Manchester, UK – 1 Guest Dead, 8 Others Ill from Food Poisoning at Wedding


    Manchester, UK – Health officials have launched an inquiry after a wedding guest died following salmonella poisoning and eight others were infected.

    Rene Kwartz, 82, was one of four guests who needed hospital treatment after a meal at a hotel in Prestwich, Greater Manchester.

    Tests later confirmed that nine people who attended the traditional Jewish celebration at the Hilton Suite last month had been infected.

    Three of those taken to hospital recovered and were discharged but Mrs Kwartz died last week.

    Lawyers representing the guests at the wedding of Stephen Wicks and Jennifer Harris on August 8 are taking legal action against the outside caterers to the function.

    Environmental health officers from Bury Council and specialists from the Health Protection Agency’s Greater Manchester Health Protection Unit (HPU) and NHS Bury are investigating the outbreak.

    Dr Marko Petrovic, from the HPA’s Greater Manchester HPU, said: “It’s very sad that a patient associated with this outbreak has died and our thoughts and sympathies are with the family. We are looking into the circumstances of the case. Deaths from salmonella infection are rare.”

    The external caterers were co-operating fully with the investigation into the outbreak, the HPA said.

    Dr Peter Elton, director of public health for NHS Bury, said: “Illness arising from the salmonella bug can be debilitating, especially for young children and older people.

    “It is important for anyone with symptoms of salmonella infection, which may include diarrhoea, abdominal pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, or fever, to maintain their fluid levels and take the utmost care with hand-washing and hygiene generally.”

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    1. If there was negligence on behalf of the caterer I hope the courts take him out of business.
      The commonly known Israeli mentality, “yihye b’seder” is hitting to close to home.

    2. I’m not surprised the woman’s daughter doesn’t want to see the wedding photographs. A load of people doubled up in pain, being sick – memories, yes, but for all the wrong reasons.

    3. The prepared food industry is rife with dangerous conditions. Many kosher stores now sell take home foods that are cooked elsewhere and transported in ad hoc conditions, the back of a car or van. Foods have to be maintained in either cold conditions or very hot conditions.

    4. The Hilton Suite is a banqueting hall affiliated with a Shul (it might be independent, though.) Only strictly Kosher functions are held there…my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah was there. i don’t know who Shefa Catering is.

    5. All over Europe except one or two catering halls do NOT supply food at the wedding hall…All simches are arranged by off premises catering where they bring all their food cooked and prepared and do the touch up cooking on site. All caterers charge a hefty sum of money for a proper local hechsher which the mechitunim have to pay but there is NO outside food inspectors to oversee the health issues that might be caused by the delay of transportation on inproper refrigeration while transporting the food which can cause salomella outbreaks. This is a one time case which never happens but there is always a first time and it did cost a yiddishe person to loose her life over this…Time for CHANGE….

    6. Ok. I live opposite one of those who were poisoned by the salmonela. I will try to give info as best as I can, from the facts he told me.
      This poor lady that passed away, actually died from Pneumonia, but the ladys immune system could fight against it, as it was weakend by the salmonela. (my neighbour is a nephew of this lady so his report is pretty accurate!)
      It seems the other side are from Australia, so the exact number of guests suffering is unclear.
      The health authorities are investigating to see if it was from the caterer or if it was already in the kitchen.
      There are two possible sources with regards to the food. Either the chicken, or some chocolate dessert.
      All the same it is very sad that a happy day turned so sour. Imagine the poor couples memories of their happiest day!
      Wishing all readers a K’siva va’chasima toiva.

    7. YossifromBP, be fair. You don’t know any more than I do. You weren’t there. Stop pontificating & stating facts when they are only your suppositions & not facts at all. Some poor shlub out there might actually believe you know what you’re talking about & you are deliberately misleading them.


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