Manhattan, NY – Man Plunges 40 Stories, Lands Inside Car, Survives


    Thomas Magill, 22, is seen shortly after miraculously surviving a 39-story fall into a vechicle on West End Ave. on Tuesday. Photo: NY Daily NewsManhattan, NY – A New York City man who plunged 40 stories from the rooftop of an apartment building has survived after crashing onto a parked car.

    Witnesses and police say 22-year-old Thomas Magill jumped from the high-rise at West 63rd Street on Tuesday. He landed in the backseat area of a Dodge Charger after crashing through the windshield.

    He suffered broken legs. Police say he’s in critical condition.

    The car’s owner, Guy McCormack, of Old Bridge, N.J., told the Daily News he’s convinced that rosary beads he kept inside the Dodge saved Magill’s life.

    Police are investigating why Magill jumped from the building.

    Magill isn’t the only New Yorker to survive a high-rise fall. Window washer Alcides Moreno fell 47 stories from the roof of a skyscraper in December 2007, and doctors expected him to walk again.

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    1. He wanted to die and now he probably has to pay damages to the car’s owner! Rosary beads didn’t do it, that’s for sure. Hashem wanted him to live. Next time he tries this, he should make sure there are no cars down below.

      • why should he check to make sure that next time there are no cars below. if its not his time to to go then he simply wont die. your talking from both sides of your mouth

    2. Those Rosary beads sure didn’t seem to work for your car. Think about that as you walk everywhere in this heatwave. And don’t forget to take your beads with you.

    3. stop bashing this guy, he obviously was suicidal and suffered from severe depression and needs some major clinical intervention. Perhaps escaping death in such an incredible, miraculous way will be the boost he needs to turn his life around and get the help he needs.

      As far as the rosemary beads, we do not know what saved his life, maybe the windshield cushioned his fall, maybe the faith of the car owner in g-d (albeit the wrong one) made hashem protect its occupants.

      • #9: not rosemary – rosary. They’re used by Catholics to count through certain prayers.

        To everyone else: the owner of the car is attributing the jumper’s survival to rosary beads – he’s saying that there was some Divine intervention. Don’t be so quick to condemn other people’s beliefs. Had the owner of the car been Jewish & there was a Sefer in the backseat, would you be scoffing the same way?


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