Jerusalem – African Migrants Protest Israeli Detention Center


    African migrants attend a protest against the Israeli government's plan to build a facility to house some 10,000 illegal migrants in Israel who came via the southern border with Egypt, in Tel Aviv December 24, 2010.   REUTERS/Nir Elias (Jerusalem – Hundreds of Israelis and African migrants have marched down Tel Aviv’s main boulevard to protest a government plan to build a detention facility to hold those who enter the country illegally.

    The government estimates that more than 30,000 Africans, mostly from Sudan and Eritrea, have entered Israel through the porous southern border with Egypt since 2005.

    Israel says the migrants are overwhelming the small state and threaten the country’s Jewish character. But many Israelis say their country should not turn away people fleeing repression.

    Last month, Israel announced plans for the detention center and began construction of a border fence.

    The migrants say they need legal status and work permits until it is safe to go home.

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    1. Isn’t it weird that all these migrants are passing through countries like Egypt and Jordan. Why leave Muslim countries that care so much about their Muslim brothers, and come to the horrible zionist country?

      In regards to them using a yellow star to show their oppression, don’t get me started. How can they compare the confiscation of land, the torture and the systematic killings of Jews in Europe, with the thousands of illegals who have crossed Israel borders bringing with them disease and plague. Its not so hard to enter countries legally, anyone who doesn’t has something to hide.

      • My understanding is that the vast majority of them are Christians who have been persecuted by the Muslims, so why would they want to go to a Muslim country?

        Many of them have also experienced seeing their families murdered and experiencing torture and confiscation of their land. Jews do not have a monopoly on suffering. Have a little rachmonos on a fellow human being.


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