Brooklyn, NY – High Profile Ger Tzedek Shot Death During Robbery at Kosher Wine Store


    (L-R) Yoseph Robinson before (2000) and after (2008) his conversion.Brooklyn, NY – Flatbush Hatzolah on the scene at 2388 Nostrand Avenue and Avenue J for a worker of a kosher wine store that was shot during a robbery.

    Police are on the scene at MB Vineyards searching for a black male who fled the scene southbound on Nostrand Avenue.

    Victim in traumatic arrest has been transported in to KCH Where he has been pronounced dead r”l.

    35-year-old Ger Tzedek Yosef ben avrohom Robinson r”l passed away from the gun shot wounds, Chesed Shell Emes and MISASKIM are on the scene, BDE.

    NYPD now calling for a level-1 mobilization in regards to the per search. ESU and NYPD Aviation are all responding.

    Web site of Ger Tzedek Yoseph Robinson

    In June of this year The Jewish Press had a featured inspirational story on Yosef was posted on VIN here

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    1. He ate at my house before the summer. He went through an incredible challenge in his life and he will be missed. I only knew him a short time and considered him a good friend.

    2. My god… I live practically right around the corner. This is just crazy. I was riding up nostrand and k and saw a police car surrounded by flares. There was an ambulance on k and 31, and an FDNY sedan parked not far. I’m hearing helicopters as i type this.

      They say there looking for a black male? I’m sorry to say it, but there going to have a hard time with that. The entire area is 98.9 percent black, and from what i hear of the precinct, its a joke. I second commenter number 9.

    3. I new him nicest person lived around Tue corner from me davened in same shull poshut a temisdiker yid family with a couple of children bde we need to do teshuvah

    4. Baruch Dayan haemes.

      He was the black Ger whose incredibly inspiring story was all over recently. His webpage is still
      up and is an inspiration if you take a
      look at it. What an awful
      and tragic shame.

    5. I guess its because nyc’s stringent gun laws that have people killed there every day, there should be some armed shomrim patrols and hopefully that should keep those pervs outta the neighborhood. those people know that no one can fight against a gun so they use it heavily

    6. Reply to #4.

      You are are a real jerk for blaming this tragedy on Mayor Bloomberg. Murder rates in the city last year and the first 6 months of 2010 are DOWN compared to 2004-8 so what are you complaining about. This kind of stuff happens in big cities and NYC is no exception. However, the City is actually safer now than in prior years.

    7. If anyone finds out when the levaya is, please post it. If everyone that he inspired shows up, there isn’t a place that is big enough. Someone at the scene said that they will be collecting for his levaya, I am not sure who is doing that. By the way, I believe that he has one daughter.

    8. BDE

      Very tragic, but please people show more respect to the victim by avoiding to categorize him by race and his status as a convert. Those facts are irrelevant to this tragedy and he doesn’t need constant validation to be accepted and respected as a JEW.

      • You should write that’s its a ger to let us know that we should love each and every convert and you should help raise funds more then any other situation

    9. I’m extremely broken up over this. I’ve only had the zechus of meeting him a few times but he was definitely all about Torah and mitzvos and avodas Hashem. We have truly lost a great individual. Moshiach now. ברוך הדיין האמת.

      ד’ נתן ד’ לקח יהי השם ד’ מבורך

    10. I am in shock! Yosef was a good friend of our family and ate in our home many times. I don’t know how I will tell this to my children. One son was even his chavrusah when he is home from yeshiva. He always spoke about growing and spreading Hashem’s name. I can’t believe he won’t be at my table this yomtov. Boruch Dayan Emes

    11. Being a ger is a great zechus to him and is what to be proud of.
      We don’t make people gerim, they make themselves Gerim.
      They see emes and choose it and for a goy to become a Yid and accept taryag mitvos is a unique thing.
      It is very uncommon to have a real ger zedek like Yosef today and when we see it, it should be emphasized.

    12. I’m really in total shock! Yosef always ate by us on Shabbos and YomTov. We enjoyed him very much. One of my sons was his chavrusah when he was home on Bein Hazemanim. He always spoke about growing and spreading Hashem’s name. I can’t believe we wont see him anymore. How will I tell my children this. Boruch Dayan Haemes.

    13. It doesn’t MATTER that he’s a ger, but it only makes him a lot more special.
      It’s nice to know that he’s a ger. How beautiful. I have much more respect for him now.

    14. I have had the pleasure of knowing Yosef durring and after his gerius. I am proud to have called him a friend and can say without exeception that he was a pride to Kal Yisraol. He came an hour before davening to learn each morning, and on shabbos would spend his entire afternoons learning. His midos were impeccable and his ahavas Yisroel were beyond compare. He is leaving behind two children, whom Hashem should have mercy on. Truly, this is a great loss for us, as such people are far too rare. His death is a kapara for us much more than for himself.

    15. Sometimes the Beis Din Shel Maaleh needs members from a certain generation in order to be mayid a limud zchus on that generation, so they get taken up when they’re young.
      This is one of the ways in which Hashem has rachmanus on the world.

    16. I am so sad I knew this guy through facebook and I spoke to him over the phone Just Yesterday I can’t believe this just happened. I was about to actually see him. He was a great and sincere guy with nothing but love. What would motivate someone to do this may Hashem avenge his blood. i still can’t believe this wow.

    17. I was very close with yosef he eas a inspiration to all of us I hop his murderer is brought to justice I think its time to restart the JDL this is the 2nd jew to be shaot in a couple of days we need to listen to kahanes message every jew a .22 we cannot stand by and watch our brothers get slaughtered

    18. thank you y-love. i just checked out his website, and im going to buy this man’s book. i know it is a historic book. Yosef ben avrohom Robinson r”l left us an incredible gift by sharing his story. hashem is great.

    19. from his facebook Bio.
      we can all learn from this tzadik

      Like many people my past is a checkered one. I was born in Jamaica, came to the states just months before my thirteenth birthday, and dropped out of high school three years later. I embarked upon a life of street activities and a lifestyle that entailed several run-ins with the law. Boruch Hashem (thank G-d) I was acquitted of any significant charges brought against me.

      Eventually, I started my own record company based in Los Angeles, California and acquired a distribution deal with Bungalo/Universal Records. After spending tens of thousands of dollars on promotions, and achieving impressive success with my increasingly popular hip hop label, I had an epiphany. On the eve of our debut record, a series of events led me to become a full fledge Orthodox Jew and a more fulfilling, spiritual life. Naturally, I abandoned my hip hop lifestyle. On rare occasions, though, I reminisce about my past life of indulgence as a successful music industry executive. At those times, I glance down at my tzitzis (an under garment religious jewish men wear) and as a smile spreads across my face, I am content with my decision.

      Yoseph Robin

    20. We used to daven mincha together by Boston Shul on ave j with the 2;35 pm minyan. He used to daven so ehrlich,and so quiet real not a fake,,and such nice middos. A nice smile to every customer I cant believe this! what a tradgedy. nebach.
      On the other hand, you cant work on nostrand ave(especially in a liquor store) without the bullet proof partition,as seen in other liquor stores. Its a hold up waiting to happen.
      nostrand ave, in this area at least ,as well as other streets in the borough is a dangerous( at least in my opinion) place. It is a seedy and ugly place to be,especially in the Brooklyn college area. It seems to be somewhat better as you travel south towards sheepshead bay. Some people will say it’s not so. But just look what comes down the block at 2;30 pm on a typical school day at dismissal.( besides the other trash that inhabits Nostrand) Video cameras will not protect against a bullet. Bullet proof partitions- might,at least temporarily,while the clerk is behind it. just like in a bank.
      Of course everything is basheret,but you still have to do your hishtaduls. I feel this was a true kiddush hashem,and may he be a kapporah for klal yisroel. BDE.

    21. this mayor bloon bag is a idiot because he made a system to reduce police reports try to report something you will go through halle nyc keep on electing this bum instead of hire more police he hired more traffic police let’s hope he will be kicked out of office like spitzer

    22. I’m out of the country and it’s 9:45 AM Friday andreading this tragic story on Yosef was a very special Jew and person as well, soft, warm ant a greatn smile that is still in front of my eyes. He will be missed

    23. Was this a targeted hit? It seems like he had some enemies in his past.

      BD”E. Yosef, you will be missed!

      VIN, please keep us posted on this investigation.

    24. To: #28- You stated that “The City is actually safer now”. Please! Tell that to the countless victims of felonies all over the City. Do you really believe the various crime statistics which are published by all of the police precincts in NYC? Many of those statistics are fudged to make the local commanders look good. The brass is only concerned about protecting the 47,000,000 million annual tourists who come into Manhattan. The city administration could care less about the outer four boroughs. The only solution is for Yidden to move out of NYC, and to start Yiddishkeit in safer areas. Why continue to live in areas in which barbarians reside in? Where is it written that people have to continue to live in NYC? Hundreds of thousands of middle income (including frum people) residents have moved out of NYC, in the last 40 years.

    25. PLEASE #60 – do you realize that there are black frum families in NYC whose yichus, with zero gerim, goes back to the times of slavery? Is every blonde, blue-eyed European Jew – some of whom bear uncanny resemblance to Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish goyim – are as 100% sure about their yichus over a similar 200-year period? Do you realize that there are Jews – born Jews with yichus for centuries – born in Cuba, Brazil, and Mexico with African-American looking features?

      The B’nai Yisaschar said that there were only “3 mishpachos m’yuchasos b’Yisrael – ha’kohen Rappaport, ha’levi Horowitz, and ha’Yisra’el Shapira.” Just because someone is black doesn’t mean they are a ger (and to FFB black Jews it is VERY insulting to assume such), just because someone is white it doesn’t mean they aren’t. These “most” and “usually” lines are also changing – 1 in 16 Jews in America is non-white today, with frum birth rates, Judaism will not look the same in 60 years as it did 60 years ago. I think gerus was just brought up to clarify – it’s not a given that “black Jew = ger”. Ultimately it’s like #37 said. We’re all Jews, no matter the color and ALL כלל ישראל lost a קדוש last night…

    26. was he 6’3 and thin? I think i saw him a few times, and wanted to say something lie kol hakavod to him///sorry i missed that opportunity….baruch dayan emes….say a good word for all of us down here still suffering….bring moshiach now

    27. When Bloomberg Fired the police I said that a person would have to die in order for Bloomberg to hire more POLICE!! That unfortunately is always the case in this city!! If you want a light at an intersection, somebody has to be hit or chas v’shalom killed, before the light goes up!! Look all over Flatbush. A bad accident== a light!! That is the way the government works!! Not when you want to PREVENT an accident, but always AFTER the fact!!


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