Spanish Town – Jewish Cemetery Consecrated For Burial of Yosef Robinson


    Spanish Town – One week after the tragic murder that shook New York’s frum community to its core, Yosef Robinson received a proper Jewish burial in his native Jamaica. Robinson, a ger tzedek, was gunned down last Thursday night in a botched robbery attempt at MB Vineyards on Nostrand Avenue and Avenue J in Flatbush.

    While Robinson had expressed his desire to be buried according to Jewish law, there was concern that the Robinson family would not allow the wishes of the niftar to be fulfilled. While there is a Jewish cemetery in Hunt’s Bay, Jamaica, the Robinson family was adamant that Yosef be buried in the family burial plot on the family estate. Chesed Shel Emes worked tirelessly to arrange a burial that would be respectful of the Robinson family, while at the same time honoring Robinson’s wish to be buried as a Jew. An agreement was made to set aside a portion of the family burial plot as a separate cemetery, thereby creating a Jewish cemetery for Robinson’s burial.

    Two days after more then one thousand attended a standing room only levaya for Robinson at Brooklyn’s Shomrei Hadas, a delegation of eleven men set out for Jamaica to bury Robinson in his native land. After setting out from New York at 2 AM, the team arrived in Jamaica at 6 AM and stopped in Kingston for Shachris, Daf Yomi and a fasting until after burial.

    Robinson’s body was then brought to the family estate in Spanish Town, located two hours away, where Yosef Robinson was buried according to halacha, in the newly consecrated Jewish cemetery.

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    1. Where is Rev Al & Jesse? Yoseph Robinson was a black man who was attacked by another black man. Do Al & Jesse get involved in Black on Black crime? Of course not. They only go after White on Black crime.

      Rest In Peace, Yoseph Robinson.

    2. Sad. Out of this darkness shines the light of the mesiras nefesh of these ovdei Hashem and the difficult work they had to do give Yosef a proper burial and maintain shalom, all while keeping up with Daf Yomi!

      • And… I think you can give a kvittel to all people that made the trip down to yehoopetsville. There not getting: kovod, money or fame. Just a true kiddush hashem!

    3. Reply to #6:

      Hashem is not, never was and never will be “skittish”.

      If you’re going to comment here learn to write in English “un-beleavable!!!” or have someone else write your comments. You embarrass yourself, and you embarrass the frum community when outsiders read this and think this is how uneducated Jews are.

    4. HY’D. I knew him well. He was a great person. It is so sad the way he died, murdered while trying to protect his kallah from harm. At least he recieved a proper send-off. Its nice that a thousand people came to the levaya of a meis mitzvah. B’H they caught the murderer. L’Kavod his memory, we should watch the way we speak about other Jews. He used to say to me, “I found your people, and they’re the most special people in the world, so why do they talk bad about each other?”. Takeh ah gutte kashe.

    5. he has remarkable family members that allowed his new found friends and religion to participate in such a private time….they knew that being Jewish made him happy.. can anything be sent to his family to further the peace?

    6. reply to #10:

      He was an extraordinary person, no question.

      Where did you hear that he was trying to protect his kallah? Where did you hear that he even had a kallah?

      This is how rumors get started.

      • All i can tell u i was on the trip to jamaica I’m from the members of Chesed Shel Emes and that women he protected was there . and there was 2 buses going to the burial 1 was for us and one was for the family , and i heard her say my inlaws have to come on to this bus with u guys
        Meaning to say with us guys from NY

    7. WOW WOW
      I’m sure it wasn’t cheap to fly in a minyin of frum yidin,
      who paid for all this?
      how expensive was it?
      does anyone if I still participate, how, & where?

    8. # 14 does it really matter if it was his kallah or not? it is irrelevant at this point. We all miss him terribly. . that’s all that counts. may he be a meleitz yosher for klal yisroel and find true peace in gan aden.

    9. reply to #19. BasMelech:

      This article describes a great mitzvah, mesiras nefesh, and a kiddush Hashem.

      Your comment is irrelevant, off-point, and unrelated to anything in the article.

      It is sad, especially this late in Elul, that out of all this news all you can thing to say is negative nahrishkeit having nothing to do with the news being reported, and of no interest to anyone but yourself.

    10. I am so sad at this news. It broke my heart when I read about it in the WSJ. My entire family (some religious, others traditional) were close to tears as I read the story out loud. We are many types of observant yiddin, and this young man was my brother. I can only wish that my son grows to have such kavannah and emunah; I can only pray that my daughters marry men of such character and conviction.
      kol hakavod to the Jews who respected his wishes and his family in such a delicate situation. what a mitzvah. Z”L, chaver sheli.


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