Jerusalem – Shwekey To Hold Separate Seating Concert For Israeli Military


    File- Shweky at concert in Caserea. Photo: Yosef Shidler
Jerusalem – In a 3-1 vote with one abstention, a special committee of the city of Jerusalem decided last week to stage a Chanukah concert on December 8th as a special salute to Israeli security forces.

    Israeli newspaper Maariv is reporting that the separate seating concert which will be held in Binyanei Hauma will feature superstar Yaakov Shwekey and the municipality has allocated 250,000 shekel to cover the cost of the seating arrangements and transportation in addition to paying the cost of flight and accommodations for Shwekey and his band members, who live in America.

    The contract signed between the singer and the city of Jerusalem stipulates that the men will be seated in the lower seats of the theater near the stage while the women will be seated in the balcony. It should be noted that Shwekey’s Caesaria concerts have been mixed seating events.

    “The chareidim are not attending this concert. It is purely for the military,” said an unidentified source. “This is worse than Teheran. This sickness of separation is spreading from the Mehadrin to the general public and the worst part is that the city of Jerusalem is promoting it.”

    A representative of the municipality responded saying “the city is making a large event to salute our security forces and there will be other artists as well from all across the religious spectrum. Yaakov Shwekey, the lead singer, represents both the religious and Chareidi community and the committee acceded to Shwekey’s request for separate seating.

    While the Jerusalem born singer has never served in the IDF, a foreign residency law exempts Shwekey from military service.

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    1. This is so nice. Kudos to Shwekey for performing for the IDF, these shomrei EY have it so hard, getting flack from everybody, this is a well deserved chanukah gift for them.

    2. I would just like to know why the men get to sit near the stage and the women get the balcony. Why not the other way around? Most men are taller and it is easier for them to see the stage from a distance than it is for the women.

    3. It’s wonderful that the IDF will have the exceptionally talented Shwekey to entertain and inspire them. Hurray for separate seating, too! And why complain that women have to sit in the balcony? From there, you get a more panoramic view, and has anyone ever heard of using binoculars? THAT’s the way to enjoy terrific close-ups!

      • savta bubby, even though you are obviously living in the past, it is so nice that you are proud of these soldiers sitting separately at this concert, and are entirely correct that with concerts and shows, it is common knowledge that the further away from the stage you are, the better the view, and those are always the most desirable seats.

        You will be even more proud to know that these soldiers are separated in combat as well. Male soldiers are not allowed to engage in firefights with female terrorists, and it is strictly forbidden for female IDF soldiers to come within daled amos of an injured male soldier for tznius reasons, if she has to rescue a male soldier, or vice versa, it must be done by same sex soldiers, and in the case of emergency, a mechitza must be used, because much like music concerts, if men and women come too close to each other, even in battle, their hormones will overtake their common sense and decency.

    4. #7 sorry orchestra seats in theaters are the highest priced but i find that the first two or three rows in balcony to be a better seat especially when i;m at the opera


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