Israel – Arabs Dressed as Hareidim Nabbed in Jerusalem Neighborhood


    Jerusalem – Residents of the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood of Jerusalem were reeling Friday night after an attempt by Arabs to break into Jewish homes in the neighborhood – dressed as Hareidi Jews.

    The two “Hareidim” were seen walking around the neighborhood Friday night by residents, and at about 9:30 PM, a resident named Eliran saw the pair attempting to break into an apartment near the Mercaz Harav yeshiva in the neighborhood. He called police, who came within minutes. The Arabs began to ran, and Eliran joined police in chasing them. He nabbed one of the Arabs himself, while police chased down and tackled the second one.

    The two were quickly questioned, and they told police that a third member of their gang was awaiting them at the nearby Har Hamenuchot cemetery. Police converged on the site, and he, too was arrested. Residents praised police, and especially Eliran, for his quick thinking and quick action.

    In 2008, an Arab invaded the Mercaz Harav yeshiva, opened fire in the school’s study hall, and killed eight young students. Nine others were injured in that terror attack. Police were questioning the Arabs who were arrested Friday night to determine what their plan was, whether they had any accomplices – and how they came to acquire the long frock coats and black hats they were wearing when they were arrested.

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    1. Apparently, the בעקעטשע they were wearing were of a type not even worn by chassidim in that neighborhood…it was like walking around with a big sign on your back saying “feaux chareidi”.

      • Like the story of the two (real) undercover (non-Jewish) cops who were patrolling in Boro Park on Friday evening, dressed as Chassidic Jews. When they knocked on the door of the (Jewish) coordinator, asking him why everybody gives them funny looks, he pointed to the cigarette they were holding.

    2. This is not a joke…..there have been tragic outcomes from such terrorists disguised as charidim. Perhaps the answer is to prohibit wearing such chassideshe lvush in this neighborhood on shabbosim since the yeshiva is a litvashe (not chassidish) institution associated with the lamdus of Rav Kook, Z’tl.


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