Jerusalem – Israeli Foreign Minister: Peace Is ‘Impossible’


    Jerusalem – Israel’s foreign minister says a peace deal with the Palestinians is impossible under current conditions and that Israel shouldn’t pursue one.

    Avigdor Lieberman told Israeli diplomats Sunday that Israel should instead seek a long-term, interim agreement on security and economic matters. Palestinians have consistently rejected that approach.

    Lieberman called the West Bank Palestinian Authority “not legitimate” because it has postponed elections.

    Peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority broke down in September. U.S. mediators have not been able to restart them.

    Lieberman is known for expressing hard-line views that don’t always represent Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Netanyahu’s office had no immediate comment.

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      • Wrong….he was 100 percent wrong, both in his racist views of how eretz yisroel should evolve to accomodate its arab population and in terms of his geopolitical views of how to secure the borders and establish a long-term peace settlement. Fortunately, he had no long-term impact on politics in eretz yisroel and his few followers have been marginalized and often are thrown into jail for inciting violence.

      • Lieberman is far from a Rabbi Kahane , Rabbi kahane was a frum ehrlicher person that only spoke the Emes( truth) and from his heart and his only purpose was for Klall yisroel to survive as a people in the torah way.

    1. The arabs knew Rabbi Kahana was right that is why they killed him The world knew he was right but did not want him to be rite so they celebrated his death. If we would just follow him we would have peace in Israel and we’d be able to go to Kever Yosef, Kever Rochel Meras Hamachpela when we want

    2. Had Israel only listened to Rabbi Meir Kahane a couple of decades ago, when they had the chance to do so they wouldn’t be in the current predicament they find themselves in.

    3. The question is certainly not whether or not R’ Kahane was right; everybody knows HaRav Kahane Tzadak and that the only solution was clearly stated: HaAravim HaChutzah.
      The only true questions are 1. Why haven’t we “manned” up to the job he proposed for us and 2. If folks are so averse to the truths he spoke, they have the moral obligation to at least find a less distasteful solution than R’ Kahane! You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    4. Reply to #2
      Kahane was right! He was deffinately more right than Shimon Perez was when so many israelis were killed in bus bombings when he was Prime Minister. Every time an Israeli bus blew up with innocent women and children Perez said, “The peace process goes on!” He didn’t demand from Arafat to stop the killings. A bus blew up on Purim and he said, “the peace process goes on.” Kahane belived in peace with stregnth and dignity. The left says peace at any price like British PM Chamberlin did with Hitler YMS efore WW2..

    5. Lieberman,the only sane person in this insane asylum called the Knesset.
      the only solution to this problem,is the Kahane solution,THEY MUST ALL GO,Israel is the only country in the world where 20% of it’s population wishes and works for it’s destruction,is there one arab snake in Israel,who would not, if he had a chance slit the throat of every jewish man woman and child if he knew he can get away with it,of course we all know the answer to this


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