Flatbush, NY – Borough Park Man Killed in Serious Accident [video]


    The 51 year old man has been identified as  Chaim Elazar Reich from Borough Park Photo: by his son from Ohio David ReichFlatbush, NY – A serious accident on Ocean Ave has claimed the life of one man.

    FDNY, NYPD and Hatzolah were all responding to Ocean Avenue between Avenue’s O & P to extricate the patient from being trapped inside the vehicle.

    Hatzolah transported the 51-year-old patient to Lutheran Medical Center where he succumbed to his injuries, Chesed Shell Emes handling the scene.

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    1. What a wonderfull person I spent hours talking to him what a smart and nice human being he was always with a smile he surely will be missed may he be a meilitz yosher for klal yisroel

    2. ברוך דיין האמת.הוא היה מומחה גדול בכת”י ובספרים ישנים ממש אין כדוגמתו.פעליו בתחום היו עצומים. אין מי שיעמוד בידיעותיו המדהימות ומקיפות. אבידה גדולה לעם ישראל.

        • It absoulutly matteres how the accident happened , from what I heared ,he was in middle of making a u turn in middle of the block . If that’s the case, it’s important for people to know about it , so next time they think about making a U turn in middle of a 2 way street they will think twice b4. So pls , if anybody knowes how it happened pls post it.

    3. He helped a tzibruchene family , taking the kids to yeshiva every sunday. It looks like hashem likes the good ones next to him.Please, hashem, make this the last korban for this year.

    4. He learned in mir in flatbush. He still has kids at home. His brothers are rabbi reich of rimanov in boro park, and a brother who wrote a number of seforim, a perush on mishnayos, rashi, and a chronological history of the jewish people.

      • BDE. This summer I was in Eretz Yisroel and just saw this. I went to yeshiva long ago with a Chaim Leo Reich. I had caught up with him via facebook about a year ago. He told me he restored old seforim. Is this him? Please someone tell me? i HOPE NOT.Thank you.

    5. I was at the accident site. It did happen while making a u turn. But the driver of the SUV most have been doing at least 50 MPH or prob more. U gotta be careful on the roads nowdays.

    6. He was an expert on out-of-print ancient seforim and the history of the authors, which he re-printed in limited editions. Must have an otzer of hundreds/thousands of such seforim. A braniac. A mild soft spoken eidele mensch. What a tragic loss.
      He was recently written up in long MISHPACHA magazine article. Could someone please post the article.

    7. There are not many people like that, he was an Avedoh she’ein loh temurah. He was a walking encyclopedia who took along with him a tremendous amount of knowledge he had gleaned from laboring over seforim never reprinted for hundreds of years. What he knew, very few know or will ever know as he was irreplaceable. He was a smart and good man with a very good heart who did a lot of chesed. He was liked by his entire block on 55 Street where he was always mishtatef like a good neighbor. On behalf of all 55th street residents and all his friends we moan his passing. Yehi zichroi boruch.

      It wasn’t mentioned so I will; he also leaves a brother, the rosh hakolel of the Toronto kolel.


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