Israel – Reform Movement Petition High Court Against Safed Rabbi


    Rabbi Shmuel EliahuIsrael – The Israeli Reform movement petitioned the High Court on Thursday to instruct the attorney general to charge the chief rabbi on Safed, Rabbi Shmuel Eliahu, with incitement for his religious ruling banning the sale or rental of apartments in the city to Arab Israelis.

    The abandonment and lack of public officials’ interest in the [racial] incitement and decisive action against is causing the strengthening the winds of a campaign against the Arab population in Israel.

    Meanwhile Or Etzion’s Rabbi Haim Druckman on Thursday morning explained the reasoning behind the rabbinic opinion issued by him and signed by other rabbis, including Safed Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliahu – whose halachic ruling encouraging city residents not to rent or sell homes to non-Jews provoked much controversy in recent days.

    Druckman spoke in particular about how he convinced Rabbi Eliahu to sign the new letter, saying “I related to him the importance of not giving a hand to our enemies [to use against us] to push us from our homes and cities.” He continued, however, “If you have no fear due to security reasons, there is no problem [renting homes to Arabs].”

    Rabbi Druckman also elaborated on his position regarding the IDF conversions bill working its way through the Knesset.

    The IDF converts “are reals Jews,” acknowledged Druckman. The problem, he stated, was that the State must not have two separate conversion processes.

    Druckman emphasized that he made clear his position on the issue to the prime minister and the government’s ministers during this past Sunday’s cabinet meeting.

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    1. I agree with their petition but probably not a good idea to put the rav in jail. His position was stupid but not driven by racism. He probably believes that there was some basis in halacha for his statement even though all the gadolim have contradicted him. Perhaps fine him but not put him in prison.

      • Halacha or not, it is still racism. Defining policy based on ethnicity is racism regardless of ones basis for doing so. I also disagree with you on your categorizing his position as “stupid” – it is downright reckless.

    2. Does this make sense? Druckman the self acknowledged initiator behind the ruling has no proclamation made against him by the reform, and yet the Reform want R Eliyahu improsend?

      And perhaps it does make sense. The reform are protective of Druckman because he supports easy conversion for those who have no intention of keeping mitzvos. Just what the reform seek.

    3. Incitement for what? And what about free speech? And this is coming from the LIBERAL Reform movement. Maybe they can petition that he be fired, but more than that shows what LIBERALISM is all about.

    4. what a farce in a democracy people have the right to express themselves if they are Muslim or christian but let a jew in the holy land talk about security of the nation and the reform movement want him jailed what a great country

    5. a storm in a teacup.the reforms trying to get they spend ten large to throw out a petition to the court.perhaps they should use that money for somthing useful instead of promoting themselves.then whatever publicity they got out of it would be truely deserved.


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