Manchester, CT – Orthodox Jew Among Those Killed At Connecticut Beer Factory


    Manchester, CT – A 50-year-old Stamford man was among the nine people killed during a shooting rampage at a Manchester beer distributor Tuesday morning.

    Louis Felder, (Yehuda Lieb ben Moishe Yitzchok), a Pepper Ridge Road resident and member of the city’s Orthodox Jewish community, worked at Hartford Distributors. He was killed when a 34-year-old driver went on a killing spree before committing suicide, his rabbi and neighbors confirmed Tuesday evening.

    The state medical examiner’s office on Tuesday would not release information about the deaths in the Manchester shooting, instead referring questions to police. Manchester authorities did not return phone messages Tuesday, and they had yet not released names of the victims.

    Felder, who in 1999 founded a warehouse management system and consulting business, was the operations director at Hartford Distributors, according to Journal Inquirer newspaper reports of an expansion planned by the company.

    Outside his Pepper Ridge Road home Tuesday, more than two dozen cars were parked along the sidewalk as several people gathered on his front lawn. His wife, Helen, wept as relatives and friends consoled her. Their son, Gabriel, said the family did not want to comment on the death so soon.

    Rabbi Elly Krimsky, of Young Israel of Stamford, an Orthodox synagogue on Oaklawn Avenue, said he heard of the death while working in New York. He got a call from a colleague at Agudath Sholom, the city’s other Orthodox synagogue. He came straight back to Stamford when he was told Felder had been killed.

    Now he is helping the family plan for Felder’s funeral.

    “He was full of life and always smiling,” Krimsky said.

    Neighbors described Louis Felder as down-to-earth and a reliable father of two teenage daughters and a son.

    Eve Horowitz, who lived next door to Felder for the past 20 years, said words could not describe his personality.

    “We’re all in shock,” she said.

    David Horowitz recalled seeing Felder play basketball with his friends and children every Saturday, when Orthodox Jews observe Shabbat and cannot use electricity or automobiles.

    “He was a real good neighbor, a real gentlemen,” Horowitz said.

    Eve Horowitz said she found out something had happened to Felder when she first heard news reports of the Manchester killing spree and asked her husband whether it was the same beer distributor where Felder worked.

    When she got home, cars lined the sidewalk outside Felder’s home.

    “I knew something was wrong,” Eve Horowitz said.

    VIN News has learned that Chesed Shel Emes is on the scene for the post cleanup of the nifter, they are in contact with the Medical Examiner’s office trying to prevent an autopsy.

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    1. So many wild strange tragedies recently, the master of the world wants us TO CHANGE not just sigh in pain, yidden being shot or struck by lightning is no a happenstance c”v

    2. BDE, a terrible tragedy. This man’s children go to the same high school I went to. Although I am years out of high school, I often receive email updates from them about events, and unfortunately, sometimes BDE messages. I just received an email about Mr. Felder’s tragic murder as well as levaya and shiva info. I do not know the family, but I am crying for them. The email mentioned what grades the kids are in- one graduated last year, one is going into 11th, and the youngest is going into 9th. This is such a horrific tragedy. May the family be comforted and know no more sorrow.

    3. Reply to #1

      Please, don’t make believe you have a special message from the ebeshter telling you privately that he is upset with klal yisroel and that is why he is causing these “wild strange tragedies” over recent months. You don’t know any more than anyone else what is His will and why he causes things to happen. Yidden have been killed every year by lightning, drowning, auto accidents, war etc. and it is not happening in greater amounts or more frequently this year than last. Please don’t add to the misery of the families by providing musar to the living about how thier loss was avoidable if the rest of us had done tshvuah.

    4. I grew up with Louis in Oceanside, and he was like an older brother to me. He taught me how to play basketball & how to throw a football. He was a tough guy on the outside but very sensitive on the inside. He was a beloved son of the Oceanside community and would Lein & daven for the amud in shul. “Big Lou” did not blend into the crowd – you always knew he was in the room. I – and so many others – will miss him terribly. He was one of a kind.

      The Levaya will be at Agudath Shalom in Stamford at 3pm.

    5. Dear 5, The Rambam in hilchos teshuva paskens that he who sees tzorus happening ti yidden should not say “mikreh hu”- a normal happenstance, rather we should change our ways, in order to find favor again in the eyes of the master of the world. God loves his children and does not stam let these clamities occur.

    6. #7 youre a mindless moron giving musar here in such a tragic situation you think you know it all it looks like youre the one who has to do tshuva youre the laughing stock of all normal thinking people di shoite

      • You’re a non believer, why don’t you just go read the post?! he made a point, he quoted a source, if you have a rebuttal, feel free to comment, otherwise shut up and and don’t call people morons!!

    7. In response to commentors 5, 9 and 10,
      Why do you have a knee-jerk reaction to what seems like a rational comment? No one is saying this a punishment aimed at the Niftar R’L. All that is being said is that we should do some soul searching and improve our ways. Historically when tragedies befell us they were handled with introspection and Tshuva. This is a positive message that, speaking for myself, we can always use more of.

    8. Response to #13: I think #11 nailed it: #5, #9 and #11 are non-believers and can’t accept that tragedies happen for a reason. It doesn’t make any difference to them that nobody is blaming the niftar, they just have this pavlovian response against any suggestion that any tragedy, especially the one involving a yid, should teach us something.

    9. Let’s take on ourselves to better control our speech thoughts and emotions leily nishmas this nifter and to keep on repeating that everything that happens tO a yid depends on klaal yisroels behavior including myself I’m working hard to take better control


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