statement about the incident; now the Bornstein family is demanding accountability for the death of their son.
        According to investigators at least eight (8) Correction Officers were involved in the incident. Though the CO’s initially claimed Mr. Bornstein “tossed them around like dolls,” autopsy photos show that Amit was shackled and beaten to death after asking to make a phone call home. Amit’s family and neighbors are demanding the release of the county jail video and audio tapes, and a fair and full investigation into his death, with appropriate disciplinary and criminal charges filed against his killers.
        In response to the silence from the Sherriff’s office, a press conference and rally is being organized for Wednesday, October 20, 2010 at 1:30 pm in Freehold Borough to demand scrutiny of officer misconduct, human rights violations and to demonstrate concerns over the mismanagement of the jail by Monmouth County’s Sherriff’s Office. The family is also asking witnesses to come forward with any helpful information.
        — 1:30 Press Conference at the Hall of Records in Freehold Borough, New Jersey! — free buses picking up around NYC & NJ —

        Hall of Records at 1 East Main St., Freehold, NJ 07728

    1. Go ahead, yiddin, keep electing more conservative politicians who appoint more conservative judges who destroy the accountability of police and other officers to the general public and their elected officials.

      • Iyh we will. You liberals are destroying this once great nation killing the economy by spending trillions taxing to death anyone who finds a job. Making us weak to our enemies make our allies hate us.

      • Q sounds like he has an axe to grind. Is he perhaps a convicted felon? I’ll bet he is.

        Q, dont blame this on Conservatives. Blame it on YOURSELF!!

        • Perfect response fro$ someone who mindlessly repeats the mantra of a talk-show huckster instead of engaging his brain to form his own opinions.

          You have no response to my comment but since it represents opposition to the ‘thoughts’ of your babbling idols on radion you cannot allow it to go unanswered.

          Lacking a coherent counter-argument, you do resort to typical schoolyard bully behaviour: you attack the messenger personally, hurling foolish accusations to divert attention from his accurate but uncomfortable message.

          Had I needed reassurance that my comments were appropriate and to the point, your need to resort to childish tantrum tactics would served as such perfectly.

    2. This is a great tragedy. However, please remember that the victim must have been no angel to end up in jail in the first place. It is rare for a completely innocent person to end up behind bars.

    3. In reply to comment #6, someone who drives with a suspended license is a murderer. R’ Elyashiv Paskened that its a mitzvah to go to the police if you know someone is driving with a suspended license. Call me sadistic, but I have no tears for someone who drives recklessly, putting thousands of people in danger.

      • What a classy person you are, so killing someone in jail u say is not a problem cause he did something wrong. Idiot, but what bothers me is u using some torah psak u lunatic.. Ur not a sadist but a self hating human being……

      • So, a woman driving he husband’s/friend’s/mother’s car gets stopped for a burnt out tail lamp and can’t find the registration and insurance card because her husband/friend/mother keeps it tucked into a map in his glove box instead of a plastic wallet attached to the visor like she keeps her’s, or vice – versa.

        With no papers, the police have the right to tow the car.

        Cop decides to pull her in because she got frantic that the cop was towing the car Friday afternoon, which would leave her with an infant, a six year old and an eleven year old on the side on the highway, fifteen miles from home, where there will be no shabbos because the food is in the trunk of the car the cop is going to tow. (Based on actual events that ended without a person killed in police custody, B”H.)

        She deserves to be beaten to death in the local jail?

        Next time, don’t squander the opportunity to keep your stupidity to yourself.

      • I totally agree wth u. I say tht if u do the crime u pay the time. Ths ppl tht drve frm the country 2 the city on undr 2 hrs desrve 2 hve their licence tkn away

    4. Are we becoming fanatical again? Where does it say anything. In the article about suspended license? Please stop quoting gedoilim, without the full psak, if any. If he did say anything about a driver with suspended license, I’m sure he wasn’t referring to someone that neglected to answer a cell phone ticket or didn’t stop long enough by a stop sign. I’m sure what he was referring to was a reckless driver. So please stop taking issues out of perspective. Before this get all blown out, we still don’t know basic, why was he in jail in the first place, and what happened from there on.

    5. reply to # 10, I hate to say this, but you are wrong. The question, and then response from Reb Eliyashev was taked way out of context, and when i myself went to discuss it, I got a very differant answer.

      Regardless, the halachos of pidyon shvuiom are very differant in the USA then is EY for one simple reason, being b’yad nochri, and this is a exact case that proves why pidyon shvuim still remains the same as it did when the rambam wrote his major tsuva about it.

      As one who is involved in all aspects of this, and actually went through all the halachos, I must request that you do your homework before commenting.

      And on a side note, as per the NYS DMV own addmision, there are over 100,000 drivers at any given time that may be suspened without any knowledge, and that can very well be a court mess up, I just hope that never happens to youm especially not on erev shabboss.

    6. There is no evidence that the police acted improperly. Until there is such evidence, we assume he contributed to his own tragic demise. Lets stop making heroes out of those who are in prison for a reaon. If the evidence points to police misconduct, only then should we assume fault with the authorities. Otherwise, police in the U.S. are entitled to the same assumption we always make in EY that the police acted properly.

      • Right now the only ‘evidence’ is that a 22 year old boy checked in, didn’t commit suicide and died in custody. Unless it was natural causes the police are responsible. Since few 22 year old boys die suddenly of natural causes, the presumption at this point is that the police are responsible for his death, either directly or indirectly.

        So stop making heroes out of every person who ever put on a blue uniform. Not all of them deserve to wear it and far too many others are willing to turn a blind eye to those who disgrace the entire judicial system (not to mention commit some pretty serious and even violent crimes).

    7. Look at the tzimis cooked up here and the insults – when none of the facts are really known yet, except this soul was arrested and then taken later to hospital where he died. Is this how we judge a matter? On speculation and hearsay? I think not! V’od – how did these alleged practices become linked to conservative politics? This thread of comments is a classic chain of reactions. Grow up people We have bigger fish to fry that arguing about nothing here. Grow up already.

    8. Reply to #19

      Maybe the jailers were also yidden? Why would you give the benefit of the doubt to someone who has been arrested for a crime rather than to the security officers?

    9. Maybe they brought him in because he appeared drunk. Maybe he was having an attack due to diabetes and appeared drunk. Maybe because of that he died of natural causes because they didn’t treat him fast enough. Who knows? I’m just guessing. It could have been medical neglect. Who knows?

    10. If someone is using someone else’s car, it is incumbent upon them to know in advance where the registration and other papers (i.e. proof of insurance) are, before using the car. Also, they should check in advance, to make sure all of the lights are working properly.
      Unfortunately, innocent people are detained and arrested routinely. I know of a case, where a lunatic attacked two other people with a blackjack, over a parking spot, left the scene, and got a phony doctor to patch him up. Then, after the cops apprehended him, he claimed that he was attacked by the other two people. His false claim caused the other two innocent individuals to be arrested. The perpetrator was also arrested. However, since it wound up as a cross complaint (he said/ they said), the grand jury dismissed the complaint. Also, all of the so called “witnesses” were too intimidated to testify.

    11. I know for a fact that inmates are sometimes beaten in jail.

      A recent case in California. A frum person was Id’d on a street by a 15 y.o. girl as the person who molested her on a city bus. Cops busted him and sent him to jail for processing. He had never been to jail nor did he know what procedures to follow. He approached a deputy who told him “sit down and shut up!”. He said that there were people expecting him and he would have to make a phone call. Once again the deputy yelled “Get the —- back into your seat and shut up!” He decided to sit on the floor until the deputies would allow him to make a phone call. 4 deputies decided to teach him a lesson and used his head a soccer ball until he was transported to the hospital for stitches in his head and brain damage. The deputies won’t admit to anything. They blamed the inmates for causing a fight!

      By the way, I’m told that it was a case of mistaken identity!

      This is only one of many similar incidents that I am aware of.

    12. Where is “Acting” Sheriff Golden on this??? Why hasn’t he made a statement regarding this incident??? Oh yeah, our “acting” sheriff is to busy securing his job by campaigning for next November’s election.

      Lets keep his opponent in mind. We don’t want a coverup on this matter.

    13. Unfortunately, this type of matter does happen all too often. Though I do not know any details to this case specifically, I have many clients who have been arrested for driving while suspended who had no knowledge of the suspension. Very often the suspension can be for missing a Motor Vehicle Commission surcharge. Additionally, I have had numerous clients who have posted bail but are not released for hours or days. This past week an 18 year client was arrested because his 17 year friend had a controlled substance in the trunk of the latter’s car in a backpack. My client was in jail for almost 6 days after bail was posted until the bureaucratic red tape was unraveled. Another client spent 14 days in the Essex County Jail under the wrong name even though his finger prints, social security number, date of birth and photo did not match the actual person being sought.

      Sof kol sof, if anyone finds themselves in contact with the authorities, be respectful, make no sudden movements and do not act in any way that gives anyone a reason to become angry with you. Everything can be sorted out later. Being beaten or worse cannot.

    14. For those you wanna put there two sense in go ahead, this guy I knew personally there warrants our for him which none were serious matter marijuana possesion 1 and the other traffic ticket . This guy is 6’1 270 pounds of straight muscle and that not a me over reacting. No one is perfect but that should not lead to anyones death especially when coming from people who are suppose to serve and protect not kill and protect later. Its getting out of hand especially in the are the victim lives in. These Marlboro and freehold cops of nj are walking Testosterone needles waiting to explode. Tell me any crime or criminal show on TV that doesn’t clearly show people when they get on the floor and put their hands behind their back before officers tell them to do so and you still se 4 to 6 officers use there legs on the beings necks back , stop on their legs, bumb rush the person when they never resisted. Its had it could of be me or anyone in this Marlboro freehold area. He is never forgottin and may those responsible be treated just like any other murder

    15. Oh Man, police brutality is all over youtube. Im starting to believe that this is how America works. I saw a cops break legs, beat up teen girls & taser folks for the fun of it. Amit Bornstein is dead because apparently its good police work to not bring a perp to face the judge. Guilty until proven innocent.

    16. This is Murder. I used to be interested in law enforcement but i cant watch a youtube video on the subject without seeing the gang like behavior of sworn officers abusing thier power and killing folks. im tired of it and apparently, This is how america handles these situations. they bury it. These Police officers need to pay for what theyve done.


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