New York – Brooklyn Man Charged With Suffocating Jewish Elderly Mother


    New York – A New York City man is accused in the death of his 86-year-old mother, whom police say he smothered with a pillow at the apartment they shared.

    Police said Saturday that 52-year-old Yefim Tsirinsky was arrested on charges of murder and strangulation.

    Neighbor Donald Solomon said he was in “shock.” He said he “couldn’t believe” Tsirinsky had been involved in his mother’s death “because he used to take good care of her.”

    Solomon said Tsirinsky would push around her wheelchair.

    Police say Frida Tsirinsky was found unconscious by officers responding to a call at West 12th Street in Brooklyn on Friday. The 86-year-old woman was taken to Coney Island Hospital.

    She was pronounced dead Saturday.

    Police declined to discuss the motive in the killing.

    They say the son appeared to be unemployed.

    Chesed Shel Emes is Currently working with the Office of the Medical Examiner & The NYPD homicide unit to assure that the Kavod Hames will be preserved.

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      • He may be developmentally delayed…but please-Never ever use such words. Even if you mean ‘retard’ like people use this term to refer to someone dumb, still, that term should even more so never be used.

        • He may be retarded…but please-Never ever use such words. Even if you mean ‘developmentally delayed’ like people use this term to refer to someone dumb, still, that term should even more so never be used.

    1. Listen, he might be ill, But this has to be proven yet.

      The Torah is punishing to death one who hits his parents. It doesn’t say that only insane people can commit something like that.

    2. This is the dreck that the US imported from the former Soviet Union on so called humanitarian grounds. These meshuggeners and the Medicaid fraudsters are flip sides of the ALLEGED human beings bred by the Soviet system (and bad medical care).

    3. I would venture to guess that his elderly mother was suffering tremendous and her son could not bear to watch his mother live in such a manner – Im not saying its right but if thats the case – we cant say its cold blooded murder

    4. And what if this was a goy? Would we all be saying he “must have snapped” or “must be mentally delayed”?
      No, only when a yid commits a heinous crime like murder do we automatically say it is ok or it isn’t his fault. Don’t post if you don’t have anything logical or constructive to say.

      • And why shouldn’t we give the yid more right then the goy ? Do you have an explanation or you are just angry at yourself ?or just when it comes to sales you understand that if you are the same price the yid should give you rather the business ?


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