New York – Kashrus Alert: Canadian Children’s Tylenol Not Kosher


    New York – New Square Kashrus Council has advised that grape flavored children’s liquid Tylenol that is made in Canada is not kosher and should not be used. The product contains a substantial amount of glycerin produced from non-kosher sources and should not be used. This product affects only the grape flavored children’s Tylenol that was produced in Canada.

    Rabbi Gruber, secretary at New Square Kashrus Council, explained to VIN News that while there are no concerns regarding the kashrus of USA manufactured grape flavored children’s Tylenol, the product is currently not being produced in the United States. McNeil Consumer Health, makers of Tylenol, voluntarily recalled their liquid childrens products this past April and as a result, stores now stock only the Canadian produced Tylenol which is not kosher.

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