New York – Community Alert: SUV Hotline Set Up By Chaveirim/Hatzalah/Shomrim


    Photo by ShiaHDNew York – With most of New York City still crippled by the monster blizzard that dumped record breaking snow all over the metropolitan area, getting around has proven to be quite challenging. For people who need to keep medical appointments, including physical therapy, dialysis and chemotherapy staying home is not an option.

    Chaveirim, Hatzalah and Shomrim have all been inundated with calls from people with non-life threatening emergencies who are in need of transportation. While there are many volunteers available to drive patients, the two organizations are in need of four wheel drive vehicles which can navigate the snow clogged streets of the city, many of which have yet to be plowed and Chaveirim, in conjunction with Hatzala, has set up a hotline for people who are willing to lend their SUV’s to assist in these situations.

    “We are overwhelmed with calls to transport patients and pick up patients from hospitals,” Chaim Fleicher of Chaveirim, told VIN News. “We know that many people who have SUVs are willing to help out and we have set up a hotline so that they can get in touch with us.”

    Anyone with an SUV who can help Chaveirim, Hatzalah and Shomrim deal with the many calls they are currently receiving is requested to call 917 771 2804.

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    1. It is unacceptable that the city cannot do a better job to deal with a predictable event like a blizzard. People’s lives are at stake. How will the city respond to a sudden emergency like a major hurricane, earthquake, or terror attack? Lessons need to be learned.

      If need be, the city should request assistance from the National Guard.

      Meanwhile: those who do not need to travel should stay indoors, off the roads, and limit non-urgent phone calls to Hatzolah and other personnel.

      Also: Check on those who live alone by calling them.

      • The blizzard was not predictable. As of Friday we were supposed to get, at most, about an inch maybe 2. The $$@$#%#^ really hit the fan sometime over shabbos when they realized the storm wouldnt head out to sea as hoped. Even Motzai Shabbos they were only calling for about 6 inches. These things happen. God is in control and not you or Algore!

        • Even if you’re right that they were surprised by the severity of the storm, how is it that 48 hours later, NO side streets have been plowed?!? There are no plows anywhere in Brooklyn. No trains, no buses, no cars for 2 1/2 days already with no end in sight. And when people start getting fired for not getting to work, we’ll really have problems…

        • As of Motzei Shabbos the weather report said 12 to 16 inches. I know cuz I checked. Instead we got somewhere between 22 to 24 inches in Boro Park. Sheepshead Bay got 24.

          • 16 inches also requires constant salting and plowing which they did not do.My theory is that there were a few factors was hard to get the workers back from the holiday .and in the proper frame of mind (vehamavin Yavin)There also was no public schools open which would require sidestreets cleared for busses or else close schools and loose lots of money..the sanitation people may have been teaching the mayor a lesson due to cutbacks at he sanitation dept

    2. Mi kiamcha yisroel!!!I’m getting chills how biachdus the yiden are!!!!! Last night I had 2 chasunas, I was so worried it would be empty so I went 2 both….and both of them were packed like a regular night!!!!!mi kiamcha yisroel!!! I’m proud 2 b part of it!!!!!

    3. Chaveirim, shomrim, hatzolah, misaskim, chesed shel emes, Chesed,and if need be ZAKA should be mobilized and we can show the city a thing or two!
      It will put Bloomberg to shame and create a Kiddush Hashem!

    4. Shomrim, Chesed, Hatzolah, Misaskim, Chesed Shel Emes, and ZAKA if need be should mobilize together and show the Mayor a thing or two!
      It would create a huge Kiddush Hashem and show we are contributing members of society. (not like some people would have others believe, we are only taking.)

    5. FOLKS, LISTEN UP!! I hear from many “Volunteers” that the reason some streets are impassable is because people are shoveling their cars out and dumping the snow in middle of the street. Please understand that #1) your cars will likely be “plowed in” after the trucks pass and #2) you are making a dangerous situation 1000 times more dangerous by impeding the rapid response of emergency services of any sort…LET COMMON SENSE PREVAIL….

    6. To #1- Regarding the suggestion about using the National Guard, it brings to memory how they assisted me in 1978, following the blizzard of 1978, which struck the Midwest particularly hard. An urgent call went out for cots, as people were stranded in various public accomodations, and they needed cots to be able to sleep. I had access at that time to 50 cots. I called the National Guard, and told them that if they could take me to where the cots were located, I would lend them all they needed. A gigantic U.S. Army National Guard truck came up my driveway. The soldiers took me through the snowy streets to where I had the cots stored. After the storm, the National Guard returned all of the cots. I felt good, as it was a mitzvah to be able to help so many people, who needed assistance.


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