Washington – Obama Approval Hits New Low


    Washington – With little more than a month to go before the midterm elections, President Barack Obama’s approval rating has hit an all-time low.

    Only 42 percent of Americans now approve of how Obama’s handling his job as president, according to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll. Fifty-four percent disapprove of his performance.

    The figures represent a new low-water mark in the CNN/ORC poll for the president, who, almost two years into his term, continues to wrestle with public worries over a sluggish economy and exhaustion with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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    1. As soon as he took that jacket off in the oval office -it showed NO SELF RESPECT a person with no self respect can’t succeed sorry -i deal with those type all day -i manage properties in the linden Blvd area -& no I didn’t vote for U Obama b/c I didn’t want an Arab in the white house

    2. The republicans are killing themselves by asking to extend the tax cuts to the richest americans

      The public is very against it so they are playing in the hands of the democrats

      • You should change your name to Klayn Keppel because that is EXACTLY what you are when it comes to politics & simple economics.

        The people with the money need the tax cuts because THEY are the ones with the money & THEY are the ones who hire people. Poor people don’t have money to hire people & generally don’t end up paying much in taxes so giving them a tax ‘cut’ really means gurnisht mit gurnisht. This is all about the socialist liberal democrat workers party creating class envy, which is part of their pattern.

        One other thing I will point out to you is that whenever tax rates were cut for the ‘rich’ the country prospered. That is a FACT!! You could look that up on the IRS website.

    3. Reply to #1

      Yes, I am happy and b’yh, the Republicans and self-hating yidden such as yourself will be rubbing your noses in the joy of 4 more years of obama. If you can’t see whats happening, you are blind and deaf to political reality.

    4. to # 3 – i think he was planted and it’s time to get him retired – one term is enough.
      to # 5 – ALL AMERICANS should be treated EQUAL – ALL TAXPAYERS should get the same tax-cut. It’s what our Forefathers wanted – EQUALITY.

    5. I’m quite alarmed that no one here is raising the flag of alarm over Obama’s sneaky way of getting passage of HR1388, which provides $20.3 million to settle Gaza terrorists here in the USA – at OUR expense. Check the Federal Register about it. This president promised you change – and that’s all you’ll have left in your pockets!


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