Brooklyn, NY – Vol. Claims Patient Died En Route To Hospital Due To Traffic Caused By New Pedestrian Island, Says Hikind


    Speaking at the Community Board 12 meeting last night, Assemblyman Dov HikindBrooklyn, NY – Speaking at the Community Board 12 meeting last night, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) expressed outrage about the recent installation of pedestrian islands along Fort Hamilton Parkway, noting the danger the islands pose for emergency and sanitation vehicles, as well as for regular motorists.

    Since the installation of the islands, firefighters have reported that their response time has been slowed, while the ability of ambulances to quickly reach Maimonides Medical Center has also been adversely affected. Sanitation workers, too, are concerned that snow removal along the roadway will now be hindered.

    In fact, Hikind said that he was told by a volunteer ambulance member that a patient being transported to Maimonides Medical Center died en route to the hospital after traffic was snarled because of the pedestrian islands. Hikind emphasized repeatedly that neither he nor the community board was given proper notice or an opportunity to review or discuss the DOT’s plan to install these islands.
    Local residence attend Community Board 12 meeting last night
    The community board voted unanimously to oppose the new curb extensions and islands in the district and called upon DOT to cease further work until a traffic pattern study is produced and presented to the community board at a future hearing. The board noted that the islands were a “public safety concern” and “a hazard.”

    The New York City Department of Transportation has defended the installation of the islands, claiming they were necessary to improve senior safety. Hikind countered that argument stating that the installation of pedestrian countdown signals, already in use throughout the City, would have been more than sufficient to let seniors know how much time they had to safely cross the street.

    “I am determined to stop this,” Hikind said. “I am going to get the City to take a second look.”

    Watch Assemblyman Hikind speak last night at community board. Exclusive video for VIN News. Credit: Shimon Gifter

    Watch below Councilmemebr Brad lander who was instrumental in getting the pedestrian island installed, defend his position.

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    1. this bloomberg and his attempt to europeanize or city bike lanes no one wants malls killing businesss tree being planted when we are cutting vital services sexua;l assault on airline travelers and this is all his position why was he put back in office because jews are fools

      • “. because jews are fools…”

        NO. Yidden are not fools, just a small percentage of yidden such as you who want to live in a traffic-clogged, polluted city. Sorry but those days are gone and the new era of tikun olam has begun. Yes, our city will look more and more like the more liveable and sophisticated cities of Europe. Those of you who don’t like it can move to Monsey or Lakewood.

        • I guess they taught you a Hebrew word “tikun olam”. And as long as herr bloomberg is at the helm, this madness will get worse. I would maybe sympathize with bloomberg if he would practice what he preaches….

    2. Even if this story is true, which I strongly doubt, there are probably many more pedestrian and bikers’ lives that will be saved by slowing down traffic and making it easier for the elderly and those with little children to cross the street.

      • I think if they close it down altogether and make it a walking mall then it will probably save even more pedestrian and bikers lives. It will become a picnic for the elderly and children to cross the street.

        How convenient that you are the one concerned for peoples lives while the residents of Boro Park with Dov Hikind are not. Go away as Barry Gray would say.

    3. On Prospect Park East where the road was redesigned to accommodate bikes and slow down traffic, it has actually accomplished exactly the opposite. Now that there is only one lane to drive on, as there is always a double parked truck or someone is getting into a parking place; therefore when empty road is seen, the cars race at 50 miles an hour to catch the next light. Those that argued for the redoing of that rode argued that it has become a highway, now that they got their way it has become a racing track.

      They have deceived us on Prospect Park East and are deceiving us on Fort Hamilton “Parkway” which has turned into a huge park (and drive) way.

    4. My parents are senior citizens. They dont need that stupid island. They keep saying if its not broken, dont fix it. If the City wants to help bring safety to our neighborhood, let them make a traffic light on the corner of 10th ave and 46th St. THe cars speed there like crazy since there are no lights from 39th st till 49th st. The school on 9th ave and 46th st has children coming and going every day. We need a traffic light there ASAP!

      • The “safety” reason is a fabricated lie. They use it because who can argue against safety?

        It’s time that we call their bluff. It’s about time that we stop them ruining our neighborhoods and lives. These idiots won’t stop at anything.

    5. #2 obviously you dont not read real papers or watch news recent reports have indicated that traffic laws are more often then not violated by bike riders because cof these lanes putting pedestrains lives at risk and drivers as well
      as to your point you have non just hot air there have been numerious complaints from ambulances and police emergency crews that these islands are causing them loss of valuable time

    6. I’m surprised the outcry hasn’t happened sooner. To supposedly help one small group of people you step on many more. There is no common sense in government!!

    7. Were there double parkers on the street clogging up traffic? If so, then the double parkers are the guilty party, NOT the city. People who are too lazy to park a few blocks away and walk are the cause of most of BP’s traffic jams.

    8. This is part of govermnet stimulous, viz., pouring concreet and have 10 males do the job of 2 or 3. Without these interloper projects, these men would be collecting unemployment and not fantastic pension payments, while you and I go for vacations in brighton beach.

    9. If someone was that sick in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, he would have died either way at the hands of Maimonides Emergency Room staff. He probably wouldn’t be seen for half hour and left lying in the hallway

    10. I leave on ft Hamilton and 45 its ridicules they made it into a one lane traffic there is always emergency. Trucks stuck in traffic and then when the garbage trucks clean the street then its a parking lot for 15 minutes and that’s not acceptable they should take it down..there is different ways to make thinks safety. Just use your brains

    11. The DOT is notoreous for creating traffic hazzards throughout the city. They often poorly mark roads, make poorly designed entrances and exits to and from highways, make confusing road signs, poorly coodernate traffic lights, they design roads that often cause traffic to become clogged etc. As a driver of 40 years I could do a much better job than they can. I ride this road everyday and I was wondering who was the idot who decided to make these islands. These islands must go for public safety and better traffic flow. Dov Hikind is right!

    12. Those devises are most probably here to stay, but these politicians are not ensured with their position,
      Whoever doesn’t like the way they handle this issue can easy remove them from office, (I.e. Next election day)

    13. My understanding from a DOT official is that a CB12 was duly notified and a Deputy Borough Commissioner made a brief presentation to the Board. The Board members present had no questions for DOT.

      If this is true, the Board failed the community terribly.

      These islands are sheer lunacy and other Community Boards have stood up to DOT and stopped some of them

      • I was there at the June 22nd meeting, the presenters did not include any DOT Dep Comm other than the Director of Traffic Planning. there was no study done and they were saying that construction will start in the summer which was 2 weeks later. The Board chair and some of the board members protested that there isn’t enough time to hold public hearings and get input from the community. as it turns out there was NO study done at all DOT didn’t consult with the fire department, sanitation or the hospital of their plans (would have been a good idea, don’t you think?). the DOT Comm. does whatever she wants with the blessings of our dictator mayor. the islands built on Gerritson and ave u was protested by everybody before being built but fell on deaf ears. They want this city to look like a small town in Kansas or a city in Holland it would be ideal but our city was not built with the same infrastructure. Fort Hamilton is a truck route and this fraudulent presentation showed a picture of an island in a street that has a parking lane and 2 traffic lanes unlike F.H. which besides the hospital is a very active area for food shopping as well. The Board didn’t fail us – the city DID…


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