Monsey, NY – Van Crashes Into Building Killing Pedestrian


    Monsey, NY – Fire department responded to a 15 passenger van that crashed into a building at 424 Saddle River Road and Long Meadow Drive pinning a female pedestrian.

    Chanie Walfish, 57, was leaving Ivy Palace Day Spa and Nails at 424 Saddle River Road about 7:10 p.m. when a Ford van hopped the curb and struck her, police said.

    The Ramapo Valley Ambulance Corps rushed Walfish to Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern, where she was later r”l pronounced dead.

    “She was in traumatic arrest,” said Raymond Florida, executive director of Rockland Paramedic Services, which also responded to the crash. “When medics arrived, she had no pulse. They were unsuccessful at resuscitating her.”

    Ramapo Police Sgt. Robert Lancia said Walfish had to be removed from beneath the van when responders arrived, but that she was not pinned.

    “She was beneath the van,” Lancia said, adding that it took about five responders to move the vehicle. “We put the van in neutral and pushed it off of her.”

    The driver of the van, Gum Ju Sim, 43, of Flushing, N.Y. was uninjured in the crash.

    Ju Sim had not been ticketed.

    Ramapo police, Ramapo Valley Ambulance Corps and Rockland Paramedic Services were assisted at the scene by the Monsey Fire Department and Hatzolah Ambulance Corps, Misaskim and Chesed Shell Emes on the scene.

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      • Who cares which ambulance responded along with the fire deparment…the victim is niftar. Hatzalah is a wonderful service but we don’t have to advertise them at times of tragedy.

      • Because “The Ramapo Valley Ambulance Corps rushed Walfish to Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern, where she was later r”l pronounced dead.”

        That’s the problem with people like you, you are more interested in having Hatzalah mentioned, then in the niftar in this case. We have seen it time and time again on VIN Hatzalah demanding their 15 minutes of fame. True heroes don’t look for honor.

        • first of all who said # 1 is a hatzolah member he was just asking why hatzolah wasnt mentioned thats all, (they were there, they got the call a couple of minutes after 911.).and they are true heroes, they have helped me and my family numerous times. and im sure rvac and spring hill have helped numerous people as well. B’DE we should hear of only simchas.

      • Monsey Car Into Building/Entrapment 12/20/10
        1916: Ramapo PD out at 424 Saddle River Road with a car into a building with a person pinned underneath the car. Requesting Ambulance, Paramedics & Fire Department forthwith.
        1919: Monsey FD dispatched. 7-2 in service.

        1921: Hatzolah Ambulance on scene requesting a Medivac be launched.

        1923: 7-2 (MFD)on scene establishing Command.

        1925: Ramapo PD Accident Investigation Team requested to the scene.

        1926: 7-Command reports a person pinned under a Ford Van. The person is breathing. 22 Minute E.T.A. for the Medivac.

        1928: Medivac canceled due to extended E.T.A.

        1940: 7-Command reports Signal 11. Victim will be transported by ground ALS to Good Sam.

    1. Another family plunged into untold grief and unimaginable pain. If we really would for a second put our heart to this – and all the other tragedies and to reall feel what these families go through, I’m sure that our reaction to these tragic stories would be far more to what is expected of us.

      • two summers ago, when a heimish yungerman in monticello who ran over and killed a non jew and left the scene of the accident,and he was arrested,
        all these same yo yo’s here commenting on VIZ,were screaming,why was he arrested? after all it was an unfortunate accident,but now when the story is reversed,these same yo yo’s are screaming ARREST HIM,
        the double standard in our community cries out to the heavens.

        • The person mentions a ticket and you are aking why he is asking for an arrest.

          You are so wrapped up in your hate that you have to twist the comment made. But that is what all haters do, they twist actual facts.

          Let me ask you a question why were you yelling that the person in monticello should be locked up for a long time when he did not know he hit a person, a person who was stone drunk, stumbling into the street in the pitch black, yet over here you feel that there should be no consequences for driving up on the sidewalk in a shopping strip and killing someone?

    2. Years ago, someone involved in a vehicular homicide would be immediately arrested. Today, someone can kill someone else with a motor vehicle, and walk away scott free, claiming that “they had medical issues, they blanked out, the car didn’t respond to their controls”, etc.

      • OK, so you want this person arrested. He had an accident, understood, causing a tragedy. I’m sure the police checked him to see if he was drinking. Did you feel this way when the young lady in flatbush killed the chinese guy on the motorcycle? probably not. The only difference is that she broke the law by texting.

    3. No information to explain why the accident happened. What did the driver say? Accidents happen but usually have some kind of explanation when something as weird and tragic as this happens.

    4. To #15-Binderdunkat- I’m afraid that you don’t know what you are talking about! Of course, I was incensed by the teen in Flatbush, who was texting and driving, whose car killed an Asian man on his motor scooter. It doesn’t make any difference whether the driver is frum, irreligious, agnostic, gentile, citizen, non-citizen, etc. You seem to feel that because someone is in a motor vehicle accident, that they don’t bear any criminal responsibility, where a serious injury or a fatality results. It doesn’t work that way; there are accident reconstruction teams in most police departments. Based upon their investigation, if they conclude that the accident was caused by recklessness, speeding, or distracted driving, the DA’s office has the option to file criminal charges. A driver’s license is not a right, but a privilege, which unfortunately, is abused by many people.

      • mr. anonymous, I agree with you 100%. When someone hurts or kills someone, of course they should be held responsible. It just bothers me that we have such a double standard that when a from yid does it, half the people here scream that it was just an accident, jail is no place for a young girl, etc etc etc. When a goy hurts a yid, these same people want him lynched. Regardless, this is just another sad tragedy which has befallen us of late. Not that long ago, I attended the levaya of a wonderful young man who was cut down in his prime, Moshe Berkowitz AH. I guess all we can do is daven and plead with HKBH to have rachmonus on us.

    5. ok listen what happen is the most sadst thing in the world ok i am best best friends with one of her kids ok and we have been friends for years and i got to know her mother to for years she is the most nicest lady ever ok please lets not fight who got there first ok lets not for mrs.walfish and her family and kids all just have in mind god works in his ways ok and all so everyone who ever witch ever team helped and got there fisrt does not matter ok they all worked in a team to try and save her life she was so sweet loveing careing and always wanted to help pleople so everyone please stop fighting ok all be nice and do mizvoshs in her meorey ok all be nice

    6. 1.The MOST important things are:
      a. what can be done for the bereft family sitting shiva who are without a wife/mother? (shiva call, donations of food, money, etc.)
      b. what can be done kovod the niftar? (tehillim, learning, tzedakah)
      c. How can the family move own (the father care for all the children) once time has passed and the community has “forgotten” about the immediate tragedy and gotten busy with other affairs? No doubt, the husband father, is now the sole provider, caretaker, etc.
      d. Tragically, whether Jew or Gentile, inadvertently left a person niftar; Hashem is watching how our community is caring for its brethren – perhaps a small mitzvah could bring Moshiach on a global scale, or help the Walfish family on a local scale.
      We just finished a parsha recently detailing Yosef’s love for his brothers despite his personal suffering and injustice.


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